BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW.-The rev. hall; Thomas Cook Fowler, Jesus cola Joseph Stanfield, of Trinity college. lege ; John Robert Hopper, Christ col

The following is a list of Inceptors to lege; Henry John Pye, Magdalene colthe degree of Master of Arts on Friday lege ; Charles Wright, Emmanuel college; last :

George Brooks Legrew Hesse, EmmaWilliam Sidney Walker, fellow of Tri- nuel college ; Perry Nursey, Sidney Susnity college ; Henry Southern, of Tri sex college ; William Tilden, Sidney Susnity college ; rev. George Miles Cooper, sez college ; William Butt, Downing cola fellow of St. John's college; William lege. Mackworth Praed, fellow of St. John's March 22.-J. F. Isaacson and Eda college ; rev. William Richardson, St. ward Wilson, of St. John's college, were John's college ; Samuel Frederick Mil- elected University scholars on Dr. Boll's. ford, St. John's college ; Charles John foundation. Helyar, St. John's college ; rev. Charles March 26.–The election of a libraSmith, fellow of St. Peter's college ; Jo- rian of this University, in the room seph Cape, fellow of Clare hall ; rev. of the late Dr. Clarke, took place on Wm. Farley Wilkinson, fellow of Ben't; Tuesday last. The two candidates noJohn Holroyd, fellow of Catharine hall ; minated by the heads of Houses were, Joshua King, fellow of Queen's college ; the rev. John Lodge, M.A. fellon of Edmund Glyn Hamond, Jesics college ; Magdalen college, and the rev. James Edward Jobo Ash, fellow of Christ col- Clarke Franks, M.A. chaplain of Trilege.

nity college. At the close of the poll the April 18.

numbers were, for BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Samuel Tate

Rev. Joho Lodge .... 139 Benyon, Trinity college ; Benjamin Ifill,

Rev. J. C. Franks.... 113 Trinity college; William Penry Lendon, Trinity college ; Johu Hampden Tbels Majority in favour of rev. J. Lodge.. 26 wall, Trinity college ; George Ramsay, March 29.-H. N. Coleridge, osq. felTrinity college ; Martin Stapylton, Tri- low of King's college, was admitted Banity college, George Whitefoord, St. chelor of Arts. John's college ; Thomas Nayler, St. Lord Pelham, eldest son of the earl of John's college ; George Tomlinson, St Chichester, is admitted of Trinity college. John's college ; James Wollen, St. John's college ; T. Charles Boone, St. Peter's

ORDINATIONS. college ; John Penrice, St. Peter's col- The following gentlemen were ordainlege; George Ware, St. Peter's college ; ed by the Lord Bishop of Ely, at St. George James Berrey, Emmanuel college; George's church, Hanover-square, on George Blake, Emmanuel college. Sunday, March 31. April 24.

DEACONS.—Robert Beeboe Radcliff, DOCTOR IN DIVINITY,- Rev. Frede- B A. King's college, Cambridge ; Heory rick William Blomberg, St. John's col- Hannington, B.d. King's college, Camlege, residentiary of St. Paul's.

bridge ; George Fred. Nicholas, M.A. MASTERS OF ARTS. — Johp Elijah King's college, Cambridge ; Thomas CaBlunt, Trinity college ; Alexander Mal- dogan Willatts, M.A. Downing college, colm Wale, fellow of St. John's college; Cambridge ; Thomas Stratton CodringJames Samuel Upion, Catharine hall. ton, Brasennose college, Oxford; John

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. - Ralph Frewen Moor, B.A. Brasennose college, Bagot, St. Peter's college.

Oxford ; James Webster Huntley, B.A. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Evan Nepean, St. John's college, Cambridge ; Lord John Trinity college ; Tbomas Hutton Croft, Thynne, M . St. John's colleye, Cam. Trinity college ; Francis Thomas Ats bridge ; Thomas Horatio Walker, B.A. wood, Trinity college ; Joseph Scott, Oriel college, Oxford ; Thomas Meyler, Trinity college ; William Henry Barka B.A. Pembroke college, Oxford; John worth, Trinity college ; Robert Agassiz, Tupper Connor, Emmanuel college, Cam. Trinity college ; Henry Blanch Rosser, bridge ; Frederick Edward Pegus, B.A. Trinity college ; Henry Crafts, St. John's St. John's college, Oxford. college ; Gilbert Elliot, St. John's cole From the Bishop of Salisbury. lege; Augustus Granville Stapleton, St. Robert Wood, B.A. Clare hall, CamJohn's college ; Henry Jobn Earle, St. bridge ; Thomas Quarles, B.A. Exeler John's college ; John Thornton, St. college, Oxford. John's college í Henry Stebbing, St. From the Bishop of Norwich.

