Luttrell, Thomas Fownes, to the vicar. In the First Class of Litere Humaniores. age of Minehead, Somersetshire; pa

Dodgson, Charles, of Christ church; trons, J. F. LUTTRELL, E. M. Pley. Harington, Richard, of Christ church; DELL, and W. DREWE, Esqrs.

Heathcote, William, of Oriel college ; Martyn, Thomas, to the rectory of Lud- Proctor, Thos. of Jesus college ; Wood, gershall.

Charles, of Oriel college
Marwood, T. M.A. to the rectory of
English Bicknor, Gloucestershire ; pa-

In the First Class of Discipline Mathetrons, the VISITORS of QUEEN'S COL

maticæ et Physicæ. LEGE, OXFORD.

Dodgson, Charles, of Christ church ; Newman, John, to the vicarage of Wit. Dyke, Henry Grey, of St. Alban hall ;

ham, Essex ; patron, the Bisuor of Ross, Charles, of Christ church; Wood, Londox.

Charles, of Oriel college ; Wortley, Stuart Owen, Hugh, M.A. rector of Stapleton, John, of Christ church. Salop, to the archdeaconry of Salop;

In the Second Class of Literæ Humaniores. patron, the BISHOP OF LICHFIELD and COVENTRY.

Balfour, Blayney Townley, of Christ Powell, William, to be chaplain of Cos

church; Bosanquet, Robert William, of ford House of Correction.

Baliol college ; Bullock, Edw. of Christ Thompson, T. to the vicarage of Adling

church; Chaplyn, James Robert, of Trifeet, Yorkshire; patron, the Lord nity college ; Chapman, John M. of CHANCELLOR.

Exeter college ; Coleridge, Edward, of Whitelocke, William Spencer, M.A. to Corpus Christi college ; Escott, Brickthe vicarage of Gedney, Lincolnshire ;

ham Sweet, of Christ church; Green, patron, THE KING.

John Wm. Egerton, of Baliol college ; Williams, D. to the living of Wigmore; Harding, William, of Wadham college patron, the Biguop of HEREFORD.

Porcher, Chas. of Oriel college ; Ross,

Chas. of Christ church; Tomlinson, John UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. Wickes, of Trinity college ; Wiggett, Degrees conferred January 14, 1822.

William Lyde, of University college ;

Wortley, Stuart John, of Christ church; MASTERS OF ARTS.-Frederic James

Yarker, Robert, of Queen's college. Parsons, Demy of Magdalen college; In the Second Class of Discipline MatheGeo. Crabb, Magdalen hall; rev. John Cookesley, Exeter_college ; rev. John

matice et Physice. Brown Hawkins, Exeter college ; rev. Candy, Charles, of Lincoln college; Henry Thos. Attkins, Wadham college ; Stevens, Henry, of Oriel college ; WalJoseph Pitt, Christ church; John Allen, pole, Thos. Henry, of All Souls' college. Christ church.

Litere Humaniores. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Thos. Harrison, Bosley, John, of Baliol college ; Bowen, csq. St. Mary hall, grand compounder; Jobn St. Vincent, of Brasenose college ; rev. George Winnock, Magdalen hall; Candy, Charles, of Lincoln college ; Henry Richards, Exeter college ; John Cave, William Astley Brown, of BraseRoberts, Jesus college; Owen Anwyl nose college ; Cooke, Joseph, of MagdaOwen, Jesus college ; William Kaye Hett, len hall; Elliott, George Percy, of St. scholar of Lincoln college ; Thomas Bur. Mary-hall ; Hawkins, George, of Corpus bank Holt, Queen's colleye ; John Peel, Christi college ; Hett, William, of LinChrist church; John Whittington Ready coln college, Jones, Henry, of Exeter Landon, scholar of Worcester college. college ; Luke, George S. of Queen's colJanuary 24.

lege ; Owen Owen, of Jesus college ; Ro

binson, Christ. Thomas, of Brase-nose MASTEN OF ARTS.--Rev. Richard Co

college ; Simcoe, Henry Addington, of nington, Lincoln college.

