MARCH 23, 1932. Hon. JOHN J. COCHRAN, Chairman Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments,

House of Representatives, Washington, D. C. MY DEAR CONGRESSMAN: Confirming your request, we are attaching hereto two statements, in duplicate, as follows:

Typical items of construction and maintenance of Federal agencies abstracted from the planning reports of the construction agencies, showing the departments and their construction units together with the characteristic work in which they normally engage.

Federal expenditures for construction, maintenance, repairs, and alterations from fiscal year 1920 to 1931, inclusive, of the construction agencies of the various departments of the Government. Very truly yours,

D. H. SAWYER, Director.




Departmental: Power plants, quarantine house, shops, administration buildings.

Agricultural engineering : Dwellings, cotton gin laboratory.

Animal Industry: Roads, water systems, wells, sewers, irrigation, power lines, drainage, animal houses, barns, poultry houses, laboratories, meat-curing facilities, garbage feeding plant, abbatoir, meter house, comfort stations, fencing.

Biological Survey : Roads, trails, vessels, water development, dams, docks, telephone, hangars, barns, pens, quarters, laboratories, mixing stations, experiment stations, buildings, fences.

Chemistry and Soils: Tanks, farm buildings, field laboratories, experiment stations, soil-erosion stations.

Dairy Industry: Roads, wells, sewers, drainage, power plant, cottages, barns, laboratories, autopsy building, fences.

Entomology: Small cages, greenhouses, storage sheds.
Experiment Stations: Experiment stations.
Food and Drug Administration. Office Building, laboratories.

Forest Service: Roads, trails, water supply, telephone lines, landing fields, quarters, barns, laboratories, offices, buildings, fire breaks, fire lookout towers, stock driveways, fences.

Plant Industry: Cottages, farm buildings, fences.
Plant Quarantine and Control: Houses for fumigating railway cars.
Bureau of Public Roads: Roads.
Weather Bureau : Buildings.


Aeronautics : Landing fields, guides for airways, laboratories.
Coast and Geodetic: Vessels, observatories.
Fisheries: Vessels, docks, laboratories, fish-cultural stations, distribution cars.

Lighthouses: Roads, vessels, dwellings, office buildings, depots, navigation aids, lighthouses.

Mines: Experiment stations, helium reduction plant, garage, car shed, railway cars, fuel yards.

Navigation : Vessels.
Radio Division: Administration building.
Standards: Laboratories, office building.


Alaska Railroad : Excavation, ballasting, water stations, section houses, structures, bridges.

Colored Institute for Deaf: Power house, dormitories, primary school, library and recitation building, gymnasium.

Freedmen's Hospital: Internes' residence.
Geological Survey : Gauging stations, plugging oil wells.

Howard University: Power plant, chemistry building, classroom building, library.

Indian Affairs : Roads, water system, wells, sewers, dams, flood protection, irrigation, power plant, telephone lines, hospitals, schools, dormitories, sanatoriums, gymnasiums, clubs, chapels, auditoriums, jails, quarters, farm buildings, shops, bakeries, office buildings, warehouses, lavoratories, laundries, bathhouses.

National Park Service: Roads, trails, water systems, sewers, electric lines, telephone lines, camp grounds, buildings, fences.

Reclamation: Reservoirs, canals, dams, drainage.

St. Elizabeths Hospital: Power house, receiving building, treatment building, tuberculosis building, dining and kitchen building, farm colony.

Virgin Islands: Roads, vessels, water system, sewers, telephone lines, buildings.


National Training School for Boys: Roads, power plant, farm buildings, laundry, dining and kitchen building, shops, brick plant, administration building, recreation and chapel building, fire protection.

Prisons: Penitentiaries, jails.
Prohibition : Warehouses.
United States Marshals-Alaska : Jails.


Immigration : Vessels, dredging, sea wall, piers, power plant, hospitals.


Aeronautics, Naval Reserve, Construction and Repairs, Marine Corps, Medicine and Surgery, Naval Home, Navigation, and Ordnance: Major items of construction are handled by the Bureau of Yards and Docks for these agencies. A certain amount of smaller construction, together with repairs and alterations, are handled directly by the individual agencies.

Yards and Docks: Roads, railways, marine railways, vessels, water systems, sewers, earth work, dredging, quay walls, dykes, waterfront improvement, navigation aids, drainage, piers, power houses, electric lines, electric substations, radio stations, hospitals, dispensaries, landing fields, aircraft storage, hangars, barracks, apartment building, quarters, dormitories, guardhouses, auditoriums, stables, shops, foundries, laundries, bakeries, torpedo schools, trade schools, schools, administration buildings, ammunition storage, storage, time signal stations, causeways, runways, oil tanks, warehouses, lavoratories, garages, moorings, repair basins, cranes, dry docks, fire stations, rifle ranges, bridges, fences.


