WHITEHALL PREACHERS. The Whitehall Preacherships were established by GEORGE in the year 1724. The preachers were originally 24 in numbe twelve from each University. By a recent alteration they hav been reduced to two, one from each, who are to hold the office fo two years. They must be Fellows of colleges during their tim of holding the office, to which they are appointed by the Bisho of London, as Dean of her Majesty's Chapel. The Cambridge preachers since the alteration have been, 1837 H. Philpott, B.D. Cath.

1845 G. Currey, M. A. John's. 1839 C. Merivale, B.D. John's.

1847 J. A. Frere, M.A. Trinity. 1841 W. J. Cony beare, M.A. Trinity. 1849 C. A. Swainson, M.A. Christ's. 1843 J. Hildyard, M.A. Christ's.

1851 C. Hardwick, M. A. Cath.


COMBINATION PAPERS, &c. The Sermons before the University at Great St Mary's, arı preached by Bachelors in Divinity and Masters of Arts who have completed their first year, beginning with the former. The tw papers, one published in July, and the other in December, an made out by the Esquire Bedells and signed by the Vice-Chancellor

The Prior Combinatio contains the Sunday morning turns, ani is made after the following order :-—The colleges are divided into seven classes, each of which (Trinity Hall and Downing excepted which send no morning preacher) provides a preacher every sevent! turn. In the first three colleges the name is omitted, in the re maining twelve the preacher's name and college are set down. 1. King's.


Queens' 2. Trin. 4. { Chr.

5. Pemb.
3. Joh.


6. Clare.

7. Jes. Sid.

Emman. Persons of sixty years of age, and upwards, are excused from preaching

The Posterior Combinatio contains the Sunday afternoon turn and Saints' days, and is made according to the order in which the members stand in the Registrary's book. The names as well as the colleges are here mentioned.

The Combination Papers are, immediately on their publication sent to the Tutors of the respective colleges, who communicate to the persons named in the Paper the time appointed for them to preach. Substitutes procured by such as omit to preach in their turn, receive three guineas a sermon. The Vice-Chancellor appoints the preachers for the Lent and Summer Assizes, and for extraor dinary Fasts and Thanksgivings. The payment is five guineas



a sermon.

SELECT PREACHERS. A GRACE having passed the Senate: “That those to whom the unday afternoon turns at St Mary's, and the turns for Christmas lay and Good Friday, are assigned, shall, from the beginning : November to the end of May, provide no other substitute ian such as are appointed in conformity with that Grace:”—The llowing persons have been elected, each for the month to which is name is affixed :

31 Oct. The Hulsean Lecturer.

1852 Oct. The Hulsean Lecturer. Nov. Rev. Dr. Jeremie, Trinity.

Nov. Rev. B. M. Cowie, John's Dec. Rev. J. Goodwin, Corpus.

Dec. Rev. T. A. Pope, Jesus. 52 Jan. Rev. W. E. Scudamore, John's. 1853 Jan. Rev. H. Bailey, John's. Feb. Rev. J. Woolley, Emm.

Feb. Rev. W. W. Harvey, King's. March Rev. Prof. Blunt, John's.

March Rev. J. W. Colenso, John's. April The Hulsean Lecturer.

April The Hulsean Lecturer. May Rev. W. B. Hopkins, Cath. May Hon.and Rev.G.Wellesley, Trin.

RAMSDEN SERMON. Mrs CHARLOTTE RAMSDEN, of Bath, having at the suggestion J. H. MARKLAND, Esq., formerly Treasurer of the Society for e Propagation of the Gospel, proposed : “To provide, by an adequate endowment (viz. by an investment

the Consolidated Fund of a sum which shall produce Five uineas per annum) for an Annual Sermon at St Mary's Church, fore the University of Cambridge, to be delivered on such Sunday

full Term, and by such Preacher as the Vice-Chancellor for the ne being shall appoint, upon the subject of Church Extension er the Colonies and Dependencies of the British Empire:"" The proposal was accepted by the Senate on the 9th Feb. 1848. 1849 Melvill, H. Peter's.

1 1850 Llandaff, Lord Bp of, Trinity.

