the delight and the solace of those who have seldom failed to give rise to the most been unable to visit other countries ; and pleasing associations by their individual lothey have excited the dormant spirit of cality. We may justly apply to him in tue curiosity io many a resident of this univer. delivery of his lectures, what is engraven sity, who has followed eagerly the steps of on the monument of Goldsmith, “ Nihil, Dr. Clarke, and has invariably borne testi- quod tetigit, non ornavit—." of the mony to the accuracy and the fidelity of higher qualities of his mind, of bis force, his narrative. Dr. Clarke has somewhere and energy as a Christian preacher, of the mentioned all the excellencies wbich must sublimity and excellence of his discourses, unite to form a perfect traveller-he must we miglit tell in any other place than Camhave the pencil of Norden, the pen of Vol bridge; but here all mention of them is ney, the learning of Pucucke, the perse- unnecessary, his crowded congregations verance of Bruce, the enthusiasm of Sa are testimony sufficient. Of the estimavary. Of all these Dr. Clarke united in tion in which Dr. Clarke was held by fohis own person by tar the greater share. reigners, we may in the same manner refer No difficulties in his progress were ever our readers to the various Honorary Socieallowed to be insuperable; and upon all ties, in which his name stands enrolled; occasions be imparted to others a portion we may safely say, that to no one person of his own enthusiasti. It was upon the bas the University of Cambridge been more return from this extensive tour, during indebted for celebrity abroad during the which he had visited nearly the whole of last twenty years, than to her late LibraEurope, and parts of Asia and Africa, that rian, Dr. Clarke. He has fallen a victim Dr. Clarke presented to the University indeed to his generons ardour in the pur. those memorials of his travels, wbich now suit of science-he looked only to the decorate the vestibule of the Library; and fame of the University; and in his honest as some return for the splendor which lis endeavours to exalt her reputation, he anname had reflected upon the Voiversity, bappily neglected his own invaluable health he was complimented in full Senate with He has thus left to his afflicted family, the degree of LL.D. From that moment and to his surviving friends, the most painful the residence of the traveller was con and bitter regrets; wbilst to the Univerfined to Cambridge, and he shortly after sity itself, he has bequeathed a debt of commenced those public lectures in miner- gratitude, which we doubt not will berealogy, which, if possible, have made his after be amply and liberally discharged. name more known and honoured, both in The remains of the much-lamented Dr. this and in foreign countries, than even his Clarke were interred this morning at 12 long and interesting travels.- Natural o'clock, in the chapel of Jesus College. History was his earliest and most favourite The funeral was attended by his relatives, study; and that peculiar branch of it, some of the Heads of Houses, the greater which refers to the mineral kingdom, soon part of the Professors,and most of his friends engrossed the whole of his attention. In resident in the University; all the Meinthe delivery of his celebrated lectures, bers of Jesus college (the college to which Clarke was without a rival-his eloquence he belonged) likewise followed. The ser was inferior to none; (in dative eloquence, vice was read in the most impressive manperhaps, few have ever equalled him in per by the Rev. Dr. French, Master of thuis contry;) luis knowledlye of his subject Jesus college, and Vice-Chancellor of the was extensive; bis elucidation clear and University; and the effect it produced sinple; and in the illustrations, which was such as night have been expected on were practically afforded by the various so melancholy an occasion. Dr. Clarke and beautiful specimens of bis minerals, he was in the 54th year of his age; he prowas peculiarly happy. Most of those spe. ceeded to the degree of B.A. 1790, M.A. cimens he had himself collected, and they 1794.--Cambridge Chronicle.

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Adams, T. C. M. A. domestic chaplain to

the Earl of Aylesford, to the living of
Foleshill, near Coventry ; patron, the

Bagot, Hon. Richard, M.A. to a preben.

dal stall in Windsor chapel.

