China, one; Fairfax and Freedom, one; Unity, Joy, and Twentyfive Mile Pond Plantation, one; Harlem and Malta, one; and each remaining town, one.

County of Oxford.—The towns of Dixfield, Mexico, Wield, and Plantations Nos. 1 and 4, may elect one representative; Jay and Hartford, one; Livermore, one; Rumford, East Andover, and Plantations Nos. 7 and 8, one; Turner, one; Woodstock, Paris, and Greenwood, one; Hebron and Norway, one; Gilead, Bethel, Newry, Albany, and Howard's Gore, one ; Porter, Hiram, and Brownfield, one; Waterford, Sweden, and Lovell, one; Denmark, Fryeburg, and Fryeburg Addition, one; Buckfield and Sumner, one.

County of Somerset.— The town of Fairfield may elect one representative; Norridgwock and Bloomfield, one; Starks and Mercer, one; Industry, Strong, and New Vineyard, one; Avon, Phillips, Freeman, and Kingfield,

one ; Anson, New Portland, Embden, and Plantation No. 1, one; Canaan, Warsaw, Palmyra, St. Albans, and Corinna, one ; Madison, Solon, Bingham, Moscow, and Northhill, one; Cornville, Athens, Harmony, Ripley, and Warrenstown, one.

County of Penobscot. — The towns of Hampden and Newburg may elect one representative; Orrington, Brewer, and Eddington, and Plantations adjacent, on the east side of Penobscot River, one ; Bangor, Orono, and Sunkhaze Plantation, one; Dixmont, Newport, Carmel, Hermon, Stetson, and Plantation No. 4, in the 6th range, one; Levant, Corinth, Exeter, New Charlestown, Blakesburg, Plantation No. 1, in 3d range, and Plantation No. 1, in 4th range, one; Dexter, Garland, Guilford, Sangerville, and Plantation No. 3, in 6th range, one; Atkinson, Sebec, Foxcroft, Brownville, Williamsburgh, Plantation No. 1, in 7th range, and Plantation No. 3, in 7th range, one.

And the Secretary of State, pro tempore, shall have the same powers and be subject to the same duties, in relation to the votes for Governor, as the Secretary of State has, and is subject to, by this Constitution : and the election of Governor shall, on the said last Wednesday in May, be determined and declared in the same manner as other elections of Governor are by this Constitution ; and, in case of vacancy in said office, the President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, shall exercise the office as herein otherwise provided, and the counselors, Secretary, and Treasurer, shall also be elected on the said day, and have the same powers, and be subject to the same duties, as is provided in this Constitution, and in case of the death or other disqualification of the President of this Convention, or of the Secretary of State pro tempore, before the election and qualification of the Governor, or Secretary of State, under this Constitution, the persons to be designated by this Convention, at their session in January next, shall have all the powers, and perform all the duties, which the President of this Convention, or the Secretary pro tempore, to be by them appointed, shall have and perform.


said commonwealth, and the other half thereof to the State to be formed within the said district, to be divided as is hereinafter men: tioned; and the lands within the said district, which shall belong to the said commonwealth, shall be free from taxation while the title of the said lands remains in the commonwealth ; and the rights of the commonwealth to their lands within said district, and the remedies for the recovery thereof, shall continue the same within the proposed State and in the courts thereof, as they now are within the said commonwealth and in the courts thereof; for which purposes, and for the maintenance of its rights and recovery of its lands, the said commonwealth shall be entitled to all other proper and legal remedies, and may appear in the courts of the proposed State, and in the courts of the United States holden therein; and all rights of action for, or entry into lands, and of action upon bonds, for the breach of the performance of the condition of settling duties, so called, which have accrued, or may accrue, shall remain in this commonwealth, to be enforced, commuted, released, or otherwise disposed of, in such manner as this commonwealth may hereafter determine: provided, however, that whatever this commonwealth may hereafter receive or obtain on account thereof, if any thing shall, after deducting all reasonable charges relating thereto, be divided, one-third part thereof to the new State, and twothird parts thereof to this commonwealth.

Second. All the arms which have been received by this commonwealth from the United States, under the law of Congress, entitled, - An act making provision for arming and equipping the whole body of militia of the United States, passed April the twenty-third, one thousand eight hundred and eight, shall, as soon as the said district shall become a separate State, be divided between the two States, in proportion to the returns of the militia, according to which the said arms have been received from the United States, as aforesaid.

Third. All money, stock or other proceeds, hereafter derived from the United States, on account of the claim of this commonwealth, for disbursements made, and expenses incurred, for the defence of the State during the late war with Great Britain, shall be re. ceived by this commonwealth ; and when received, shall be divided between the two States, in the proportion of two thirds to this commonwealth, and one third to the new Staté.

Fourth. All other property, of every description, belonging to the commonwealth, shall be holden and receivable by the same, as a fund and security for all debts, annuities, and Indian subsidies, or laims, due by said commonwealth; and within two years after the said district shall have become a separate State, the commissioners to be appointed, as hereinafter provided, if the said States cannot otherwise agree, shall assign a just portion of the productive property so held by said commonwealth, as an equivalent and indemnification to said commonwealth for all such debts, annuities, or Indian subsidies, or claims, which may remain due, or unsatisfied; and all

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the surplus of the said property, sò holden, as aforesaid, shall be divided between the said commonwealth and the said district of Maine, in the proportion of two-thirds to the said commonweaith and onethird to the said district; and if, in the judgment of the said coinmissioners, the whole of said property, so held, as a fund and security, shall not be sufficient indemnification for the purpose, the said district shall be liable for, and shall pay to said commonwealth, onethird of the deficiency.

Fifth. The new State shall, as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made for that purpose, assume and perform all the duties and obligations of this commonwealth towards the Indians within said district of Maine, whether the same arise from treaties, or otherwise, and for this purpose shall obtain the assent of said Indians, and their release to this commonwealth of claims and stipulations arising under the treaty at present existing between the said commonwealth and said Indians: and, as indemnification to such new State therefor, this commonwealth, when such arrangements shall be completed, and the said duties and obligations assumed, shall pay to said new State the value of thirty thousand dollars, in manner following, viz. : The said commissioners shall set off

, by metes and bounds, so much of any part of the land, within the said district, falling to this commonwealth, in the division of the public lands hereinafter provided for, as, in their estimation, shall be of the value of thirty thousand dollars; and this commonwealth shall, thereupon, assign the same to the said new State, or, in lieu thereof, may pay the sum of thirty thousand dollars, at its élection ; which election of the said commonwealth shall be made within one year from the time that notice of the doings of the commissioners, on this subject, shall be made known to the Governor and Council ; and if not made within that time, the election shall be with the new

Sixth. Commissioners, with the powers and for the purpose mentioned in this act, shall be appoinied in manner following: The executive authority of each State shall appoint two; and the four so appointed, or the major part of them, shall appoint two more ; but, if they cannot agree in the appointment, the executive of each State shall appoint one in addition ; not, however, in that case, to be a citizen of its own State. And any vacancy happening with respect to the commissioners, shall be supplied in the manner provided for their original appointment; and, in addition to the powers herein before given to said commissioners, they shall have full power and authority to divide all the public lands within the district between the respective States, in equal shares, or moieties, in severalty, having regard to quantity, situation, and quality; they shall determine what lands shall be surveyed and divided, from time to time, the expenses of which

surveys, and of the commissioners, shall be borne equally by the two States. They shall keep fair records of their doings, and of the surveys made by their direction, copies of which


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