Thos. Jeffery Bumpsted, B.A. Queen's John's college, William Pasbley, St.

Thomas Newte Stevens, college, Oxford ; Henzell Gough, B.A. St. John's college ; Jobo Steward, Pem- St. John's college, Cambridge, George broke hall, Thomas Dale, Corpus Christi Cummins, B.A. St. John's college, Camcollege John Dodswortlı, Queen's col- bridge. lege, Joho Doughty Hepworth, Queen's From the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

PRIESTS.--Thomas Smith Turnbull, lege ; John Charles Williams, Catharine M.A. Caius college, Cambridge ; Charles


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Porter, B.A. Cains college, Cambridge ; ter's college, Cambridge ; Charles Sim. William Greenwood, M.A. Bene't col- mons, B.A. Trinity college, Cambridge; lege, Cambridge ; Joseph Dewe, B.A. John Fendall, B.Ă. Magdalene college, Queen's college, Cambridge ; John James Cambridge ; Thomas Hope, B.A. Univer: Blunt, M.A. St. John's college, Cam- sity college, Oxford ; William Henry bridge; George Skinner, M.Á. Jesus Cartwright, . Trinity college, 0.1-. college, Cambridge ; Joseph Studbolme, ford; John Clarke Jenkins, M.A. Lin." M.A. Jesus College, Cambridge ; William coln college, Oxford ; Hen. Reg. Chan. Twigg, M.A, Trinity college, Cambridge ; dos Pole, M. A. Št. Mary's hall, Oxford ; Robert Abercrombie Denton, B.A. King's William Bownas, B.A. Lincoln college, college, Cambridge ; Rich. Jenkin Stone, Oxford ; Henry Richards, B.A. Exeter Jesus college, Cambridge ; Charles Ec- college, Oxford; Richard Child Willis, kersall, B.A. Corpus Christi college, O.x- B.A. University college, Oxford ; John ford.

Dixon ; Thomas Benn; George Wil-
From the Bishop of Bath and Wells. son; Richard Ebenezer Leach; James
James Babb, B.Ă, Wadham college, Pearson ; William Owen.

April 14.
From the Bishop of Norwich.

At a private Ordination, held by the The followiog gentlemen were ordain. Lord Bishop of Hereford, in the cbapel ed by the right rev. the lord Bishop of of Winchester college, the following genChester, at St. Marylebone's church, on

tlemen were ordained :Sunday, March 31.

DEACONS.-E. P. Stock, B.A. MagdaPriests.-Henry Crewe Boutflower, len hall, Oxford ; T. E. Duncomb, B.A. B.1, St. John's college, Cambridge ; Wm. Exeter college, Oxford ; F. D. Williams, Thresher, B.A. St. John's college, Cam- B.A. Queen's college, Cambridge ; J. bridge ; Charles Craven, B.A. St. John's Robley, B.A. Trinity college, Cambridge. college, Cambridge ; Simeon Clayton,

PRIEST.-Rev. J. Crowther, B.A. Jesus B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge ; John college, Cambridge. Henry Breynton, B.A. St. John's college; Cambridge, Samuel James Allen, B.A,

The following gentlemen were ordainPembroke hall, Cambridge ; Wm. Har.

ed by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln on the bur, B.A. Christ college, Cambridge ;

