Annual Report, Volumer 14-17


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Side 396 - June 30, 1902 ; that we have found the same well kept and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the treasurer of the United States are shown to have been...
Side 197 - State militia; took an active part in establishing the naval reserve militia of the State; has been one of board of managers of the Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts and Experiment Station since its establishment in 1888; in November, 1892, was a candidate for Congress, receiving 640 plurality, but, the laws of Rhode Island requiring a majority at that time, was not elected; was elected to the Fifty-fourth...
Side 396 - Dr. To receipts from the Treasurer of the United States, as per appropriation for the fiscal year ending- June 30, 1909, as per act of Congress approved March 2, 1887 $ 15,000.00 Or.
Side 213 - ... in the latter part of May and the first part of June, 1932, and that the first shipment of said* compound was on July 3, 1932.
Side 180 - The publications for the year beginning July 1, 1903, and ending June 30, 1904, are as follows: Bulletin No. 95, July, 1903, " Co-operative Experiments in Top-Dressing Grass-Land.
Side 397 - We, the undersigned, duly appointed auditors of the corporation, do hereby certify that we have examined the books and accounts of the...
Side 409 - On a possible error in the determination of nitrogen in nitrates due to impurities in reduced iron.
Side 385 - Relative Growth of Common Sorrel and Clover upon an Upland Acid Soil Before and After Liming. Soil Tests with Plants and Fertilizers. On the Growth of Various Plants upon an Upland Acid Soil Before and After Liming. On the Substitution of Soda for, and its Value in Connection with, Potash.
Side 386 - Annual Report. The Fairy Ring Disease of Carnations. The Carnation Rust. Report of Chemical Division. On the Substitution of Soda for, and Its Value in Connection with, Potash. Further Observations upon the Growth of Various Plants upon an Acid Upland Soil, Limed and Unlimed. Continued Observations for the Purpose of Determining in How Far the Results secured in a Soil Test, with a Given Plant, are Applicable to others. Further Observations upon the Growth of Harley upon an Acid Upland Soil, Limed...
Side 281 - THE CHEAPER NATURAL PHOSPHATES OR THE MORE COSTLY ACIDULATED PHOSPHATES. Field F. The field selected for this purpose is 300 feet long and 137 feet wide, running on a level from east to west. Previous to 1887 it was used as a meadow, which was well worn out at that time, yielding but a scanty crop of English hay. During the autumn of 1887 the sod was turned under and left in that state over winter. It was decided to prepare the field for special experiments with phosphoric acid by a systematic exhaustion...

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