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This work is a most valuable if not indispensable addition to our library of nautical information. To write a full and complete notice of the work would be to lay the contents of a majority of the articles it furnishes before our readers. It is sufficient to say that Mr. Young has performed his laborious task with signal ability.'

SHIPPING and MERCANTILE GAZETTE. "There must be an entire revolution of naval customs and shipping terms before so complete a Nautical Dictionary can become obselete. The whole is illustrated by a great number of apt and skilful plates and woodcuts. Five hundred pages are filled with straightforward and very intelligible definitions of the technical language of English and French seamen, and at the end of the volume we have a series of beautifully-executed plates with explanatory text. The only words that we have failed to find in the Dictionary are such, perhaps, as we had no right to look for in it—the terms applied to the styles of ships and ships' stores that are no longer in use. Of things still in fashion, from the Venetian gondola to the Chinese you-you, all that need be is here said.'


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'It is the only modern Dictionary of Maritime Terms that has appeared in England. Mr. Young's competency for the task of compiling it will be at once recognised by our readers when we inform them that he is the compiler of the valuable and unique “Digest of Maritime Law Cases.” Although not strictly a law book, it will be a useful addition to the library of the lawyers,

LAW TIMES. This is precisely the work that unprofessional readers want, though not written for them. The terms are explained in simple language, and all we had the curiosity to look for are there.'

ATHENÆUM. • It is a work compiled with much care and ability, and of great value to persons connected with shipping in any way. Its use, however, is not confined to nautical men; a large number of persons connected with trade, literature, or other professions, especially lawyers in sea-ports, will find the work invaluable.'


. This work is a very comprehensive one, as set forth in·full on the titlepage. Apparently, Mr. Young has taken considerable pains to make it as good as possible.


London : LONGMANS, GREEN, and Co. Paternoster Row.

•Mr. Young's Nautical Dictionary is all that its comprehensive title promises. The whole is plentifully illustrated with appropriate woodcuts and plates, making clear everything that is doubtful. No better book could be turned to for information as to the present condition of English shipping in all its branches.'


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No work of this kind has been in print in this country for some twenty years, the first edition of the present work having been long since sold out. No one can reflect on the numbers of craft of all kinds now afloat on the seas and not be surprised that such a dictionary as the present should not have been long since in common circulation. In the present edition every effort has evidently been made to adapt the book to the present condition of nautical requirements.'

LONDON REVIEW. • The terms are so fully and clearly defined, and the illustrations so numerous and expressive, that the veriest land-lubber would find it difficult to mistake or misapprehend them.'

CALEDONIAN MERCURY. "To those who have never seen the first edition it may be necessary to explain more minutely the nature and value of the present work. We have accurate, concise, and intelligible descriptions given of all the different kinds of ships and boats, as man-of-war, lugger, privateer, pinnace, punt, cupola-ship, billy-boy, you-you, &c. &c.—all the parts and rigging of a ship, masts, spars, sails, decks, guns, gear, signals, &c.—the designations and functions of her officers and crew—the instruments used, as the quadrant, sympiesometer, &c.—the uses of everything—the names and explanations of the numberless operations in building, launching, and working a shipwith various other classes of terms too numerous to mention here. The use of a work of this sort to those practically interested in shipping is manifest; but not less so its use to those who wish to understand the technical expressions that so often occur, even in popular accounts of launches, wrecks, battles, &c.'

GLASGOW HERALD, • The definitions appear to be drawn up with great care, and they are, wherever possible, rendered both concise and unmistakable by wood engravings, which enable the general reader at a glance to comprehend them. Such a book as this is calculated to be very useful, and we gladly call the attention of our readers to it.' UNITED SERVICE MAGAZINE.


• In these changeable times in all that relates to naval architecture, such a work as this was much needed.'


London : LONGMANS, GREEN, and Co. Paternoster Row.

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