The Serinon " on Spiritual Va- natural inclination, as it is delayed nity” is introduced with some just till sins have become habitual, till observations on the case of the the sinner has become partial to young man who professed to have himself, and till the nature of iekept the commandments from his pentance itself is disguised ; and 3. youth, and asked in what he was The reasons for which God

appears yet deficient. Hence the preacher to have so much regard to penitent enlarg on the opinion which reli- sinners as may be thought to exgious persons are too prone to en. ceed his love to those who have tertain of their own performances, never offended. Hence we should and on the vanity of monks and learn to contemplate the difficulty ascetics iu seekiog for fanciful rules of repentance, and the graciousness of perfection. He concludes with of the divine forgiveness, and of the maintaining, that the plain paths assistance of the Holy Spirit. are the most secure, because God To the Sermons is annexed “ will assist those that obey him; Appeudix, containing a scheme of that the known path leads most the Arminian, Calvinistic, and interdirectly to the end; that nothing mediate doctrines respecting God' should interfere with duty; and decrees and human salvation, with that there is a necessity for frequent observations on each system.” These self-examination. There are several observations are generally attributed passages in this Sermon which our to the Bishop, and are considered limits forbid us to extract.

by the editor “ of an importance The Sermon “ on Spiritual Wis. sufficient to justify their appearance dom" is founded on the text James in their present place.” They are iii. 17. containing six characters of distinguished by temper and discri. heavenly wisdom. Confornrity with mination, and will be a useful sumthese characters is the test of true mary in the hands of those who religion, which does not consist in have not access to more elaborate any of the modifications of super- treatises, and who wish to possess stition.

their minds with a distinct view of The last Sermon is “ on Repent. the leading points of the controance." The parable of the Prodigal versy. The Bishop's argument Son affords occasion of considering, agrees with the Scriptures; it neces1. What repentance is; 2. What sarily corresponds with the doctrine are its difficulties, as it opposes the of the Church of England.


Church, Frome, from Gal. vi. 9.--" Let us

not be weary in well-doing, for in due Bath and Wells Diocesan Asso. time we shall reup, if we faint not."ciation.

The preacher began his discourse with

pointing out the importance of Religion On Thursday last, the Annual General -first, as it concerns the individual, and Meeting of this Association took place, secondly, as it becomes him to impart it (according to the order of established ro to others. He enlarged on the many adtation), at the town of Frome. A nu vantages held out in this respect by the merons and most respectable body of Society for Promoting Christian KnowClergy and Laity proceeded from the as- ledge, which most eminently entitled all

room at eleven o'clock, to attend engaged in its designs to be considered as divine service at the Parish Church, untearied in the cause of well doing: where a sermon was preached by the Rev. He then took a comprehensive view of



the means afforded for attaining these fying portion of the General Report. ends—whether by the circulation of the The number of poor children which will Holy Scriptures by the diffusion of the

appear in the printed details, as receiving Book of Common Prayer-by Religious sound Church of England edncation in Publications—or by the establishment of this Diocese, under the heads of Daily Parochial Libraries, &c. in all such and Sunday Scholars, are very nearly ways we were undonbtedly doing well in 20,000. Last year, the returned amount the sense of the Apostle. He concluded scarcely exceeded 17,000. There is, at his excellent discourae by earnestly en the same time, still reason to believe, from treating all the Members of the Society the many parochial omissions even now to continue ou wearied in the cause-at a complained of, that this large number time, when the emissaries of infidelity falls considerably short of the actual were so indefatigable in their exertions. amount which future Reports, it is hoped, The effect of this discourse was apparent will present to the Diocese. Such arfrom the large collection made in the

rangements were adopted at this meeting, Church in behalf of the Diocesan Fund, at the suggestion of the Rev, Secretary, which exceeded that of any previous for the appointment of gentlenien to act year.

in various parts of each Deanery, in the After divine service, the Meeting was cap.icity of Assistant Secretaries, as will, beld in the chancel of the Church, in no doubt, ensure fulness and accuracy in consequence of its being found inconve. the futare School returns of the Assonient to hold it in the assemby-room, and ciation. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester was called The dinner at the George Inn was afto the chair. The Annual Report, pre tendeid by nearly fifty gentlemen, the pared and read by the Rev. Wm. B. Bishop filling the chair at the head, and