Barrret, J. T. D.D. of St. Peter's col.

lege, Cambridge, to the rectory of

Roothing Beauchamp, Esser.
Barton, R. S. to the vicarage of Alconbon

rough cum Weston, Hunts.
Benson, Henry Bristowe, M.A. of Christ




college, Cambridge, to the vicarage of dington, Lincolnshire ; patrons, the Heckington, Lincolnshire, on his own RECTOR AND FELLOWS UF LINCOLN COLpetition.

LEGE, OXFORD. Bethell, G. M.A. to the vicarage of Burn


Degrees conferred February 28. Briggs, J. to a fellowship at Eton college. MASTERS OF ARTS.-Henry Harvey, Coldwell, W. E. M.A. of Catharine hall, C!ırist Churoh, grand compounder , Thoo

Cambridge, is appointed domestic chap- philus Williamson, Exeter college ; James lain to the Earl of Roden.

Norris, scholar of Corpus Christi college ;
Collier, Charles, vicar of Hambledon and Robert Meadows White, demy of Magda-

Branston, Kutlandshire, late curate of len college; Charles Hewett, Brase-nose
Thorington, to the vicarage of Riby, college ; Charles Cowper Cholmondeley,
Lincolnshire ; patron, W. E. TOMLINE, Brase-nose college ; Richard Ramsay

Warde, Brase-nose college; Henry Hall, Deacon, James, to the curacy of St. Ethel University college ; Thoinas Henry Elwin, dred, Norwich; patrons, the CORPORA

Worcester college. TION OF THAT CITY.

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Williain Swete, Greetes, Richard, to the vicarage of Ded esq. Oriel college, grand compounder ;

dington, Oxfordshire ; patrons, the George Dewdney, Queen's college ; Ri

DEAN AND CANONS OF WINDSOR. chard Child Willis, University college.
Hales, Robert, M.A. to the rectory of

March 12.
Hillington, Norfolk; patron, W. J.H. BACHELORS OF DIVINITY. Godfrey
B. FOLKES, of Hillington hall.

Faussett, some time fellow of Magdalen
Hibgame, E. M A. fellow of Jesus col college ; William Firth, Jellow of Corpus

lege, Cambridge, to the vicarage of Christi college.
Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire; patrons, MASTERS OF Arrs.--Reginald Chandos
the MASTER AND FELLOWS OF THAT So- Pole, esq. St. Mary hall, grand com-

pounder ; Samuel Grover, fellow of EreIrring, M. B.D. to the vicarage of Stur ter college ; Edward Barton Lye, Exeter

minster Marshall, Dorset ; patrons, the college ; John Garnett Atkinson, BrasePROVOST AND FELLOWS OF ETON COL nose college.

BACHELOR OF ARTS.--William Henry Jeans, J. L. M.A. of Pembroke college, to James, Pembroke college.

be one of the domestic chaplains to the March 21.-At a Convocation held this Earl of Stradbroke.

day, John Bond, esq. gentleman commoner Jones, Joha, curate of Waterbeach, to of Worcester college, was admitted to the

the living of Cardley, Worcestershire ; honorary degree of Master of Arts, pre

patron, the BisioP OF WORCESTER. sented by the rev. William Law Pope, Plimley, Henry, vicar of Shoreditch and M.A. fellow of the said college.

of Cuchfield, to be chancellor of the The same day in Congregation, the diocese of Chichester,

following degrees were conferred:Plumptre, J. F. to a fellowship at Eton BACA ELOR IN CIVIL LAW.-Charles Bel. college.

lamy, follow of St. John's college, and Polehampton, E. M.A. fellow of King's Vinerian scholar of Common Law.

college, Cambridge, to the rectory of MASTERS OF ARTS.-Henry Gordon, Greenford Magna, Middlesex ; patrons, Exeter college; Richard John Meade, the PROVOST AND FELLOWS OF THAT So Baliol college ; Thomas Higgins, Brase

nose college ; George Walker, St. John's Randolph, J. H. to the rectory of Fob college ; William Tovey Hopkins, Pembing, in Esser.

broke college. Sharpe, J. vicar of Doncaster, to be chap BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Robert Oakman, lain to the Earl of Clanwilliam.