same day, in the church of St. MaryleThomas Jones Crakelt, B.A. Trinity col- bone, London. lege, Cambridge ; George William Crau. DEACONS.—James Burdakin, B.A. felfurd, B.A. King's college, Cambridge ; low of Clare hall, Cambridge ; Henry John Carysfort Prohy, B.A. Trinity col Gordon, M.A. Exeter college, Oxford; lege, Cambridge ; James Lowther Sen. Charles Jepson, B.A. Trinity college, house, M.A. Trinity college, Cambridge ; Cambridge; William Kaye Hett, B.A. Anthony Plimley Kelly, Ž.A. Caius col- Lincoln college, Oxford ; George Gould, tege, Cambridge; Thomas May, B.A. B.A. University college, Oxford ; Robert Christ college, Cambridge ; Edw. White Fleetwood Croughton, B.A. Jesus colley, B.A. Jesus college, Cambridge ; H, lege, Cambridge ; George Maclear, B.A. Ch. de Crespigny, B.C.L. Trinity hall. Trinity college, Dublin ; Thos. WoodCambridge ; Joseph Harling, . Mag- cock Brown, B.A. St. John's college, dalen hall, Oxford ; Charles Mille, M.A. Cambridge ; William Mason, student of Merton college, Oxford ; John Stoupe Queen's college, Cambridge ; John PowWagstaffe, B.A. Lincoln college, Oxford; ley. John Venables Vernon, B.A. Christ From tke Bishop of Winchester. Church, Oxford; George Ernest How- Henry Locking, B.A. St. John's college, man, M.A. Baliol college, Oxford ; James Cambridge. Acland Templer, B.Ă. Merlon college, From the Archbishop of York. Oxford ; Robert Temple ; James Met- Edward Palmer ; William Maysmor. calfe ; Samuel Stanley Paris ; Thomas Priests.- Edmund Melvill, M.A. TriBruce.

nity college, Cambridge ; Charles Edward DEACONB.-John Edmund Carr, B.A. Kendal, B. Á. Trinity College, Crmbridge ; St. John's college, Cambridge ; James Peter Waltball, B.Ă. St. John's college, Bruce, B.A. St. Peter's college, Cam- Cambridge ; John Conington, B.A. Jesus bridge; William Oliver, B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge ; William Thompson, college, Cambridge ; John Hanbury, B.A. B.A. Trinity college, Cambridge ; WilSt. Peter's college, Cambridye ; Thomas liam Green, B.A. Queen's college, CamChapman, B.A. St. John's colleye, Cam- bridge ; William Dodsworth, B.A. Tribridge ; James Wollen, B.A. St. John's nity college, Cambridge. college, Cambridge ; John Edmund Ser. From the Bishop of Exeter. res, B.A. Queen's college, Cambridge ; George Tucker, s. C. L. Wadham colHenry Alford, B.A. Sidney Sussex col- lege, Oxford. lege, Cambridge ; John Nicholas Palmer, From the Archbishop of York. B.A. Pembroke hall, Cambridge ; Francis Thomas Thomas. Thomas Atwood, D.A. Trinity college, From the Bishop of Londos. Cambridge ; George Ware, B.X. St. Pe- William Bullock,


April 26.

Diod.-The rev. John Williams, vicar BACHELORS OF DIVINITY.-Rev. Chas. of Tested, Hants, and lecturer of ChisWightwick, M.A. fellow of Pembroke wick church for nearly twenty years. college ; rev. Wm. Morgan Kinsey, M.A.

HEREFORDSHIRE. fellow of Trinity college.

Married.--The rev. G. William Curtis, MASTERS OF ARTS.-John Ogle, fellow vicar of Leominster, to Caroline Georof Au Souls' college ; rev. Jobo Mere- giana, daughter of the rev. J. D. Perwether, Queen's college ; Edward Dick- Kins, chaplain in Ordinary to his Mainson Scott, taberdar of Queen's college ; jesty. hon. William Lennox Lascelles Fitz

KENT. gerald de Ros, student of Christ Church;

Died. - At Gillingham, Kent, in his rev. Henry Gipps, fellow of Worcester

84th year, the rev. H. Radcliffe, D.D. college.


Married.-At Walton church, the rev. ran, Christchurch; George John Ser

8. W. Perkins, M.A. of Wadham college, jeantson, Christ church.

Oxford, to Elizabeth, daughter of WilApril 23.-The venerable Charles God.

liam Perry, esq. dard, D.D. of Christ church, archdeacon

LINCOLNSHIRE. and prebendary of Lincoln, and chaplain

On the 17th of April tho rev. Felix in ordinary to his Majesty, was unani

Laurent, A.M. was unanimously elected mously elected to the lectureship found

master of the Grammar School, at Alford, ed by the rev. Canon Bampton, for the Lincolnshire. ensuing year.

Died. -- In his 63d year, the rev. Mr. Owen Anwyl Owen, of Jesus col

Charles Wakeman. lege, was elected scholar of that society.


Died. -- In Seething-lane, London,

aged 60, the rev. W. V. Ireson. BUCKS.

Died.--Aged 42, the rev. Charles GeMarried.–The rev. Richard Tomkyns, rard, curate of Allhallows, Lombardrector of Great Horwood, Bucks, and late street, and lecturer of St. Faiths. fellow of New college, Oxford, to Louisa,

NORFOLK. daughter of the rev. James Preedy, of Married. The rev. E. J. Howman, of Winslow.

