Painters' Colours, Oils, and Varnishes: a Practical Manual

C. Griffin, 1892 - 499 sider
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Side 53 - The most complete, as well as elegant and correct edition of Virgil ever published in this country.
Side 22 - Thallium, Bismuth, Antimony, Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Zinc, Cadmium, Tin, Tungsten, Titanium, Manganese, Chromium, &c. — Earths, Alkalies. PART III.— NON-METALS: Oxygen and Oxides; The Halogens— Sulphur and Sulphates — Arsenic, Phosphorus, Nitrogen — Silicon, Carbon, Boron — Useful Tables. " A REALLY MERITORIOUS WORK, that may be safely depended upon either for systematic instruction or for reference.
Side 51 - Copies of the FIRST ISSUE, giving an Account of the History, Organization, and Conditions of Membership of the various Societies, and forming the groundwork of the Series, may still be had, price 7/6. Also Copies of the Issues following.
Side 43 - MISCELLANEOUS SCIENTIFIC PAPERS. Royal 8vo. Cloth, 31s. 6d. Part I. Papers relating to Temperature, Elasticity, and Expansion of Vapours, Liquids, and Solids. Part II. Papers on Energy and its Transformations. Part III. Papers on Wave-Forms, Propulsion of Vessels, &c.
Side 52 - Specimen Copies of all the Educational Works published by Messrs. Charles Griffin and Company may be seen at the Libraries of the College of Preceptors, South Kensington Museum, and Crystal Palace ; also at the depots of the chief Educational Societies.
Side 44 - M. DAYMARD, and Mr. BENJAMIN, are all given separately, illustrated by Tables and worked-out examples. The book contains more than 200 Diagrams, and is illustrated by a large number of actual cases, derived from ships of all descriptions, but especially from ships of the Mercantile Marine.
Side 50 - Step by step the learner is here gently guided through the paths of science, made easy by the perfect knowledge of the teacher, and made flowery by the most striking and curious experiments. Well adapted to become the TREASURED FBIEND of many a bright and promising lad.
Side 44 - In order to render the work complete for the purposes of the Shipbuilder, whether at home or abroad, the Methods of Calculation introduced by Mr. FK BARNES, Mr. GRAY, M.
Side 54 - A Manual of English Literature from so experienced and well-read a scholar as Professor Craik needs no other recommendation than the mention of its existence."— Spectator.

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