Office of Postmaster General: Shops, buildings.


Foreign Service administration, Foreign Service buildings office: Embassies, legations, consular offices, residences, apartment houses.

Gorgas Memorial : Laboratory.


Coast Guard: Roads, vessels, dredging, sea walls, wharves, hangars, quarters, barracks, academy buildings, life-saving stations, shops, radio supply building, magazines, launchways, boathouses.

Customs: Inspection stations,
Engraving and Printing :
Public Health : Vessels.

Supervising Architect: Marine hospitals, post offices, office buildings, immigrant stations, quarantine stations, appraisers' stores, departmental buildings, border stations, customhouses.


Chemical Warfare Service: Narrow and standard gage railroads, pump houses, sewer systems, septic tanks, electric system, heating plant, steam lines, administration buildings, chemical plants, locomotive roundhouse.

Corps of Engineers, flood control : Levees, spillways, bank protection, revetments, dredging.

Miscellaneous civil section: Dredging, waterworks, miscellaneous civil works. Alaska Road Commission: Roads, trails, tramways, ferries, bridges.

Rivers and Harbors: Marine railways, vessels, dredging, canals, dams, dykes, jetties, breakwaters, locks, retaining wall, revetments, piers, shops, regulating works, compensating works, bridges.

Seacoast defenses, Militia Bureau : Roads, water systems, sewers, electric lines, infirmaries, landing fields, bath houses, kitchen and mess halls, corrals, animal shelters, shops, administration buildings, truck sheds, warehouses, drill fields, magazines, rifle ranges, observation towers, tent floors, latrines, gun sheds.

Ordnance: Arsenals.

Quartermaster Corps : Roads, sidewalks, paved runways, railways, vessels, water systems, reservoirs, sewers, earthwork, sea walls, drainage, piers, power plants, steam lines, telephone lines, hospitals, dispensaries, infirmary, veterinary hospital, landing fields, hangars, barracks, guard houses, gymnasiums, clubs, chapels, schools, academies, recreation halls, farm buildings, stables, pigeon houses, bakeries, shops, incinerators, laundries, photo building, refrigeration, laboratories, post exchanges, theaters, administration buildings, fire houses, warehouses, oil storage, swimming pools, garages, bomb storage, gun sheds, riding halls, signal buildings, hay sheds, wagon sheds, drill hall, coal-storage plants, gas works, ice houses, restaurants, target ranges, locomotive houses, machine-gun butts, boathouses, picket lines, fences.

Signal Corps: Vessels, telephone lines, warehouses.


American Battle Monuments Commission: Mausoleums, grave markers, monuments.

Architect of the Capitol: House Office, Senate Office, Library of Congress, Capitol, Capitol Grounds, Supreme Court, power plant, courthouse, Court of Appeals, Court of Claims.

Arlington Memorial Bridge: Bridge approaches.
George Rogers Clark Sesquicentennial Commission : Building and plaza.
Government Printing Office.
Inland Waterways Corporation : Vessels, terminal equipment.
Boundary Commission, Alaska and Canada : Monuments, clearing line.
Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico : Gaging stations.
Mount Rushmore Memorial: Monument.

National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics: Power plants, hangars, laboratories, coal storage.

Panama Canal: Roads, vessels, water systems, sewers, dams, wharves, locks, piers, dry docks, power plants, hospitals, asylums, dispensaries, quarters, schools, club houses, swimming pools, reformatories, warehouses, shops, incinerators, timber treating, administration buildings, libraries, post offices, police stations, garages, signal stations, locomotive shelters, cemeteries, stadiums, oxygen plants.

Panama Railroad : Railways, vessels, berthing space, docks, hotels, laundries, bakeries, office buildings, commissaries, coal storage, coal plants, freight houses, railroad stations, tram shed, bridges.

Public Buildings and Public Parks: Power plant, central garage, Federal warehouse, Rock Creek Park, Anacostia Park, recreation centers, the Mall, bathing pools, Meridian Hill Park, bridges, roads, departmental buildings, monuments, memorials.

Smithsonian Institution : National Museum, National Gallery of Art, National Zoological Park.

United States Shipping Board : Army base terminals.

Veterans' Administration : Hospitals, national homes, barracks, administration buildings.


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