without fear, still looking unto thee who art the Resurrection and the Life; whom I have hitherto known only in part, but whom I shall shortly know, even as also I am known. My flesh and my heart faileth; but thou, O God, art the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever. And here, my children, here, at the moment of my departure, here, with my dying breath, I declare, that I have no confidence, no hope, no trust for future happiness in any of my own works or deservings: all my righteousness has been as filthy rags, and such as I dare not to appear in before the judgment-seat of Christ; but I shall appear with confidence clad in the robe of my Redeemer's righteousness, and decorated with his garment of salvation. And ye, my children, my beloved children, abide in him, I beseech you, that, when he shall appear, ye may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming.” (1 John ii. 28.)

And now, because the messenger of death was urgent, the venerable man could add no more; so the black waves rolled over him, and, for awhile, I lost sight of him. Methought then, in my dream, that one came and anointed my eyes' with eye-salve; and this eye-salve is called faith. And when my eyes were anointed, I could see: such things as before my heart had never been able to conceive. I saw beyond the black river, even the River of Death, a region of such glorious beauty and brightness as allows of no adequate description.

And behold, my eyes could distinguish in the midst of this blaze of glory the battlements, the towers, and the gates of Zion, all shining with a splendour infinitely beyond that of the noon-day sun. And behold, a glorious host, even a company of angels, and of the redeemed of the sons of men, descended to the borders of the river, even the River of Death, with sound of trumpet, with shouts, and with hallelujahs; and receiving the soul of the aged man as he arose from the River of Death, they bore him triumphantly through the air, crying, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of our salvation!”

So they led him through the shining portals, and I saw him no more. But looking again towards the river, I saw Nazareenee and his wife Parbuttee descending hand in hand to the river-side, having been summoned away by the messenger of the Lord. And the words of his message were,

- Ye have been lovely in your lives, and in



shall not be divided.” I saw then, in my dream, that as the pilgrim Nazareenee stood on the brink of the river, he made a confession of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in the ears of those who accompanied him -declaring unto them, how, after being brought up in all the darkness of heathenism, he had been plucked thence, by the divine grace and favour, as a brand from the burning; as his wife had also been. We chose not him," said the pilgrim,

o but be chose us. He was found of us, though we sought him not; yea he said, Behold me, behold me,' while yet we were called by another name, and served another master.".

Then I saw that the pilgrims knelt down on the river's brink, and crying, “Lord Jesus, receive our spirits !” the black waves rolled over them, and their companions saw them no more. But while I looked earnestly to mark what would become of them, I presently perceived them rising from the waves on the opposite side of the river; where they appeared exceedingly beautiful and glorious, without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. And behold, a shining band of angels stood ready to receive them, who crowned them with diadems, putting palms into their hands, and covering them with robes of righteousness of a dazzling whiteness, even robes that had been made white in the blood of the Lamb which was slain from the foundation of the world. And the angels ascended to the gates of Zion, bearing the pilgrims on their wings, with sound of trumpets, and harps, and songs of praise, such as mortals never heard; and they cried, “ Glory to the Lamb that reigneth on Mount Zion! Glory to God the Father! glory to God the Redeemer! glory to God the Holy Ghost!” So they passed the gates of Zion, and I saw them no more.

Then I awoke from my sleep: but I remembered my dream, and wrote it in a book; and being much affected with its extraordinary incidents, I sold all that I had, and forsook my father's house, determining forthwith to associ myself with such as might still be going on pilgrimage to the City of the Living God.



BANG, an intoxicating seed.
Bangle, a silver ornament.
Bazar, a market.
Buckree Eed, the feast of the goat: or the Mus-

sulmaun passover. Caaba, the chief temple of the Mussulmauns at

Mecca. Cast.-The natives of India are divided into

various ranks, called casts: each cast has respective employments, which descend from

father to son. Chaudur, a web of cloth, used as a girdle by

men and as a veil by women,
Cherbutah, a terrace.
Coss, two miles.
Cummerbund, a girdle.
Debtas, demons.
Dirgah, a Mussulmaun burying-place.
Fakeer, a religious mendicant.
Feringhee, a Frank, or European.
Gunga, the river Ganges.
Hackery, a cart, generally drawn by bullocks.
Howdah, the elephant's tower.
Hukeem, a physician.
Huzrut Esau, blessed Jesus.
Jehennam, hell.
Jungle, a wild place, or wilderness.
Kartiku, the name of the god of war.
Lota, a drinking-vessel.
Lotus, the water-lily.

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