Wadham college ; Stowey, Augustus, or BACHELORS OF Arts.-David Denne, Christ Church; Wood, John, of Christ Ereter college ; Thomas Foulkes, Jesus Church. college ; William Ilamilton Burroughs,

Disc. Mat. Magdalen hall.

Bissland, Thomas, of Baliol college ; Dec. 21, 1821.-Mr. John Whitmore Cartwright, William Henry, of Trinity Wall was admitted fellow of New college. college.

Dec. 29.-The names of those candi Jan. 15, 1822.—John Trenchard Picdates, who at the close of the Public kard, esq. late fellow of Nero college, was Examinations this Term, were admitted admitted Doctor in Civil Lan, grand by the Public Examiners into the first compounder. and second classes of Literæ Huinaniores January 17.-The rev. William Page and Disciplina Mathematicæ et Physicæ Richards, late fellow of New college, and respectively, according to the alphabet master of Tiverton school, Devon, was ical arrangement in cach Class pre admitted Doctor in Civil Lar, grand scribed by the statute, stand as follow: compounder. Tho rev. Chas. Parr Bur.

ney, of Merton college, was admitted well, Croupton, Croughton, Feudall, Bachelor in Divinity, grand compounder. Greenwood, Hinde, Hutchinson, Owen,

January 18.—The said rev. Charles Radford, Walters, Wilson, Worship. 13 Part Burney was admitted Doctor in CHRIST'S COLL -Messrs. Baker, Bellas, Divinity, grand compounder.

Blackburn, Burney, Blyth, Could, PorJanuary 22.-The rev. Chas. Taylor, ter, Royds, Steel, Taylor.

10 M.A. of Baliol college, avd Prebendary MAGDALEN COLL Messrs. Chichesof Moreton Magna, in the Cathedral ter, Ferdall, Turner.

3 Church of Hereford, was admitted Ba EMMANUEL COLL. Messrs. Drake, chelor and Doctor in Divinity.

Gore, Hyde, Mason, Miller, Milner,

Salmon, Whitaker.

SIDNEY COLL.-Messrs. Alford, Stone,
January 19.—This being Bachelors of Williamson.
Arts' Commencement, the following 212
gentlemen were admitted to that degree: Academical Honours on the above oc-

The following gentlemen obtained [Note-The names are arranged alpha- casion :betically.)

WRANGLERS.-Ds Holditch, Caius colTRINITY COLLEGE.-Messrs. Allan,

lege, Peacock,Bene't college; Birkett, St. Ansley, Bennet, Bower, Ethelstone, Farley, Frampton,Gillichan, Godfrey, Guest, lege ; Harris, Clare hall ; Alderson, Pem

John's college ; Thornton, Trinity colHall, Hamilton, sen. Hamilton, jun.Hene- broke college; Farish, Queen's college ; age, Holgate, Jepson,Kemp, Lloyd, Long, Holgate, Trinity college ; Porter, Christ Macaulay, Malden, Marriott, Marten, college; Ware, Trinity college ; Arnold, Matthews, Morton, Norman, Perry, Raw

Caius college, Gooch, Bene't college ; son, Reynolds, Richards, Robloy, Sim- Greenwood, Jesus college ; Perry, Trinimons, Taylor, Thomas, Thornton, Un- ty college ; Kennaway, St Johu's college ; thank, Walsh, Ware, White, Wilmot. 40 Blunt, Pembroke hali; Simpson,St.John's

St. John's Coll.-Messrs. Backler, college ; Turner, St. John's College ; Allan, Barker,Bateman, Battersby,Bell, Birkett, Trinity college ; Hamilton, señ. Trinity Bullock, Calvert, Clay, Collins, Colvile, college'; Taylor, St. John's college; FenFenn, Folliott, Gage, Gibbon, Giraud, dall, Jesus college ; Lloyd, Trinity college ; Gough, Green, Grey, Griffith, Hawkes. Raven, Bene't college ; Paley, Peterhouse ley, Hargreaves, Heberden, Henderson, college, Giraud, St. John's college ; Hodgson, Huntley,Hutchinson,J.Jarratt, R Jarratt, Jenyns, Kennaway, Kirk, Trinity college ; Corowell

, Jesus college ;