Wbitehead, Vicar of T'wiverton, the Dio. tlic Diocesan Secretary triat at the bottom cesan Secretary, presented the Meeting of the table. In the course of the everwith highly gratifying details of insproved ing, Sir C. Hippisley, in a manly and resources and increasing exertions and eloquent speech, called the attention of "success. The circulation of the Bible, the

the meeting to the present state of the Prayer Book, and of the varions excellent Catholic Question, and while he professed explanatory, moral and religious Publica

the same liberal principles of Christian tious of the Parent Society in this Dio- toleration, which have always distincese, during the past year, was announced guished his public life, lie pledged him. to liave exceeded that of most former years. self that, if alive at the time, he would Under the head of Common Prayer endeavour to give the County of Somerset * Books, more especially, this has been the

an opportunity of declaring its opposition 'case, --a fact, which called forth many to the enactment of any future law that pointed congratnlatory observations from may be proposed, inconsistent with the ihe Right Rev. Chairman, as demonstrative entire security of the English Church of a growing spirit of pure devotion, and und State, This pledge was received of sound religious attachments in the ex with apparently manimous approbation. tensive Diocese of Bath and Wells.

The company departed, many of them The successful action of the new Bath for their distant homes, at a very early District Depository, in Kingston-build- bour, ings, formed an interesting feature of the Report ; this establishment is likely, in Extracts from the Third Report of future, either immediately to supply tlie

the Livirpool District Committee. wants of the other Associated Districts, or to be adopted by them as a model for “ It is with considerable pleasure that similar institutions. The value also of the Liverpool District Committee now the Town Lending Library, attached to proceed to observe, that the sixccess, which tiie Depository, was also forcibly dwelt has hitberto accompanied their endeavours upon and acknowledged. The results of to forward the benevolent views of the improved zeal appeared most conspicu- Parent Society, has been such as will, they ously in the Reports from the Taunton, trust, be highly satisfactory to the Sab

Dunster, and Crewkerne Districts, as scribers, and Friends of the Institution. compared with former years. The Dis. Since the publication of their last Report, trict subscriptions were reported to have there has been an accession of 19 new generally increased, notwithstanding the members to the Parent Society, and of 84 pressure of the times.

Subscribers to the District Fund. And The Parochial School returns formed, the Committee have also great satisfaction however, upon the whole, the snost grati. in stating that, through the exertions of the

...D. 200




Rer. Ē. Ashton, the Incumbent of Huyton, their power, the Schools within the Disa Branch Society lias been formed in that Irict, and in connexion with the EstablishParish, to which the noble family of ed Church, with the Elementary Publica. Knowsley have kindly extended their pa tions of the Society. Of the Schools which tronage.

have been thus assisted by the Committee, Convinced of the necessity and impor. together with the punber of children edutauce of early instruction, the Committee, cated in each of them, the following list, in conformity with the practice and wishes for the satisfaction of the Subscribers, is of the Parent Society, have, at all times, subjoined. been anxious to supply, as far as was in


Girls, Town.
Blae Coat Hospital, Liverpool, .D.* 200 80 2:0
Workhouse Schools, do...

.D. 250 250 500
School, do..
..D. 461

St. James's
do. do..
D. 70

do. do....

180 330
Hunter-street do. do..... D. 180 120 300
St Andrew's do. do.... D. 160 130 280


95 95
Everton & Kirkdale do.

.D. 100 108 208
St. Matthew's do. do...

S. 86 86 172
St. Mark's
do. do..

S. 58 · 90 148
Edge Hill


30 30
West Derby
D. 70

Wavertree, two

D. 68 34 102
St. Michael's do. Toxteth Park,.. S.




S. 40 44 84

S. 25 25 50

S. 200 180 380

D. 100 50 150

D. 50 30 60


D. 76 77 153


D. & S.



: Total

4537 * D signifies Day School, and S Sunday School. Thus has the benefit of the Society's An application was likewise maile to the Publications been extended by the Com. Committee, by the Commander of the mittee, as the foregoing account will shiew, Convoy which sailed from this Port some to nearly Thirty Schools in this Town and time ago, with Seitlers to the Cape of Goud neighbourhood, in which upwards of four Hope, for a supply of Books for their use; thousand five hundred Children, are now 25 Prayer-Books, 447 Tracts and School, receiving the advantages of a Christian books, together with a set of Cards, were Education ; than which a greater blessing immediately granted them by the Comcannot be conferred either on thenu or ou mittee.

On the subject of Parochial Lending It having been represented to the Com. Libraries, the Committee deemit necessary mittee, that an essential service might be to observe, that though they highly aprendered to the sick poor in the Liverpool prove of the nature and end of these inInfirmary, by selecting for their use such stitutions, yet they, at the same time, of the Society's Publications as were best lament the impracticability of forming siich adapted to their situation and circumstan an establishment in this extensive Parisli, ces; a gratuitous distribution of Bibles, by reasou of its immense population which Prayer-Books, and Tracts, to ao amount would, necessarily, prevent the proposed pot exceeding Ten Pounds, was, in conse plan from being carried to such an extent, quence, made, hy order of the Committee as would render it generally useful. They, throughout the several Wards of the Lufir. however, strongly recommend these Estamary for the benefit of the Patients, blishments to the notice of the less popuREMEMBRANCER, No. 44.