Hockering, Norfolk, to Margaret, third DERBYSHIRE.

daughter of the late Nathaniel Davison, Died.-In the 69th year of his age, the esq: rev. George Bossley, M.A.

Died: At Weasenham, in the 83d year DORSETSHIRE.

of his age, the rev. Chas. Campbell. Married. - At Yetminster, the rev. Died. - In the 62d year of his age, the James Ayres, to Sarah, eldest daughter rev. George Boldero, of Martin Rainof Samuel Partridge, esq. surgeon. ham, Norfolk. ESSEX

Died.--At the advanced age of 89 Married. The rev. William Walford, years, the rev. Anthony Barwick, vicar rector of St. Runwald's, Colchester, to of Neatished and Horning. Mary Anne, second daughter of the rev,

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. H. Hutton, rector of Beaumont.

Married -At Cranford, Northampton. Died.-At Ardleigh, aged 67, the rev. M. Lugar.

shire, the rev. J. Lamb, M.A. master of Died.-The rev. Edward Conyers, vi- Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, to car of Epping, and of Walthamstow, Hutchinson, of the former place.

Anne, third daughter of the rev. B. Esser.

Died.–At Begbroke rectory, NorDied.-The rev. W. Wilson, B.D. rector of Moreton, Essex, and formerly fel thamptonshire, Henry Bagshaw Harrilow of St. John's college, Cambridge.

son, esq. B.A. student of Christ church

0.cford, and eldest son of the rev. Dr. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

Harrison. Married.—The rev. Charles Daven

OXFORDSHIRE. port, of Welford, Gloucestershire, to Ca- Married.--The rev. John Warburton, roline, daughter of the late C. Johnson, to Henrietta Anne, youngest daughter esq. of Birmingham,

of Sandford Palmer, Esq. Married. The rev. W. J. Gilbert, Died.--At Weston-on-the-Green, in M.A. to Amelia Auno, youngest daugh- his 66th year, the rev. James Yalden, ter of the rev. H. Quartley, M.A. vicar of that parish. Died.—The rev. James Watkins, 43

SOMERSET. years vicar of Marshfield, and formerly

Married. -At Soutbstoke, the rey. F. Jellow of New college, Oxford.

C. Johnson to Emma Frances, daughter HANTS. Died. At his residence in St. Thomas of Thomas Brooke, esq.

Died.-At Bath, the rev. Edmund Butstreel, Winchester, the rev. Carey Gaunt lett,

cher, late of Sidmouth, Devon.

Dled.--At Wortham, aged 70, the rov.
G. Belts, LL.B.

Died. -- At Claydon, aged 82, the rev.
C. M. Haynes, LL.B. 56 years vicar of
Damerham, Wilts.

Married. The rev. Henry Moore, of

Tachbrook, Warwich, to Rebecca Har-
riet, youngest daughter of the late L
Huntington, esq.

Died. At the vicarage house, Mere,
in the 33d year of his age, the rev. R.
W. Howell, M.A.

MONTHLY LIST OF PUBLICATIONS. A Letter to His Grace the Lord Primate Sermons on the Public Means of Grace, of Ireland, on the Manner in which Chris- the Fasts and Festivals of the Church, on tianity was taught by our Saviour and his Scripture Characters, and various practical Apostles. By George Miller, D.D. Subjects. By the late Right Rev. TheoM.R.J.A. Rector of Derryvoylan, and dore Dehon, D.D. Rector of St. Michael's Master of the Royal School of Armagh. Chorch, Charleston, and Bishop of the 8vo. 2s,

Protestant Episcopal Church in the DioA Necessary Doctrine and Erudition cese of South Carolina. Together with or any Christian Youth. Set forth in a some Account of the Author, and a Sermon Series of Sunday School Lectures, with a preached on Occasion of his Death. 2 vols. Catechism or Preaching Conference on 8vo. 11. 1s. the Doctrive and Principles of the Church An Inquiry whether the Disturbances in of Christ, adapted to each Lecture. To Ireland bave originated in Tithes, or can which is prefixed, a View of the Progress be suppressed by a Commutation of them.. of popular Education from the Reforma By S. N. 28. 60. tion to the present Time. By J. Trist, The Broad Stone of Honour, or Rules A.M. Vicar of Veryan, Cornwall. 4 vols. for the Gentlemen of England. 1zmo. 12mo, 11. 4s.

78. 6d.