Hamilton, juo. Trinity college ; Morton, Laycock,Margetts, North, Parr, Payne,

Long, Trinity college.
Pidcock, Robinson, Schneider,Silvester,
Simpson, Smith, Smyth, Spitta, Taylor,

SENIOR OPTIXES.-Ds. Law, Peterhouse Thompson, Trafford, Turner, Vaughan, college; Walters, Jesus college; Thornton, Villiers, Wilkinson, Winn, Wood. · 54 Clarehall; Margetts, St John's college ST. PETER'S COLL-Messrs. Adcock,

Ward, Clare hall; Collyer, Clare hall; HulAlder, Cardale, Davenport, Gape, Hogg,

chins, Bene't college ; Wbite, Trinity colLawe, Maule, Norman, Paley, Peters,

lege; Williamson, Sidney college ; Malden, Scott, Trench.


Trinity college ; Gloadall, Catharine hall; CLARE HALL.-Messrs. Agar, Browne, Warburton, Pembroke hall ; Brookes, Cobbold, Collyer, Haggitt, Harris, Heath,

Pembroke hall ; Alder, Peterhouse col. Leicester, Nicholls, Thornton, Ward, lege; Mousley, Queen's college ; Colville, Whalley, White, Winthrope.


St. John's college, æg. Stone, Sidney rolPEMBROKE HALL.--Messrs. G. Alder- lege, æq. Burt, Caius college; Hutchin. son, J. Alderson, Blunt, Brookes, Byde,

son, Jesus college ; Smith, St. John's Campbel, Everest, Head, Palmer, Trol c. llege ; Burroughes, Bene't college ; lope, Warbitrton, Wybergh.

12 North, St. John's college ; Blackburn, Caius COLLEGE.-Messrs. Arnold, Ba.

Christ college. ker, Burt, Carver, Doughty, Fowke, Hol JUNIOR OPTIMES.--Ds. J. Jarratt, St. diteh, Jickling, Longe, Paterson, Perry, John's college ; Fenn, St. John's college ; Stafford, Wight.

13 Radford, Jesus college; Bellas, Chr. Ch. ; BENE'T COLL.-Messrs. Burroughes, Adcock, Peterhouse college ; Blyth, Christ Browne, Cremer, Driver, Gooch,Hughes, college, æq. Wallace, Bene't college, eq. Hutchins,King, Peacock,Phillpot, Raven, Wilson, Jesus college; Thompson, si. Roper, Templo, Wallace, Wood. 15 John's college ; Robley, Trinity college ;

QUEEN'S COLLEGE.- Messrs. Ellaby, R. Jarratt, St. John's college ; Schneider, Parisb, Furnival, Mousley, Serres, Wil St. John's college ; Gibbon, St. John's liams.

6 college ; Hogg, Peterhouse college ; NurCATHARINE HALL. -Messrs. Dudding, sey, Sidney college. Ellaby, Fisber, Gleada), Jones, Nussy, December 27, 1821.-G.W. Hallam,esq. Robson, Terrington.

8 L.L.B of Trinity hall, was elected into Jesus COLL.-Messrs. Brown, Corn. the fellowship, vacated by the resignation REMBYBRANCER, No. 38.


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of the rev. Dr. Geldart, regius professor tharine hall; Richard Winsloe, B.A. of civil law.

Sidney college ; Joseph C. Bradney, B.A. Jan. 10, 1822.-The rev. John Lamb, Trinity college ; Charles G. R. Festing, M.A. fellow and tutor of Corpus Christi B.A. St. John's college ; Jobo George college, was elected master of that So. Turner, M. A. Jesus college. ciety, in the room of the late rev. Dr. Douglas.

At an ordination holden by the Lord Robert Woodhouse, esq. M.A. F.R.S. Bishop of Gloucester, on the 23rd, of fellow of Caius college, and Lucasian pro

Dec. Cbas. Covey, B.A. of St. John's colfessor of Mathematics, is elected Plumian lege, was ordained Deacon. professor of Experimental Philosophy, in On Sunday, the 23rd of Dec. the Lord the room of the late Archdeacon Vince. Bishop of the Diocese of Exeter beld a

The Rev. John Lonsdale, M. A. tutor of public ordination in that cathedral,
King's colleye, is elected Christian Advo when the following gentlemen were ad-
cate, in the room of the rey. Thomas mitted into boly orders:-

DEACON8.- Joseph Broadhurst, B.A. Tbe rev Christopher Benson is con Wadham college, Oxford ; John Gillard, tinued Hulsean lecturer for the present B.A. Oriel college, Oxford; Frederick year.