Jons Parishes in the neighbourhood, in Bronght forward con£63 17 03 which they would be eminently useful : and St. Peter's do....... 19 12 104 the Committee will be ready to give every St. Matthew's do.......

9 1 assistance in their power towards the St. Nicholas's do....... 15 0 formation of them whenever it may be St. George's do, Everton.. 28 9 6 required.

Formby do.....

3 0 0 The extraordinary demand for the Soci. ety's publications at the Depository, hav

£127 8 6 ing occasioned a considerable diminution of the District Fund, the Committee again Of the foregoing collections, one-third requested the Clergy in the Town and of the amount, 421. 9s. 6d. was remitted neighbourhood of Liverpool to recommend to the Parent Society, agreeably to its the Society from the pulpit, or in such regulations, as a Benefaction for general other way as they should deem most ad- purposes. visable, to the benevolence of their re For the information of the Subscribers spective congregations. Sermons were, and friends of this Institution, and that consequently, preached, and colections they may be enabled to form a just idea of made, in aid of the District Fund, in the its great and local utility, the following following Churches :

statement is given of the number of the

£. s. d. Society's Publications which have been cir. St. Philip's Church......

45 16 6 culated throughout this Town and its viciSt. Thomas's do...

0 61 nity, from the first opening of the Depo

sitory in May 1816, to the 31st of Dec. Carry forward, ...., 63 17 0; 1821.

Books distributed by the District Committee.


[blocks in formation]

LEICESTER ASSOCIATION. of the measures that have been instituted

in each separate District. And in openExtracts from the First Annual Re- ing this account with a statement of the

port of the Association for the support conferred on the Society for ProCounty of Leicester, of Members moting Christian Knowledge by the opuof the Society for Promoting lent and well-disposed Inhabitants of the Christian Knowledge, and of the County of Leicester, they derive considerincorporated Society for the Pro- able satisfaction from the high, dignified, pagation of the Gospel in Foreign forded to that Society throughout the

respectable, and general countenance afParts: read at the Annual Meet- County at large. The following is the ing of that Association, held at number of SUBSCRIBING MEMBERS to the Leicester on Tuesday, Sept. 18, Parent Society throughout the respective 1821.

Deaneries: viz. “ The Association of Members of the

In the Deanery of Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and of the Incorporated Society for Ackley

101 the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Christianity, or Leicester.. Parts, resident within the County of Lei

Framland and Goscote.... cester; otter to the Public the following Gartree.... details of their proceedings in relation to


14 the above Societies, since their united and Sparkenhoe

13 general connection with them.

“ The County Association proceed to Making a Total throughout slate through their Committce, the details the County of

21 36 29


-nd to the local objects of the District regulations. With regard to Local Depo. Committees,

sitories of Books, not only was one esta. In the Deanery of

blished for the convenience and advantage Ackley

23 of the County Town and its vicinity at the Gartree..

67 General Meeting held in April last, but in Sparkenhoe

the Deaneries of Ackley and Gartree De

positories have been opened for some time; Making a total of.... 112 the former since April, 1819, the latter « The consequence of this extensive sup- since 1815, with considerablé nsefulness port and encouragement afforded to the and effect: and one is on the point of being Society's proceedings, has been the esta- established for the Deanery of Sparkenhoe. blishment of District Committees, and Lo- The arrangements of the Gartree Deanery cal Depositories of the Society's publica- in particular, which appear well calculated tions, both in the County Town, and in to give efficiency to this branch of the Soother Districts. In the Deaneries of Acke eiety's designs, will be found in the Apley, Christianity, Framland and Goscore, pendix. Gartree, and Guthlaxton Committees bave " The next circumstance to be detailed been opened and established under high in the proceedings of District Committees, and general support: having their respec. is the distribution of Books which has taken tive Presidents, Treasurers, and Secreta- place in each of them respectively: and as ries, for the purpose of ready and immediate no formal statement on this head has ever communication with the Parent Society: been presented to the County on any forand in the Deanery of Sparkenhoe a Com. mer occasion in a collective shape, it may mittee is on the eve of being formed, under be interesting to give the total, as far as it circumstances not less favourable, and for has been ascertained and communicated purposes precisely the same. Thus the by each District Secretary, since the first whole County will shortly be, both in form establishment of the Committees. The and in substance, connected with the So result of the account thus collected is as ciety in London by means of these local follows:

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