St. Alban hall; Henry Withy, postmaster Sumner, Charles Richard, M.A. to a pre of Merton college ; Frederick Edward

bendal stall in Worcester cathedral. Pegus, law exhibitioner of St. John's colThomas, rev. Mr. to the vicarage of loge; Charles Watkin Wynne Eyton, Je

Great Bursted, Essex ; patron, LORD sus college.

March 7.-Charles Awdry, esq. was
Willings, T. to hold with the rectory of admitted fellow of Ner college.

Church Lench, Worcestershire, the vi March 20. — At a Convocation this carage of Bromfield, Salop.

day, Jolin Frederick Winterbottom, B A. Wilson, W. M.A. felloro of Jesus college, fellon of Magdalen college, was unani

Cambridge, to the vicarage of Elm mously elected Vinerian Scholar of stead, Esser; patrons, the MASTER AND Common Law, in the room of Mr. BerFELLOWS OF THAT SOCIETY.

ton, elected to the vacant Fellowship. Worgan, Joseph, to the vicarage of Peb March 21.- At a Convocation this morth.

day, the rev. Wm. Russell, B.D. fellow Yeadon, W. B.D. to the rectory of Wad of Magdalen college, and the rev. John


Anthony Cramer, M.A. student of Christ Physic. The following are the principal Church, were approved as Public Exa regulations :miners.

That there shall he, every year, a pubUNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE.

lic examination in the Senate-bouse, in

the last week of the Lent Term, to conDegrees conferred Feb. 27.

tinue for three days. That the subjects DOCTOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. Thos.

of examination shall be one of the four Harwood, Emmanuel college.

HONORARY Master of Arts.-Lord Gospels of the Acts of the Apostles in the Grey, of Trinity college, son of the Earl original Greek, and one of the Latin

Classics.--That every person, when exof Stamford and Warrington; the Hon. amined, shall be required to construe Thos. Cavendish, of Magdalene colleye,

some portion of each of the subjects to son of Lord Waterpark. BACHELORS OF Arts.-Rev. G. Wight- cal construction of particular passages

be appointed to explain the grammati. man and C. Melbuish, of St. John's col. lege ; John Thomas Hinds, of Trinity to the Evidences of Christianity, and to

and to answer printed questions relating college; W. Birch, Catharine hall; Job the Geography, Chronology, and History Reevo, Emmanuel college ; Matthew Ro- of the other subjects of examination. binson, Caius college.

That the first of these annual examinaMarch 23.

tions shall take place in the Lont term MASTER OF ARTS.-Rev. Bartholomew

of 1824.That all those undergraduates Goe, Catharine hall.

who shall commence their residence in BACHELORS IN CIVIL LAW.- John C. Prattent, Pembroke hall; rev. Henry shall be required to attend such exami

the University during the year 1822, Morgan, St. John's college.

nation. That those who shall come to March 22 MASTER OF ARTS. - Gibbs Crawford tion of 1825, and so on.—That in case

reside in 1823, shall attend the examinaAntrobus, esq. St. John's college.

any one shall be prevented by illness Feb. 22.-Hamnett Holditch, esq. B. A. and Wm. Langton Arnold, esq. B.A. of of his year, he shall be required to attend

from attending the regular examination Caius college, were elected Fellows of

on the next following examination, and that Society.

so on.-That two classes (each of them The subject of the Porson Prize for this year is the passage in Julius Cæsar, out of those examined the first consist

arranged alphabetically) shall be formed Act IV. Scene 3, beginning with “ Come, Antony, and young Octavius,"

ing of those who have passed their exa

mination with credit and the second of and ending with—" and leuve you so.

those to whom the Examiners have only The metre-Tragicum trimetrum acate

not refused their certificate of approval. lecticum. The subjects for the Members' Prizes the Examiners, shall be required to at

That those who shall not be approved by are:-Senior Bachelors-Populis diver.

tend the examination of the following sis eadem instituta parum conveniant.