1851 Bailey, H. John's.
1852 Blunt, J.J. John's.


CHANCELLORS MEDALLISTS. Two gold medals, value 15 guineas each, are given annually b the CHANCELLOR of the University, to two commencing "Bacht lors of Arts, who having obtained Senior Optimes at least, she themselves the greatest proficients in classical learning. On th day after the first Tripos Day, the candidates for these medal send in their names to the Vice-Chancellor, and other Examiner and the examination always commences on the Monday follow ing. The successful candidates declaim on the second Tripo Day, upon a subject appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. Thes prizes were established in 1751, by his Grace Thomas Holle Duke of Newcastle, and have been continued by the succeedin Chancellors. The examiners appointed by the CHANCELLOR I determine these prizes are, the Vice-Chancellor, the Provost King's, the Masters of Trinity, St John's, St Peter's, Clare Hal and Christ's, the senior resident Fellow of Trinity who has gaine a medal”, the Public Orator, the Greek Professor, and the Pre fessor of Modern History. 1752 F. Maseres, Clare. 1767 R. Raikes, John's. 1782 R. Porson, Trinity. B. Porteus, Christ's. W. Pearce, John's.

B. E. Sparke, Pemb. 1753 W. Craven, John's. 1768 R. Hey, Magdalene. 1783 R. Heslop, Sidney. J. Pilgrim, John's. B. Ferrior, Queens'.

B. Newton, Jesus. 1754 S. Hallifax, Jesus. 1769 R. Ward, Trinity.

1784 J. Tunstall, Christ's H. Elmsall, John's. W. Jones, Peter's.

G. Gordon, John's 1755 E. Apthorp, Jesus. 1770 S. Prime, John's. 1785 H. Lloyd, Trinity. T. Castley, Jesus. W. Smith, John's.

G. Whitehead, Jesus. 1756 J. Webster, Corpus. 1771 E. Law, Peter's.

1786 R. Ramsden, Trinity E. Impey, Trinity. T. Bromley, John's.

R Leycester, Trinity: 1757 C. Marsh, Trinity. 1772 H. Bedford, John's. 1787 J. Rayne, Trinity. J. Johnson, Clare. M. Field, Pembroke.

c. Chevallier, Pemd. 1758 R. Beadon, John's. 1773 J. J. Brundish, Caius. 1788 H. J. Hinchliffc, Tru W. Kerrich, Catharine. R. Wharton, Pemb.

W. Heberden, Joho, 1759 J. Hawes, Jesus. 1774 A. Fitz-Herbert, John's. 1789 J. Heys, Trinity, J. Cowper, Corpus. J. B. Seale, Christ's.

B. Evans, Pembroke. 1760 W. Tighe, John's. 1775 T. Hall, John's. 1790 F. Wrangham, Trin. I S. Drake, Caius. C. Hewitt, Caius.

J. Tweddell, Trinity 1761 W. Post, Queens'. 1776 S. Forster, John's. 1791 T. Miller, Trinity.

R. Maddison, Peter's. G. Wakefield, Jesus. A W. Trollope, Pemd 1762 J. Pemberton, Pemb. 1777 J. Baynes, Trinity. 1792 E. Maltby, Pembroke H. Whitfield, Pemb. T. Hughes, John's.

W. Cooper, John's. 1763 J. Williamson, Trinity. 1778 H. Bankes, Trin. Hall. 1793 C. Heberden, John. A. W. Byam, Sidney. J. Six, Trinity:

T. G. Taylor, Trinity. 1764 J. Lambert, Trinity. 1779 J. Lens, John's.

1794 J. Doncaster, Christ's W. C. Unwin, Christ's. E, Christian, John's.

W. Taddy, John's. 1765 G. Travis, John's. 1780 T. Gisborne, John's. 1795 G. Caldwell, Jesus. R. Shipperdson, Trin. J. Morgan, Trinity.

H. Holland, John's. 1766 J. Law, Christ's.

1781 G. Law, Queens'. 1796 S. Butler, John's J. Milner, Catharine. R. Pedley, John's.

John D'Oyly, Corpus

1 No one is a complete Bachelor until after the should decline to examine, then the right second Tripos day.

volves to the next in standing who bas gained 2 If the senior resident Medallist of Trinity medal, and so downwards

T. Crick, Joh. Æq.

1797 W. Selwyn, Trinity. 1816 J. Graham, Chr. C. Leigh, Christ's.

M. Lawson, Mag:

1835 H. Goulburn, Trinity.

Eq. 1798 W. Frere, Trinity. 1817 H. J. Rose, Trinity.

E. Howes, Trinity. R. Parry, Trinity.

E. Gambier, Trinity.

1836 W. A. Osbome, Trm. 1799 N. C. Tindal, Trinity. 1818 C. Thirlwall, Trinity.

J. S. Mansfield, Trin. B. Frere, Trinity.

G. Stainforth, Trinity.

1837 T. Whytehead, John's.

W.G. Humphry, Trin. 1800 C. W. Le Bas, frinity. 1819 T. Thorp, Trinity.

1838 C. J. Vaughan, Tr, L. Shadwell, John's. A. M. Wale, John's.

Lord Lyttelton, Tr.

