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Northern District of Now York,ss.

BEIT REMEMBERED. That on the tenth day of Morrors March, in the forty third year of the Indepen. SEAL.

dence of the United States of America, A. D. 1819, Jesse TORREY, Jun. of the said District, hath depisited in 'his office the title of a book, the right

whereof he claims as author and proprietor, in the words and figures following, lo wil:

“ The Moral Instructor, and Guide to Virtue and Happiness : in five Parts. Part I. Essays on the general diffu ion of knowledge and Moral Improvement

Part II. Lives and Moral Precepts of the most eminent ancient Philosophers of China, Greece, and Rome. Part III. A Systein of Morality, founded on the Law of Nature. Part IV. Summary of Moral Principles, from the works of eminent German and English Philosophers. Pari V. Miscelangous articles, concerning (rroneous National, Moral and Political customs ; on the prospect of meliorating ihe condition of the human race, by universal Education, &c. With an Appendix, containing a constitution, and form of subscripiion for he institution of free public Libraries, &c.Designed to be a w: Icoine guest in domestic circles and seminaries of Education. By Jesse Torrey, Jun. Physician.

• Vice shrinks from Insiruction like Ghosi frumi: lighe.'”

In conformiiy to the act of the Congress of the Unicd States, enuiked · An act for the encouragement of leaming by securir.g the copies of Mops, Charis ad Back to the authors and proprietors of

and also to the such copies during the vimes therein mentioned ”

"An act for acı entitled “ An act supplementary to an öci entitled The encouragemen: of learning by securing 'hi copies of maps, Charts and hooks in the au.hirs and proprietuis if : 4.1 copies curirgine times therein m'ntiones and ensesiding the best fis bereof toile ar s of designing, engraving and eching historical ard oiler prints.'*

of the surthern District of Nen York,


THE author's object, in writing and compiling

this Publication, is not to entertain frivolous curiosity, nor to gratify classic taste, but to disseminate useful instruction amongst all classes of Society.

He has long cherished a decided confidence, that if the community would appropriate as much wealth to the instruction of the rising generation, as is now devoted to the punishment of crimes and vice, the desired object iculd be attained, and human misery averted, to a much greater extent.

But a small proportion of the people, have the means to purchase, or leisure to study voluminous systems of Moral Philosophy. On the other hand, dogmatical sententious precepts, unsupported by demonstration, are not generaily convincing, nor adapted to human temper.- Whenever men shall agree to make moral rectitude their inflexible rulo of action, each individual must be persuaded in his own mind, independently of the dictatorial precepts of one another, that his welfare and happiness will be thereby promioteł.

The author has been, for sixteen vears, impres. + sed with the utility of such a work as the one now

offered; and has accordingly improved every means in his power, by reading, observation, and reflection, for accumulating materials.

The candid reader, who meets with several articles in this work, with which he has already been familiarised, will not be displeased, when he re.. flects, that nearly all the youth, and a large propor.

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