derstanding and heart that he has nion can be reasonably or safely declared himself to entertain for formed. those of his reviewer, that is, they The Doctor concludes by promust have “no exalted idea of posing to auswer our Review of Dr. either.” P. 65. But smoke and Chalmers “ as soon as a sufficient dust are sure to show from what number of subscribers shall be proquarter the wind blows; and of the cured." We know not whether the religious state of a colony in which subscription has filled or failed; but this pamphlet could be published in the former case we shall be grateful by subscription, no flattering opi. for a presentation copy of the work.


MONTHLY REGISTER. Society for Promoting Christian clares his readiness to promote the objects Knowledge.

of the Society to the utmost of his powe The Report of the Society for Pro “ From the depôt at Calcutta, schools, moting Christian Knowledge, for barracks, hospitals, and other public es1821, is just printed; we extract tablishments

, continue to be supplied with the following passages from that books. The Church at Dum Dum has part which relates to their foreign with an ample quantity of Bibles and

been provided by the Rev. Dr. Parisk proceedings.

Prayer Books for the free use of the con“ A most satisfactory Report has been gregation, Candidates for the late confir. received from Calcutta, dated in January, matiou were also supplied with books 1822. The Committee in that Archdea- from Calcutta ; and the Committee report conry have established depôts in different that the general demand for elementary parts of Bengal for the more convenient works is rapidly increasing. distribution of books. At Cawnpore, a “ In the year 1821, the number of books Station-Committee has been formed by received at Calcutta was 10,822, of which the zealous exertions of the Rev. H. L. 5,885 had been sold, or gratuitously distri. Williams, which has met with great en buted. Lending Libraries have been parcouragement and suceess, and has already tially established in this Presidency, and been the means of dispersing 1967 books of appear to bave given great satihfactiou to different descriptions. From the depôts those who take an interest in the moral and at Dacca and Chiltagong a very consider- religious improvement of the country. It is able number of books has also been issued determined that the Libraries shall conunder the judicions care of the Rev. Mr. sist of a complete set of the bound books, Tayler. From Dinapore, the Rev. E. amounting to 42 volumes, and of the Brodie has sent a remittance to Calcutta works admitted on the Supplemental Cata. arising from the sale of books; and at logue." P. 33. Meerut, the Rev. H. Fisher has underta “ The report of the Schools in Bengal ken the management of the depôt, abd is is highly encouraging. The children make only waiting the arrival of a large con. much greater proficiency thap beretofore, signment of books from England to reple, and the value of instruction is now more nish the stores of that station,

duly estimated. In the Russapugly cir“ In other parts of the Presidency where cle the school at Beltollak having become Station-Committees bave not been estab nntenantable through damp, the children lished, private individuals have entered have been united with those at Chuckerainto the views of the SOCIETY with exem baree, and the school has been removed plary zeal and spirit. G. Saunders, Esq. to Talliagunge, where a piece of ground has kindly undertaken to distribute books has been rented on a pottah (or lease) for at Agra, particula ly among the European ten years. In Cossipore district a third soldiers of the artillery. Great assistance school has been opened at Outtur Panah, has also been derived from the generous on the Barrackpore road, which was ocexertions of Lieut. F. Candy, a subscri- cupied within a few days after its comple. bing Member. He urges the necessity of tion by upwards of 100 children. A fourth printing Tracts in the Oordoo language school will shortly be opened at Chitpore, in the Persian character, which is gene- where a large nunber of children are waitrally understood by patives of education ing for admission.' over the whole of Hindostan ;' and de “ The Committee bave also taken a large

school at Barripore under their care, and purest ages of the Church; and will not have erected a school-house at their own only be memorable in the records of this expence. They have received from the Society, but in the annals of Christianity Marchioness of Hasting's a poitah of the itself. school ground at Barrackpore, and ex “ The Report details, at considerable press their high sense of her Ladyship’s be- length, the measures which have been nevolence, in the support and patronage adopted for restoring the Missionary esof the school.