year, and so on; and that no degree of Middie Bachelors-Astronomice laus et

B.A. M.B. or LL.B. shall be granted, unutilitas.

less a certificate be presented to the March 6.-At a congregation this day, Caput, shewing that the candidate for the very rev. James Henry Monk, fellow such degree has passed, to the satisfacof Trinity college, Regius Professor of - tion of the Examiners, some one of these Greek, and Dean of Peterborough, was

examinations.-That public notice of created Doctor in Divinity by royal man

the subjects of examination in 1824 shall date.

be issued in the first week of the Lent TYRwITI'S HEBREW SCHOLARSHIP.

term of 1823—of the subjects in 1825, in The examination for a scholarship on

the first week in the Lent term of 1824, this foundation will commence on Wed

and so on. nesday, the 8th of May.-Candidates to

At the same Congregation a Grace deliver their certiticates of qualification passed the Senate to adopt the plans before Midlent Sunday. The Chancellor's two Gold Medals for proposed by Mr. Mead for the erection

of an astronomical observatory in this , the best classical scholars among the

University commencing Bachelors of Arts, are adjudged this year to Mr. Geo. Long and Tbc candidates for the office of LibraMr. Henry Malden, both of Trinity col rian of the University are : lege, and both University Scholars upon Henry Gunning, of Christ college ; Lord Craven's foundation.

rev. John Lodge, fellow of Magdalene March 13.-At a Congregation this college ; rev. J. C. Franks, chaplain of day, a Grace passed the Senate to con-. Trinity college ; Geo. Burges, esq. Of firm certain proposals for the institution Trinity college. of a previous examination of candidates J. S. Henslow, csq. of St. John's col tor the degrees of Bacbelor of Arts, lege, is candidate for the Professorship Bachelor in Civil Law, or Bachelor in of Mineralogy


of Eton college, and vicar of StourminThe Lord Bishop of Norwich held a

ster Marshall, Dorset. general Ordination, in the Cathedral

Died. At the vicarage, Sunning, aged Church of that city, on Sunday, March 60, the rev. John Roberts, D.D. one of 3, when the following persons were ad

the fellows of Eton college, and vicar of mitted into holy orders :

Sunning and Burnham.

CHESHIRE, Deacons.-Robert Andrews, B.A. Em Married. The rev. C.T. C. Luxmore, manuel college, Cambridge; William Ha- to Frances, daughter of the lato T. milton Burroughs, B.A. Magdalen hall, Brooke, esq. of Church Minshull. Oxford; Edward Cobbold, B.A. $t. Al

DERBYSHIRE. ban's hall, Oxford ; Thomas Henry Cope Died. The rev. John James Dewe, man, B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge ; vicar of Alstonefield, and minister of Henry Creed, B.A. Corpus Christi college, Parwich and Allsopp in the Dale. Cambridge ; Ralph Errington, late of

DEVONSHIRE. Christ college, Cambridge ; John David Married. The rev. Edwin Eastcott, Glennie, B. A. Trinity college, Cambridge; of Exeter, to Miss Bayntun, of Bath. Ambrose Goode; Thomas Gregory, St. Died. The rev. T. W. Shore, vicar of John's cullege, Cambridge ; Edmund Otterton. Holnes, B.A. Bene't college, Cambridge ;

HANTS. Hunting Jollye, B.A. Jesus college, Cam Married. — At Bramshot, the rev. bridge; William Kay, B.A. Magdalen col Frederick Ford, M.A. eldest son of the lege, Oxford; C. Neale, M.A. late fellow late Henry Ford, LL.D. principal of of St. John's college, Cambridge ; Robert Magdalen hall, to Mary Ann, only child Partridge, B.A. St. John's college, Cam of John Neale, esq. of Hewshot. bridge; Michael Nowell Peters, B. A. St.