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cies. By the Author of the British Bota Hortus Anglicus ; or, the inodern Eng- nist: will soon be ready. lish Garden: containing an easy Descrip- Eighteen Sermons, intended to establisha tiop of all the Plants which are cultivated the inseparable Connection between the in the Climate of South Britain, either for Doctrines and the Practice of Christianity, Use or Ornament, and of a Selection from are now printing in a small Volume, and the established Favourites of the Stove and will appear in a few Days. They will be Greenhouse; arranged according to the dedicated, by Permission, to the Bishop of System of Linnæus; including his generic St. David's. and specific Characters : with Remarks on The Sixth Part of the Encyclopædia the Properties of the more valuable Spe- Metropolitana will be published in June.

POLITICAL RETROSPECT. Tue attention and curiosity of our hopes rest upon the very circumpoliticians bas been forcibly excited stance which would make war alarmby the question of peace or war ing. Its effects would be so extenbetween Russia and Turkey; and the sive, so complicated, and so doubtnews of the last month threatens to ful, that every portion of the great incline the scale in favour of those republic would run a formidable who think hostilities inevitable. It risk, and none could anticipate is probable, that a war once com- certain advantage. menced, will spread, and that every Supposing monarchs to be as 00-. nation in Europe will be compelled principled as their greatest enemies ultimately to take a part in it: the have represented them, what have anxiety manifested upon the subject they to gain by involving the conti. is not unreasonable.

nent in war? Russia cannot suppose For our own parts, however, we that she will be allowed to extend are still very sanguine in our hopes her European territories unless she

a protracted peace, and those purchases the acquiescence of Aus

tria and Prussia, Austria could not who administers the one and premaintain her Italian provinces for a serves the other without respect to twelvemonth if the French declared party, politics, or private feeling. themselves in favour of indepen. She even wants our parish constadence. And whatever may be said bles, who are useful men in their by croakers about the exhausted way; and without whom we should state of this country, her power is find very formidable difficulties in known and dreaded all over the the management of property, and world, and the Emperor of Russia the execution of the law. How nebimself would be very unwilling to



persons are to the wel. provoke her.

If, therefore, we fare of a free country, is known to should admit that war is called for every one; but how they are to be by two powerful advocates, the am- produced in a country where they bition of a despot, and the blind are not indigenous, how they are to fury of a mob; on the other hand, be forced into existence by Catholic we must remember that it is depre- Emancipation, is a secret which has cated by more mediators than we not been discovered by Mr. Plunkett have leisure to enumerate. The or Mr. Grant, and which threatens great and the small powers of old to be too difficult for Lord Wellesley Europe are equally desirous to keep himself. the peace. Their people have not We are glad to find that the gerecovered from the last encounter; neral repeal of the Anti-Catholic their treasuries are empty; their statutes is not to be brought forarmies disbanded; and pacific pur- ward this year; and a legislative suits bave been encouraged, and are body, which adnits the impolicy of beginning to prosper. Is it possible granting the whole of what is asked, that all this should be upset and can never consent to deal out its changed by the angovernable tem. favours in patches and shreds. Such per of a Muscovite and a Turk? a measure would at once expose us

The principal domestic topics of to all the danger, and prevent our discussion to which the last month receiving the least portion of the has given birth are the state and expected advantage. The hopes of prospects of Ireland, and the re- the Catholics would be kept alive form which has been proposed in by what they obtained, and what the House of Commons. On the was withheld would be a sufficient first subject, we were happy to find ground for their irritation. more unanimity than usual among Mr. Plunkett has characterized the senators who take a leading part the present insurrection as a war in Irish business. But the pleasure

But the pleasure against property, wheresoever it may is of course materially abated by be found. A similar description hearing that such men agree in their was adopted in this journal four descriptions of the sister island ; months ago; but the inference and are unprepared with any mea- which we then drew, and which still sure for immediate relief. Ireland appears to be correct, was very does not merely stand in need of different from that which is made new laws, but she wants new men by Mr. Plunkett. He conlends that to execute them. She wants poble- the war is not of a religious nature, men in every county, who possess because its object is the destruction the same power and influence, and of property. But if this property, exert them with the same discretion, in a vast majority of instances, be as the English Lord Lieutenants. in Protestant hands, and the motive She wants our sheriffs, and our lead- for destroying it be that it ought ing country gentlemen, who are not to continue there, then the war always at their post, and are neither against lands and houses, and the to be frightened or bribed. She war against the Established Church, wants our ordinary justice of peace, are carried on at one and the same

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