tablishment at Vipery to an efficient “This Committee have resolved to appro- state." P. 37. priate a part of their funds to printing religious Tracts in the native languages for Deaneries of Warwick and Kineton. the use of schools. The Discourses, the Miracles, and the Parables of our Saviour,

Report. The Committee have the saas extracted from the New Testament, tisfaction to Report, that the operations bave been chosen for this purpose : and

of the Society appear to be exciting a will soon be printed in Hisdostanee, (Nus

more general interest within the District taleeg character); in Hindooe, (Nagree); and Neighbourhood, than they have and in Bengalee, according to existing hitherto done. An increasing zeal is matranslations. It is proposed to print 2000 nifested both by the Clergy and Laity, in copies of each work in these several cha. supplyivg the Poor with the Society's racters, so that the whole impression will Books, for which the demand during the amount to 18,000 copies.

last year has been very extensive. The “A commanication has been received number of Bibles and Testaments which from the Bishop, dated August 4, 1821, bave been sold, as well as other Books in which he expresses an earnest wish that and Tracts, calculated to disseminate the schools in Bengal may be placed un

sound Doctrines, and to further Religions der the care of Missionaries, as far better Education and Instruction, must matequalified for the task of instruction than rially tend, under Providence, to aid the ordinary school-masters. In the northern great cause of Religion and Virtue; wliile aud southern suburbs of Calcutta, are

the call for Prayer Books, which has been schools which particularly require such su.

especially gratifying, justifies the Comperintendence ; and at Noacollij, in the

mittee in expressing a conviction, that south-eastern part of Bengal, the assis

their efforts are promoting an increased tance of a Missionary would be eminently attendance on, and attachment to the useful. In tiie latter place a body of long. Established Church, and have been the neglected Cliristians has been discovered, means of rendering her beautiful Liturgy but little removed from Paganism; and al- betier understood and more highly vathough schools are already formed with a

lued. special view to their improvement, an able

The pumber of Books issued from the instructor is indispensibly requisite to Depositories, exclusive of what have been give effect to these establishments." P. 35. procured by Members of the Parent So.

“ In the early part of the present year ciety, immediately from London, arean excellent Report was received from the

Other District Committee at Madras. This,

Testa- Prayer Books and perhaps, is one of the most important and

Bibles, ments, Books, Tracts, interesting documents which has ever been

Stratford, 126 200 441 presented to the Board. It comprises a

Warwick, 114 66 312 very clear abstract of the proceedings of the Society in the Carnatic, from the year

Total 240 266 753 About 3000 1710 to the present day. Much of the in Few Lending Libraries have at present formation contained in this Report, has been established, owing, as it would seem, already been laid before the public, at dif- to the snall size of the Parishes, in geneferent times, in a less regular and authen- ral, through the Districts; but the Comtic forin; but infinite credit is due to the mittee are much pleased to notice that seMadras Committee for having collected veral of the Clergy keep by them a conmaterials so widely scattered, and thus gi. siderable number of the Society's Books ven a clear and comprehensive sketch of and Tracts, (purchased at their own exthe state of Christianity in the south of In- pense,) which they lend out to their dia. It may, indeed, be affirmed, with. Parishioners; and thus, virtually, a Lendout presumption, that the zeal, judgment, ing Library is, in many places, provided and ability, displayed at Madras since for the Poor, although it has not the name the establishment of the District Commit of a regnlar establishment. In order, howtee in August 1815, are worthy of the ever, to promote the more general formation REMEMBRANCER, No. 48,

5 E


the last year.

of Lending Libraries, the Committee have Vepery Mission School of the Society for passed a Resolution, in which they offer promoting Christian Knowledge. The to bear one half of the First Cost of such Boys and Girls of the English and Tamil Library, i. e. they will furvish any Parish Schools were first assembled in the within the Deaneries, with a Lending Li. Vepery Church, where they were exabrary at one balf the prime cost of the mioed in their religions exercises, the forBooks.

mer by the Rev. W. Thomas, Senior Most satisfactory Returns have been Chaplain, who obligingly presided at this received from about 20 Parishes, includ part of the duty of the day, and the latter ing the Boroughs of Warwick and Strat- by the Rev. Dr. Rottler and the Rev. L. ford-on-Avon, of the children educated in P. Haubroe. The correctness of the Eng. Schools supplied wholly or in part with lish classes, both of boys and girls, in anthe Books of the Society. The results swering the questions of the Church Cate

cbism, and the distinctness and good emBoys.