宜 801 C. Grant, Magdalene. 1820 H.Waddington, Trin. 1839 A. S. Eddis, Trinity. R. Grant, Magdalene. T. P. Platt, Trin.

J. G. Maitland, Trin. 202 S. M. Phillips, Sidney. 1821 A. Ollivant, Trinity.

1840 A. C. Gooden, Trinity. R. Palgrave John's. W. H. F. Talbot, Trin.

W. S. Wood, John's. 903 J. Parke, Trinity.

1822 G. Long, Trinity: 1841 None adjudged. C. J. Hoare, John's. H. Malden, Trinity.

1842 H. A. J. Munro, Trin. 804 J. Kaye, Christ's. 1823 F. Field, Trin.

B. Shaw, Trinity. J. H. Monk, Trinity.

1843 E. H. Gifford, John's. 805 W. Longley, John's. 1824 F. Malkin, Trinity. W. G. Cautley, Pemb. W. Barham, Trinity:

G. Druce, Peter's.

1844 H. J. S. Maine, Pemb. 2016 T. Mitchell, Pemb. 1825 J. F. Isaacson, John's.

W. G. Clark, Trinity. J. D. Hustler, Trinity. R. Williamson, Trin.

1845 F. Rendall, Trinity. 307 J. K. Miller, Trinity. 1826 T. Stratton, Trinity.

T. F. Knox, Trinity. J. Goodrich, Trinity. John Hodgson, Trin.

1846 F. Lushington, Trin. 38 C. J. Blomfield, Trin. 1827 B.H. Kennedy, John's.

H. Hallam, Trinity. R. Ward, Trinity,

V. F. Hovenden, Trin.

1847 C. Evans, Trinity. 309 E. H. Alderson, Caius. 1828 W. Selwyn, John's. J. Standley, Caius. T. W. Peile, Trinity.

A. A. Vansittart, Trin.

1848 C. B. Scott, Trinity. 310 T. Brandreth, Trinity. 1829 W. A. Soames, Trin.

B. F. Westcott, Trín. G. Hodson, Trinity.

W. Martin, John's.

1849 H. E. Rowe, Trin. NI E. V. Blomfield, Caius. 1830 C. Wordsworth, Trin.

W.H.Waddington, R. W. Evans, Trinity. T. Hen. Steel, Trin.

Trinity. 112 T. S. Gosset, Trinity. 1831 J. W. Blakesley, Trin.

1850 C. Schreiber, Trinity. C. Neale, John's. W. H. Hoare, John's.

W. J. Beamont, Trin. 23 J. Scholefield, Trinity. 1832 E. L. Lushington, Trin. T. Robinson, Trinity. W.H. Thompson,


1851 J. B. Lightfoot, Trin.

G. Burn, Trinity. 114 G, Millett, Trinity: 1833 E. H. Bunbury, Trin.

1852 E. W. Benson, Trin. H. V. Elliott, Trinity, J. Hildyard, Christ's.

E. Macnaghten, Trin. 115 G. Waddington, Trin. 1834 T. K. Selwyn, Trinity. W. Owen, John's.

W. Forsyth, Trinity.

MEMBERS' PRIZEMEN. THE REPRESENTATIVES in Parliament of this University give ur annual prizes of fifteen guineas each, which are adjudged by le Vice-Chancellor and Heads of Colleges, to two Bachelors of rts, and two Undergraduates, who compose the best Dissertations

Latin prose, which are read publicly by them in the Senatelouse on a day appointed near to the Commencement, and afterards sent by them to the aforesaid Members. Of these prizes, 10 are open to all Bachelors of Arts, without distinction of years, ho are not of sufficient standing to take the degree of M.A.;id the other two are open to all Undergraduates who shall have sided not less than seven terms at the time when the exercises e to be sent in. The subjects are delivered out at the end of ichaelmas Term, and each candidate is to send his exercise ivately to the Vice-Chancellor, on or before the 30th of April, in e same manner as the exercises for the Chancellor's Medal. These izes, confined until 1827 to Senior and Middle Bachelors, were tablished by the Hon. EDWARD Finch and the Hon. THOMAS OWNSHEND, and have been continued by the succeeding Members. Middle Bachelors.

Senior Bachelors. 1753 Richard Warren, Jesus.

1753 John Warren, Caius. Thomas Holme, John's.

John Cott, Corpus. 1754 1John Poster, King's.

1734 John Symonds, Peter's. Williarn Craven, John's.

Richard Warren, Jesus. 1 Late Master of Eton, and Author of a Treatise on Accent and Quantity.

Middle Bachelors. 1755 Henry Elmsall, John's.

Samuel Hallifax, Jesus. 1756 East Apthorp, Jesus.