Le Grice, B.A. Clare hall, Cambridge ; The Hulsean prize for tbe year 1821, Francis Hole, Queen's college, Camhas been adjudged to William Trollope, bridge; John Wrey, B.A. St. Peter's colo B.A. of Pembroke college.-Subject, The lege, Cambridge ; Henry Bouchier Wrey, expedients to whick the Gentile philoso- N.A. Baliol college, Oxford. phers resorted, in opposing the progress

Priests.-Wm. Ponssord, B.A. Trinity of the Gospel, described, and applied in illustration of the Truth of the Christian college, Oxford ; John Roberts, s.c.L.

Jesus cullege, Cambridge; Jos. Tborne, Religion The subject of the Hulsean prize dis- cob, Jesus college, Cambridge.

B.A. Exeter college, Oxford ; John Jasertation for the present year, is—The argument for the genuineness of the Sa On the 28th of December, the following cred Volume, as generally received by gentlemen were ordained by the Lord Christians.

Bishop of Bristol, in the chapel of January ll.-The rev.ThomasTurton,

Christ's college, Cambridge. B.D. fellow of Catherine hall, was unani DEACONS.—Edward John Ash, B.A. mously ected Lucasian professor of fellow of Christ college, Cambridge ; Jobs Mathematics.

Cantis, B.A. fellow of Christ college, Samuel Fennell, esq. B.A. of Queen's Cambridge ; Thomas Tayler, B.4. Tricollege, is elected a fellow of that so- nity college, Cambridge; Wm. Burkitt, ciety.

B.Ă. St. Edmund hall, Orford ; Jonathan January 23.At a congregation this Cbase Matchett, B.A. St. John's college, day, the Rev. Henry Godfrey, B.D. Pre- Cambridge, (Lett. Dim. from Bishop of sident of Queen's college, was created Norwich,) Benjamin Guest, Trinity col. Doctor in Divinity by royal mandate. lege, Cambridge, (Lett. Dim. from Bishop

On the same day, the Rev. Thomas of Chester.) Burnet, of Christ college, was admitted

PRIR8T8.-Edward Murray, B.A. Tri. Bachelor in Divinity; and John Lewes nity college, Cambridge ; Samuel Emery Pedder, Esq. of Trioity ball, Bachelor Day, B.Å. St. Edmund hall, Oxford; in Civil Law.

William Garrard, St. Edmund hali, 0s. Sir William Browne's Gold Medals. ford, (Lett. Dim. from Bp. of London.) The subjects for the present ycar are The following gentlemen were orGREEK ODE Pyramides Ægyptiacæ. dained by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, LATIN ODE Nors Napoleonis. in the cburch at Buckden, on Sunday, GREEK EPIGRAM 'Epão os dira, x' our içã. the 13th inst. LATIN EPIGRAM -nuga seria ducunt

DEACONS.—Theodore Bouwens, B.4. In mala The subject of the Seatonian prize Majenis, B.X. St. John's college, Cam

Merton college, Oxford; John Balfour poem for the present year is Antiochus bridge ; 'Chas. Smith Bird, B.A. fellow of Epiphanes. (1 Macc. cap. i. &c.)