782 phasis with which they read, were parGiris..

778 ticularly remarked; as were likewise the

tinency with which the Tamil girls read Total... 1560 the elementary books prepared in their It is presumed this does not compre

own language for progressive learning, bend a return of more than two-thirds of according to the system of the National the number so educated in the Deaneries.

School Society. The number of Annual Subscribers to

The children then adjourned to their the Parent Society in the two Districts, is

several stations in the School rooms. The 71-of which 6 have been added duing girls in the English school exhibited to

the Visitors their reading and writing The Subscribers to the District Funds lessons, and their needle work, which was are as follows:

observed to be all of the plain and useful

kind. The different classes were inspected Warwick District.

in their tasks of writing on sand, spelling, Subscribers of 1l. 1s....... 37

reading and writing, Dr. Bell's system 19

having been introduced as well in the -56

Tamil as the English school, and cards STRATFORD DISTRICT.

and books printed for their use. ParticaSubscribers of 11, 1s. ....... 12

lar notice was attracted by the industrious of 10s. 6d. and 10s. 17

class of Tamil girls employeil in cleaning Total...


cotton, spinning thread and knitting.Total number of Subscribers to the

Samples of their work were laid on a table, Warwick and Stratford Districts

with specimens of books bound at the inFand.....


stitution. The printing press was found The small comparative uumber of Sub- actively engaged. scribers to the Stratford District is ex The examination was attiended by seplained, by observing that the Fund of veral families who were luighly gratified that District, which was, in the first in with the interesting scene they witnessed. stance, most liberal, was raised chiefly by The children were all remarkably clean Donations; but a Resolution has been and healthy; and their rapid progress in lately passed, soliciting the subscription useful acquirements, their orderly beof small sams, instead of occasional Dona. haviour, reflected the highest credit on tions, the Committee entertaio the best their venerable pastor the Reverend Dr. hopes that their next Returns will furnish Rottler, and his able and indefatigable coa much more numerous list of Annual Sub- adjutor the Reverend Mr. Haubroe. scribers.

The revival of this late neglected inThe Committee close their Report with stitution, with the great improvements in a confident hope that their statement will the system of tuition, and in the increase be deemed satisfactory, and that the good of the school in the course of two years cause of the Society will continne to re from about forty children to nearly three ceive that liberal aid, in the Disiricts,

hundred cannot fail to prove a blessing of which can alone enable the Committee to the most important kind to the populous carry its great and benevolent designs into neighbourhood in which it is situated. execution. John BOUDIER, Secretary. Society for the Propagation of the

Vepory Mission School,

In consequence of a circular letter adOn Saturday the 22d Instant was held dressed to the District Committee of the the second annual examination of the Society for Promoting Christian Know

of 10s, 6d......


edge, at Bromley, in Kent, by the So- Clergy and other members of the Estabciety for the Propagation of the Gospel in lished Church. Foreigu Parts, a District Committee, in 2. That such support is at this time aid of this Corporation, has also been especially requisite, to further the intendformed at that place. The Lord Bishop ed operations of the Suciety in British of Rochester being most anxious to pro North America, at the Cape of Good mote the excellent designs of this char Hope, and in New Hollland, to which the tered Society of the Church of England, a existing funds of the Society are wholly sermon, by his Lordship's permission, was inadequate, after the wise appropriation preached ou Sunday, 24th November, at of the whole amount of the collections Bromley Church, recommending the pur made under the king's letter in 1819, to poses of that Institution, by the Reverend the maintenance and support of the bishop's H. H. Norris, Prebendary of Llandaff, &c. college for the education of missionaries

