" The


F'cap. 8vo, 6d.
Old Cronies; or, Wassail at a

Country Inn.

By Edwin Waugh. Containing new Songs, the humorous tales of “ Th’ Wick Seck, Painter's Story,” “The King and the Volunteers,” and other traits and

“Racy dialogue and genial humour, both characteristic of the author, are conspicuous in this story.”Manchester Examiner. “The tales, &c., are sure to be intensely popular.”Leeds Mercury.

Price 3d., on toned paper,
The Old Coal Man.

A sketch. By Edwin Waugh. “The good, generous, kindly aspect of human nature found in the poor and uncultured is presented to us in a humorous dialogue, followed by an affecting tale, which strikes the reader, like all Mr. Waugh's tales, by its life-like truthfulness."'--Lancaster Observer.

F'cap. 8vo, is.

A Green Nook of Old England.

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By Edwin Waugh. A very interesting account of a visit to the old town of Ipswich and its vicinity; the birthplace of Constable, and other places of note in the neighbourhood.

“ His sympathy with nature is no less vivid in Suffolk than in Lancashire."- Manchester Examiner.


Price 6/-, cloth ; large paper, 10/6. n some Ancient Battle Fields in

And their Historical, Legendary, and Æsthetic

With Sketch-Map Illustrations.

By Charles Hardwick.

Fcp. 8vo, with portrait, price 1/- in wrapper, or 1/6 cloth.

Large paper, cloth, 6/-
Nixon's Cheshire Prophecies.

With a Portrait.

A new and complete edition, carefully reprinted from the best sources, with an Introductory Essay on Popular Prophecies, and an Appendix containing the Legend of Alderley Edge, &c. I-Cheshire Prophecies, from Lady Cowper's correct copy, with Historical Remarks by John Oldmixon, and Life by W. E. II–The Original Prophecy, in doggrel verse. III-Life and Prophecies of Robert Nixon, of the Bridge House. IV-Prophecies taken from old pamphlets.

Fcp. 8vo, price 1/- boards, 1/6 cloth.

Mother Shipton. A Collection of the earliest Editions of her Prophecies. 1-Prophecies of Mother Shipton, 1641.

[1686. II-Strange and Wonderful History of Mother Shipton, III-Life and Death of Mother Shipton, 1684.

With an Introduction.

Price Is., 102 pp., elegantly printed.

Songs and Ballads.

By Charles Swain.

Price 2s.

The Mind, and other Poems.

By Charles Swain.

Price is.

Dryburgh Abbey, and other Poems.

By Charles Swain.
A new and enlarged edition.

Price 6s. cloth, illustrated (uniform with First Series, entirely out of print), or on large paper (150 printed), 155.

Anglers Evenings.


ANGLERS' ASSOCIATION. Illustrated with Four Calotypes from Carbon Drawings, by

George Sheffield, and by Wood Engravings from Draw-
ings by R. O. Bottomley, W. G. Baxter, and Colonel
John I. Mawson.

The Coach, the Coached, the Coachman George Sumner, B.A.
One Way to the Tweed

Abel Heywood, jun.
Tweedside, with a few Practical Hints John O. Mackenzie.
The Meres of Shropshire

George Davies. Three Fishers

Arthur Hibbert. Toome Bridge

Henry Brownbill. A Day on a Staffordshire Mere

David Reid.
H. L. Rolfe-In Memoriam

Francis Francis.
Quarter of an Hour on the Wye and the

George Sumner.
We'll all go a-fishing to-day

George Davies. Paternoster, or Boiled Cockles

George Davies. A Week in Mid-Wales

- James Lauderdale Wilson. Analysis of Fishing Waters—The Ribble and Bollin

C. Estcourt, F.I.C., F.C.S.
Certain Chronicles of Pen-y-bont-
Part 1.-Chap. I.-Introductory · David Reid.
II.–Our Opening Day

David Reid.
II.-An April Holiday

E. G. Simpson.
III. -“ Glorious Summer"

Robert Burn.
We'll angle and angle again

By Henry Laws, arranged by

Henry Stevens, Mus. Bac. A Fishing Adventure in Japan

Eberu Ewodu. A Letter from Norway

An Angler's Wife. The Conditions of Vision in Fishes

The Hon. Sec. Fishes' Ee-seet ; or, th’Angle o’Incidents · Arthur Hibbert. The Fens and Fen Slodgers

Cecil de Gonville. Pre-historic Fishing

F. J. Faraday, F.L.S. Rambling Recollections of Fishing Days on the Aberdeenshire Don

H. Vannan, M.A. A more interesting. brighter, or more useful book upon fishing than this series of experiences it would be difficult to find."- Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News.

“ This second series of 'Anglers' Evenings' is in many respects an improvement on the first-good as that was.

Mr. Geo. Sheffield's four cartoon sketches are real gems.

The papers are all of them good.”—Fishing Gazette.


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Price ros. 6d.

Handbook of the Public Libraries

of Manchester and Salford.

By William E. A. Axon.


1. The Chetham Library. 2. The Portico. 3. The Owens College. 4. Salford Free Libraries. 5. The Athenæum. 6. The Mechanics’ Institution. 7. Bible Christian Church Library, Salford. 8. Literary and Philosophical Society, and other Scientific Associations. 9. The Medical Library. 10. The Exchange Subscription Library. II. Lancashire Independent College. 12. The Friends' _Library. 13. The Corporation Library at the Town Hall. 14. Holy Trinity Church, Salford. 15. The Cathedral. 16. The Free Reference Library. 17. The Free Lending Libraries. 18. The Overseers' Library. 19. The Unitarian Home Mission Board. 20. The Royal Infirmary. 21. The Schiller Anstalt. 22. The Foreign Library. 23. The Law Library. 24. The Radford Library at St. Mary's Hospital. 25. An Historical Epilogue.

Also Appendices on the following subjects :—The First Book Printed in Manchester. Humphrey Chetham's Church Libraries. Book Rarities of the Manchester Free Library. The Bellot Collection of Chinese Books. Literature of the Manchester Athenæum. Hints on the Formation of Small Libraries intended for public use. The Art of Cataloguing.

Price 4d., published monthly.


Field Naturalist and Scientific


A medium for inter-communication.

A monthly journal on Scientific subjects written in plain non-technical language.

Published by Abel Heywood & Son, Manchester.

Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London.

Sold by all booksellers.

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