William Lobb, Peter's. 1757 Edward Blakeway, Magdalene.

Thomas Didsbury, Peter's. 1758 1 Wm. Roberts, King's.

John Jebb, Peter's. 1759 Edward Tew, King's.

Richard Beadon, John's. 1760 John Cowper, Corpus.

Samuel Berdmore, Jesus. 1761 John Norris, Caius.

Ambrose Eyre, Peter's. 1762 Robert Maddison, Peter's.

Thomas Zouch, Trinity. 1763 Henry Whitfield, Pembroke.

Thomas Wagstaff, Christ's. 1764 E. Chamberlayne, King's.

A. Warner Byam, Peter's. 1765 Charles Moore, Trinity.

James Lambert, Trinity. 1766 David Stevenson, King's

Major Dawson, Jesus. 1767 William Arnold, John's.

John Clowes, Trinity. 1768 Richard Raikes, John's.

William Pearce, John's. 1769 Richard Hey, Sidney.

3 Francis Barnes, King's. 1770 4 William Coxe, King's.

George Atwood, Trinity. 1771 Thomas Hayter, King's.

5 William Cooke, King's. 1772 Thomas James, King's.

6 Edward Law, Peter's. 1773 W. M. Tomkins, King's.

Thomas Robinson, Trinity. 1774 Robert Wharton, Pembroke. 1775 ? Thomas Jas. Mathias, Trinity.

John Barlow Seale, Christ's. 1776 John Leigh, Trinity.

Senior Bachelors. 1755 William Bell, Magdalene.

John Hallam, King's. 1756 Samuel Hallifax, Jesus.

Henry Elmsall, John's. 1757 William Lobb, Peter's

East Apthorp, Jesus. 1758 John Cullum, Cath. Hall.

W. Gordon, Queens'. 1759 Charles Marsh, Trinity.

Wm. Roberts, King's 1760 Richard Beadon, John's.

Walter Kerrich, Cath. Hall. 1761 Henry Bates, Peter's.

Peter Forster, Peter's. 1762 Philip Rosenhagen, John's

Ambrose Eyre, Peter's. 1763 Thomas Zouch, Trinity.

Robert Maddison, Peter's. 1764 J. Pemberton, Pembroke.

William Wyatt, Pembroke. 1765 William Paley, Christ's.

E. Chamberlayne, King's. 1766 W. C. Unwin, Christ's.

Charles Moore, Trinity: 1767 David Stevenson, King's

John Ward, John's. 1768 John Clowes, Trinity.

Christopher Hunter, Sidney. 1769 William Pearce, John's.

Josiah Disturnel, Pembroke. 1770 Richard Hey, Sidney.

Francis Barnes, King's. 1771 William Coxe, King's.

William Jones, Peter's. 1772 Thomas Hayter, King's 1773 Thomas James, King's.

Edward Law, Peter's.

John Cranke, Trinity: 1774 Henry Ingles, King's.

Richard Humfrey, Corpus. 1775 Charles Sandiford, Sidney. 1776 James Fawcett, John's.

Thos. Jas. Mathias, Trinity.

John Barlow Seale, Christ's. 1777 John Leigh, Trinity.

H. W. Coulthurst, John's. 1778 George Gretton, Trinity.

Gilbert Wakefield, Jesus. 1779 Wm. Greenwood, John's.

David Owen, Trinity. 1780 William Cole, King's.

1777 George Gretton, Trinity.

Gilbert Wakefield, Jesús.

John Jackson, Trinity. 1778 Thos. Rennell, King's.

William Taylor, Corpus. 1779 James Six, Trinity

Samuel C. Cox, Trinity. 1780 Edward Christian, John's.

Herbert Marsh, John's.

Thomas Carpendale, John's. 1781 John Lowther, Trinity.

Joshua Sinith, John's. 1782 8 Henry Dampier, King's.

Robert Pedley, John's.

Philip Douglas, Corpus. 1783 Matthew Raine, Trinity.

1781 Herbert Marsh, John's.

Thos. Carpendale, John's. 1782 Joshua Smith, John's.

1783 Henry Dampier, King's.

Thomas Catton, John's.

B. E. Sparke, Pembroke.
J. H. Michell, King's.

1 Late Provost of Eton, and author of various Poems.

2 Formerly Head Master of the Charter House.

3 Late Master of St Peter's, and Professor of Casuistry. 4 The celebrated Historian. 6 Late Greek Professor.

6 Lord Ellenborough, late Chief Justice of the King's Bench.

7 Late Fellow of Trinity, and author of the Pur suits of Literature.

8 Sir H. Dampier, late Judge of the Court of King's Bench

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