This sermon was beard by the Lord and catechists at Calcutta. Bishop of Rochester, and a very numerous 3. That a district committee be now and respectable congregation, with the formed, to be called the Conimittee of the most marked attention and effect. The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in collection amounted to 441. 16s. 6d. Foreign Parts for the Deanery of Heding

We are induced to hope that the Lord bam, for the purpose of making the operaBishop of Rochester, having already re tions and objects of the society more gecommended to his Clergy within the nerally known, and of collectivg, receive Bromley district, to advocate this impor- ing, and remitting, all annual subscriptant cause, will extend the recommenda tions and benefactions in aid of the sotion to all places of considerable popula- ciety's designs. tion and opulence within his diocese, and 4. That all subscribers of half-a-guinea, that they will adopt the method of which or of any larger sum annually, and all con. bis Lordship has given thein so good and tributors of five guineas or upwards, be bepeticial an example, at Bromley Church, members of this committee. For the unwearied efforts of other societies 5. That this committee do always meet not so closely connected with our eccle on the days appointed for the meeting of siastical polity, in the opinion of some the committee of members of the Society of our most judicious friends, greatly for Promoting Christian Knowledge withstrengthen the call, which is now made in the Deanery of Hedingham, viz. on the upon the sober-mioded and steady friends Jast Monday in February, and on the last of the Church of England, for increased Monday in August. exertion in this most sacred cause, and we 6. That the Rev. H. Davies Morgan shall then most probably find that the and the Rev. Lewis Way be appointed powerful claims of the Society for the secretaries of this committee. Propagation of the Gospel will justly en 7. That the Clergy of the deanery be joy a much larger share of the unexampled particularly requested to make known and liberality of our public charities than it at to promote as much as possible, the ob. present possesses.

jects of this committee, and to commu

nicate to the secretaries the names of perHedingham District Committee.

sons who may be disposed to become subAta Special Meeting of the Commit. scribers or benefactors to the society. tee of Members of the Society for Pro 8. That all subscriptions and benefacmotivg Christian Knowledge within the tions be paid to the secretaries. Deanery of Hedingham, holden at Castle 9. That all annual subscriptions be conHedingham, Oct. 28, 1822, it was unani sidered as commencing on the first day of mously agreed,

January in every year: aud that the first 1. That the Society for the Propagation annual subscription commence on the first of the Gospel in Foreign Parts is entitled, day of January 1823. on account of its zealous and successful ex 10. That a copy of these resolutions be ertions in the maintenance and advance transmitted to the Rev. Anthony Hamilment of pure Christianity, to general gra ton, secretarry of the society, for the purtitude and patronage, and merits in a par pose of being laid before the general ticular degree tire liberal support of the board.

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Checse, B. B.D. fellow of Baliol college, Essex ; patrons, the MASTER AND FEL-
Oxford, to the rectory of Tendring, LOWS OF THAT SOCIETY.

Coulcher, W. B. to the rectory of Bawsey, BACHELOR OF ANTS.-J. Folliott, Pem.

Norfolk; patron, P. HAMMOND, esq. broke college. of Westacre High House.

November 4. Flower, W. jun. chaplain of York Castle, The hon. E. Lascelles and Mr. G.

to the incumbent curacy of Malton; Inge, B.A. of Christ church, and Mr. W. patron, EARL FITZWILLIAM.

Heathcote, B.A. of Oriel college, were Hatch, C. B.A. fellow of King's college, elected fellows of All Souls college.

Cambridge, to the perpetual curacies The rev. N. T. Ellison, M.A. fellox of of Kersey and Lindsey, Suffolk; patrons, Baliol college, has been appointed, in the PROVOST AND FELLOWS OF THAT convocation, one of the public examiners, SOCIETY.

in the room of the rev. Mr. Lore. Perring, P. M.A. of Brazenose college, Oxford, to be one of the chaplains to

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. bis royal highness the duke of Cam Degrees conferred, October 30. bridge.