Trinity college, Cambridge; Jobo BarORDINATIONS.

low, scholar of Trinity college, Cam. The following gentlemen of the Uni- bridge ;, William Whitmore Greenway, versity of Cambridge, were ordained

S.C.L. Trinity hall, Cambridge ; Edward Priests on the 16th of December, by the Irish, Magdalen college, Cambridge ; BaLord Bishop of Salisbury:

sil Beridge, late of Magdalen college, PRIESTg.-E. H.C. Williams, M.A. st. Orford ; Andrew Donald, St. John's com John's college ; Loftus A. Cliffe, B.A. St. lege, Cambridge. John's college ; Charles J. Allen, of Cam PRIESTS.-Honry Rycroft, B.A. Tri

nity hall, Cambridge; John Johnson ton, the rev. James Pope, B.D. Tho
Hodson, B.A. St. Mary hall, Oxford; yicarage is in the gift of St. John's col-
Thos. Pearse, B A. St. John's college, lege, Oxford.
Cambridge ; Jas. Boardman Cartwright,

B.4. Queen's college, Cambridge ; Joseph
Dodsworth, Lincoln college, Oxford ;

Married. The rev. J. Stokes, vicar
Cbas. Thos. Gladwin, S.C.L.Jesus college of Cobham, to Miss Franks, of Ro-
Cambridge ; Chas. Shəffield, B.A. Christ chester.
Church, Oxford; Wm. Mellard, Magda-

LINCOLNSHIRE. len college, Oxford; Henry John Gunping, B.A. Baliol college, Oxford, (Lett. Fothergill, prebendary of Corringham,

Died.At Gainsborough, the rev. Jas. Dix. from the Bishop of Peterborough.

vicar of Gainsborough, and vicar of Dal. MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE.

ton le Dale, Durham.


Died. The rov. Thomas Parker, B.D. Married. The rev. Henry Wrey curate of St. Peter-le-Poor, London, and Whinfield, rector of Battlesden and fellor of Emanuel college, Cambridge. Potsgrore, to Sarah Arabella, youngest Died. - In George-Street, Portman. daughter of Wm. Praed, Esq.

square, the rev. Gilbert Mathias. BERKSHIRE.

Died. -At Stoke Newington, in the

68th year of her age, deeply lamented Married.—The rev. James Sherman, by her family and friends, and the poor of Reading, to Miss Mary Grant.

around her, Elizabeth, the wife of the Died. - At Wallingford, the rev. Ed. rev. George Gaskin, D.D. rector of St. ward Barry, D.D. rector of St. Mary's, Bene't, Gracechurch, London, and of Aud St. Leonard's, in that town.

Stoke Newington, Middlesex.

Married. The rev. John Fishpool, of Married. The rev. Willam Frost, to
Sarston, to Miss Sarah Cock.

Miss Aune Codd. Died. -Aged 63, the rev. Philip Doug Died. In the 74th year of his age, the las, D.D. master of Corpus Christi col. rev. John Deacon, rector of Carlton St. lege, and vicar of Gedney, in the county Mary, Norfolk, and perpetual curate of of Lincoln. He proceeded B.A. 1781 ; St. Ethelred, Norwich, both in the patronM.A. 1784; B.D. 1792; D.D. 1795 ; and

age of the mayor and corporation of that was elected to the mastership in tbe

city. He was formerly of Caius college, year 1795. The vicarage is in the gist of Cambridge; B.A. 1770, M.A. 1773. the crown.

Died.–At Witham, tbe very rev.Joseph

Married. — The rev. James Biddle, Jefferson, archdeacon of Colchester, rec

M.A. to Dorothy, youngest daughter of

the late John Forster, Esq. tor of Weeley, and vicar of Witham. Died.- At Castle Hedingham, the rev,


Married. --The rev. Henry Evans, 41HAMPSHIRE.

rate of Eastwood, to Sarab, only daugh

ter of the late Thomas Walker, Esq. of Married. The rev. Mr. Kingsmill to

that place. Miss Powell of Southampton. Married. The rev. H. R. Draper,

OXFORD. LLD. of Southampton, to Miss Chalkley,

Died. - The rev. Frodzham Hodson, of the same town.

D.D. principal of Brasenose college, ReDied.- At Lymington, aged 57, the gius professor of divinity, and Canon of Ter. William Pickering Reid.

Christ Church, Oxford.

Died.--At bis house, at Hampton, near

Died.--At Bath, in bis 63rd year, the Hereford, the rev. J. G. Hannington,

rev. Thomas Fothergill, D.D. formerly D.D. one of the prebendaries of that

vicar of Tiverton, near that city,
cathedral, and many years rector of that


Married.–At Codsall, the rev. John Died. --The rev. Maurice Phillips, of Hilyar, to Charlotte, daughter of the late

Sir John Wrottesley, Bart.