HUNTS. Peter's college, Cambridge ; George Pitt, Died. At the rectory house, HamerB.A. Trinity college, Cambridge; William ton, the rev. R. Pyne, many years rector Stratton, B.A. St. Edmund's hall, Oxford ; of that parish. Henry Studd, B.A. Caius college, Cam

KENT. bridge; T. s. Turubull, fellow of Caius Died. The rev. Mr. Hulme, curate of college, Cambridge ; John Jervis William Allhallows, Hoo, in the 25th year of his Tarner, B.A. St. Peter's college, Cam

age. bridge í James Devaynes Wintle, B.A.

LANCASHIRE. St. John's college, Cambridge. Lett. dim. Died. Aged 88, the rev. William from Bishop of Bristol

Naylor, 67 years master of the Grammar PRIESTS.-Ralph Barker, B.A. St. Pe Scbool at Ormskirk. ter's college, Cambridge ; Arthur Browne,

LINCOLNSHIRE. B.A. felloro of St. John's college, Cam

Died. In the 80th year of his age, the bridge; Edward Drury Britts, B.Ă. Queen's rev. Henry Taylor, LL.B. rector of college, Cambridge ; Charles Carver, B.A. Spridlington. Caius college, Cambridge ; Thomas Dixon,

MIDDLESEX. B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge ; John

Married. -At St. George's, BloomsRobert Matthew

Edgar, B.A. Trinity bury, by the rev. T. G. Tyndale, reccollege, Oxford; Thomas Farr, B.A. Tri tor of Holton, Oxfordshire, the rev, nity college, Cambridge ; Henry Lowe; Thomas Hyde Ripley, vicar of Wootton Thomas Welby Northmore, M.Å. Emma- Bassett, Wilts, to Caroline Augusta, nuel college, Cambridge ; Jerwyn Pratt,

daughter of G. B. Tyndale, esq. of LinB.A. Trinity college, Cambridge ; Tho- coln's-Inn-fields. mas Raven, B.A. Bene't college, Cam. Married. The rev. Edward Polebridge ; John Shilibeer, Jesus college, hampton, rector of Greenford Magna, Cambridge ; Ambrose Steward, B.A. St. to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the John's college, Cambridge; Christopher

rev. Thomas Stedman, vicar of St. Chads, Thurgar; George Wightman, B.A. St. Shrewsbury. John's college, Cambridge; John Page

Married. The rev. Charles B. Taylor, Wood, LL.B, Trinity college, Cambridge.

B.A. of Trinity college, Cambridge, to The following gentlemen of the Uni- Adine, daughter of A. D. Lewis Agassiz, versity of Cambridge were ordained by esq. of Finsbury-square. the Bishop of Gloucester, on the 24th

Died.--At Merchant Taylors' School,

in the 75th year of his age, the rev, Deacons.-W. Pashley, St. John's col

Thomas Cherry, B.D. vicar of Sellinge, lege ; D. Jones, B.A. Catherine hall. Kent. PRIEST.-W. Payne, B.A. St. John's

NORFOLK. college.

Died. - The rev. William Atkinson, MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE.

rector of Hillington, near Lynn.


Married.The rev. J. Lamb, M.A. Died.--At bis house in the Cloisters, master of Benet college, Cawbridge, to Windsor Castle, aged 78, the rev. George Anne, third daughter of the rev. B. Heath, D.D. a canon of Windsor, fellow Hutchinson,

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WARWICKSHIRE. Married.--At Alnwick, the rev. E. J.

Married. - At Leamington, the rev. Howman, of Hockering, Norfolk, to

Edward Woodyatt, M. A. to Louisa Margaret, third daughter of the late ni Georgiana Maria, youngest daughter of Davison, esq. formerly his Majesty's

the late Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley, bart. Consul General at Nice and Algiers.

of Drakelow. NORWICH.

Married.-On the 26th ult, at Knowle, Died.- At his son's, Pottergate-street,

by the rev. Rd. Moore Boultbee, the rev. in the 85th year of his age, the rev.

Wm. Thomas Bree, only son of the rev. David Kinghorn.