MASTER OF ARTS.-W. G. Broughton,

Pembroke hall.
Priest, P. to the rectory of Langiree,

BACHELOR IN CIVILLAW.-E. Eastcott, Randolph, John Honeywood, M.A. to

Jesus college. the vicarage of Northall, Middlesex ;

November 6. patron, the Lord BISHOP OF LONDON. BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW.-Henry Tom. Simpson, R. to the perpetual curacies of kinson, Trinity hall. Tarsion and Elkstone, Staffordshire.

November 11. Wells, W. to the rectory of Harling,

DOCTOR IN DIVINITY -Daniel Cress. Sussex.

well, M.A. Trinity college. Iright, Thomas, to the rectory of Kil HONORARY MASTER OF ARTS.-Lord verston, Norfolk; patron, the King. Thomas Hay, Trinity college.



George Henry Spencer Churchill, Ema. Degrees conferred, November 2.

nuel college. MASTERS OF ARTS J. E. Jones, St.

BACHELOR IN Divinity. – J. Miles, Edmund hall; C. G. V. Vernon, and D.

Queen's college. Dundas, Christ Church; J. Formby and

MASTER OF ARTS. - A. S. Tbelwall, C. Ward, Brazenose college ; and J. J.

Trinity college. Coney, Oriel college.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW.-0. Marden, BACHELORS OF ARTS.-H. U. Tighe, Corpus Christi college; A. Roberts, Tri

Trinity hall.

BACHELOR ÎN Physic. - E, Morton, nity college ; and J. Muckleton, Christ

Trinity college. church.


Peter's college; C. D. Hallord, jesus col

lege; C. Fursdon, Downing college. grave, Lincoln college.

November 4. MASTER OF ARTS.-J. M. Glubb, Ex

The rev. Henry Godfrey, D.D. presio eter college. November 9.

dent of Quecn's college, was elected viceDoctor in Divinity.-J. L. Mills,

chancellor for the year ensuing. B.D. Magdalen college.

The Seatonian Prize for the present November 16.

year has been adjudged to the rev. EdDOCTOR IN DIVINITY.--P. N. Shuttle

ward Bishopp Elliott, M.A. fellow of worth, warden of New college, grand com

Trinity college, for his poem on “ Antiopounder.

chus Epiphanes.” BACHELOR OF Civil Law.-W. B. Hig

The subject for the Norrisian Prize gins, Trinity college, grand compounder. fice and Mission of si. John the Baptist.”.

Essay for the ensuing year is, “ The OfMASTERS OF ARTS.-C.C. Boyles, Exeter college, grand compounder ; J, A H.

The rev. Walter Burroughes, B A. of Grubbe, Exeter college ; T. H. Tragitt,

Clare hall, is admitted fellow of that soCorpus Christi college; J. Wootten, Baliol

ciety, on the foundation of Mr. Borage.

November 20. college ; and H. Morse, Worcester college. BACHELORS OF Arts. – J. Browne, chase the late Dr. E. D. Clarke's collec..

A grace passed the senate, “ to purand H. A. Browue, Queen's college ; R. Burn, St. Edmund hall; W. A. Horne,

tion of minerals at the sum of 15001.” Christ church; E. Trimmer, and E. El

ORDINATIONS. ton, Brazenose college ; J. King and hon. November 3.- At a general ordination R. Barrington, Oriel college ; G. P. Bel held by the Lord Bishop of Ely, in the cher, Worcester college ; P. Aubin, Jesus college ; W. Battiscombe and W. Brown

chapel in the palace at Ely, the following low, Pembroke college.

gentlemen were ordained:November 22.

Deacons.--(i. Archdale, M.A. EmmaMASTER OF ARTS.-C. Alcock, New

nuel college, Cambridge ; J. Holroyd. college.

B.A. Catherine hall, Cambridge ; R. Lyon,
B.A. Trinity college, Cambridge.

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