Died. At the vicarage, Great Staugh. Married. At Ixworth, the rev. Ed.

René Payne, rector of Hepworth, to Miss


Married.-At Hull, the rev. Richard Died.—The rev. William Cross, rector

Cecil, of Harpenden, Herts, to Miss of Hasleworth, and late fellow of Pem Goodricke, of Hull. broke Hall, Cambridge, B.A. 1781, M.A. Died.--At York, in his 67th year, the 1794.

rev. Robert Benson, M.A. 40 years vicar Died.-The rev. Thomas Bolton, rec of Heckington, Lincolnshire, and formerly tor of Nedying, and perpetual curate of of Christ College, B.A. 1778, M.A. 1782. St. Mary Key, Ipswich. Died --The rev. Wm. Howell, rector

WALES. of Felshan, and minister of St. John's

Church Union Society in the Diocese college, Portsea, Hunts.

of St. David's.-The Prizes for the year SURRY.

1821, are adjudged as follows:-To H. P.

Tebhs, of Doctor's Commons, the premium Died.-At Albury Cottage, near Guild

of fifty pounds (by benefaction) for the ford, aged 72, the rev. Sidney Malthus.

best Essay " on the Scripture Doctrino

of Adultery and Divorce, and on the SUSSEX.

Criminal Character and Punishment of Died. The 'rev. Drake Hollingbery, Adultery by the ancient Laws of Eugland rector of Winchelsea, and upwards of 40 and other countries ;''-to the rev. R. years chancellor of the diocese of Chin Polwhele, of Kenyon, near Truro, for chester.

the second best Essay on the same sub

ject, twenty pounds ;-to the rev. Sam., WARWICKSHIRE.

Charles Wilks, Regent's Park, London, Married. - The rev. James Chambers, the Society's premium of twenty-five curate of Willoughby, to Eliza, eldest pounds, for the best Essay “ on the Indanghter of Mr. Chambers, of Milcote, fluence of a Moral Life on our Judgment near Stratford-upon-Avon.

in matters of Faith." John viii. 17.; If Married. The rev.J. C. Cockle, B.D. apy man will do bis will, be shall know to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. James of the Doctrine whether it be of God, or cockle, of Bradford-street.

whether I speak of myself.

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Suggestions on Clerical Elocution. By short plain Sermons, partly Original, partly John Lettice, D.D. Prebendary of Chi. Selected, and adapted to Village Instrucchester, &c. 38. 6d.

tion. By a Clergyman of the Church of An Essay on the Connection between the England. Vol. II, 5s. Jewish and Christian Dispensation. By A Summary of Christian Faith and Prac. the Rev. Wm. Trollope, B.A, of Pembroke tice, confirmed by References to the Text College, Cambridge. 2s.

of Holy Scripture, compared with the LiThe Office and Duties of the Christian turgy, Articles and Homilies of the Church Minister Considered, in a Sermon deliver- of England ; and Illustrated by Extracts ed in the Cathedral Church of Chester, from the Chief of those Works which reupou Sunday, December 23, 1821, at an ceived the Sanction of Public Authority Ordination of the Right Rev. George from the Time of the Reformation, to the Henry Law, Lord Bishop of that Diocese. final Revision of the Established Formg. By the Rev. Lawrence Gardner, D.D. laries. By the Rev. E. J. Burrow, D.D. F.A.S. Canon Residentiary of Lichfield, F.R. and L.S. 3 vols, 12mo. 189. and Rector of St. Philip's, Birmingham. Plain Reasons why Political Power 2s,

should not be granted to Papists. By An Introduction to the Holy Sacrament Samuel Wix, A.M. F.R. and A.S. Vicar of the Lord's Supper. By the Rev. T. H. of St. Bartholomew the Less, London, Yorke, Vicar of Bishop's Middlebam, in 8vo. 18. the County of Durham, and Rector of St. Virgil, literally Translated, for the Use Cuthbert's, Yorke. 18.

of Students. By William Smart, MA; The Village Preacher; a Collection of 12mo. 58,


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