W. Bree, of Allesley, to Hannah Maria, SHROPSHIRE. Married. The rev. J. D. Lewis, to

youngest daughter of Joseph Boultbee,

esq. of Springfield House. Mrs. Whatley, daughter of the late Ro

Died.-At the rectory house, Sutton bert Oakley, esq. of Snakescroft, near

Coldfield, in the 86th year of his age, Bishop's Castle.

the rev. John Riland, M.A. 32 years Died.—The rev. Benjamin Edwardes,

rector of that place, and father of the rector of Frodesley. SOMERSET.

Society for promoting Christian KnowDied.–At the vicarage of Otherey, in


YORKSHIRE. the 76th year of his age, the rev. E. Rouse, upwards of forty years vicar of Died.--Aged 72, the rov. John MetOthery and Middlezoy.

calfe, vicar of Fish Lake, and 45 years SURRY

resident curate of Kirby-Overblow. Died.- At Albury, aged 66, the rev.

Died.-At Burton Hall, the rev. ChrisW. Polhill, M.A. many years the respec- topher Wyvill. table rector of that parish.

MONTHLY LIST OF PUBLICATIONS. The Works of the Right Hon. Edmund Notes on the most illustrious Persons from Burke; containing Speeches in West whom our Lord descended ; and the Olyminster Hall, on the Impeachment of War- jections to the 11th and 42th verses of St. reu Hastings, Esq. together with the Re Matthew, chap. i. answered from all the port from the Committee to inspect the best Commentators. By Robert Berkley, Lords' Journals, and an Appendix. To Greene, of St. John's College, Cambridge. which is prefixed, an Introduction, .ad. 8vo. 2s. 6d. dressed to Lord Viscount Milton. By the Reasons for withdrawing from the HiBishop of Rochester. Vols. 13 and 14. bernian Bible Society, founded on the 8vo. . 11. 1s.

public Documents of that Institution, A Sermon preached at the Consecration By James Edward Jackson, M.A, Perpeof the King's Chapel, annexed to his Ma. tual Curate of Grange, near Armagh. 48. jesty's Pavilion at Brighton, January 1, A Selection from the Epistles of the 1822. By the Rev. Hugh Pearson, D.D. Apostle Paul, in Testimony of the Divinity of St. John's College, Oxford, Chaplain to of Christ, with Illustrations from the four bis Majesty and the Household at Brighton, Evangelists; and Reniarks by the AuPublished by his Majesty's Command. thor. 28. 18. od.

Contemplations on the last Discourses The Oxford University Calendar, for the of our blessed Saviour with his Disciples, Year 1892. 58. 6d.

as recorded in the Gospel of St. John. By Vindiciæ Analogicæ; a Letter to the the Rev. Jobo Brewster, M.A, Rector of Rev. Edward Copleston, D.D. Provost of Egglescliffe, Durham, 8vo, los.od. Oriel College, Oxford, &c. on his “ Inquiry Rivingtons' Annual Register ; or, into the Doctrines of Necessity and Pre. View of the History, Politics, and Literadestination.” By the Rev. E. W. Grin ture for the Year 1820. 8vo. 11, field, A.M. Minister of Laura Chapel, Hints towards the right Improvement Bath. 29. 6d.

of the present Crisis. By Joseph Jones, A Defence of some Passages in Dr. M.A. 8vo. 58. Copleston's Inquiry into the Doctrines of A Letter from an Irish Beneficed ClerNecessity and Predestination. By the gyman concerning Tithes. 8vo. Is. 6d. Rev. W. Dalby, Fellow and Tutor of Ex A Letter to Daniel K. Sandford, Esq. eter College, Oxford. 28. 6d.

Professor of Greek in the University of A newly invented Table for exhibiting Glasgow, in Answer to Strictures of the to the View, and impressing clearly on the Edinburgh Review on the Open College Memory, the Genealogy of our Lord and of Qxford. By a Member of a Close Col. Saviour Jesus Christ, as given by St. Mat- lege. 25. 6d. thew and by St. Luke; also the Differ The Canıbridge University Calendar for cuce of their Accounts explained ; with 1892. 63.

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