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O many. Things intitle YOUR

| GRACE to the Patronage of this Work, that I flatter my self, this Dedication will not prove ulnacceptable. Your Zeal to the King, Your Steadiness to the Constitution, Your | Moleration in all Things, YOUR


GRACE’s great Humanity and generous Temper, Your several charitable and pious Foundations, and my deep Sense of Gratitude for Your Favours to me in particular, have all induced me

to fix it upon YOllR GRACE.
And as Your Merit, MY LORD

has raised Your GRACE by the Divine Providence, next to the KING's Majesty, to the highest Sta

tion in the Church, of which You are

the main Pillar, as well as the chief

Ornament ; so i heartily wish, That
YOUR GRACE may long continue

in that glorious Station, for the Good

of Church and State, to the Comfort and Satisfaction of all Well-wishers to Both, particularly of,

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Need not inform the World what was the first

Occasion of this WORK; ’tis plain, the Publick expeãed no less from the late compleated vAION of GREAT BRITAIN. An Union so long wished for, and so often attempted unsuccessfully, that it is a Matter of Amazement, how one Tear could produce what had proved abortive

for above a Century, which was finished in the

Reign of Qaeen Anne, 1706.

We have now, Thanks be to Heaven, the Satisfaction of seeing Two Kingdoms united into One, that have so often clashed together by their separate Interests. And whereas formerly they weakned one another, by their frequent and destrućtive Wars; now, by their united Strength, G R EAT BRIT A IN will be able to bid Defiance to the greatest Powers of Europe. Wis unita fortior.

I shall not insist any longer upon the great Advantages this Island will probably reap from this happy Union; the Scots, by their joint-Trade with the English, and these by the Strength of the A 2 Scots,

Scots, who always had the deserved Charaćfer of a brave and warlike People. And God forbid bat they should have all due Encouragement, suitable to the Terms of the Union, and the mutual Affestion which ought to be among Fellow. Subječfs, knit into the same Interest.

. This is the Third Edition of this Book, and much more complete than any of the former. The First Edition containing only the Present State of Great Britain. To the Second, was added that of Ireland; with a Map of the Three Kingdoms. All which is in this Third Edition ; with many Additions and Correółions; and near Four Sheets added of the Present State of His Majesty King George’s Dominions in Germany, with a Map of them all; the Genealogy of that Royal Family, the Dukes of Zell, and the rest of its Illu

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