The New World Order: Sovereignty, Human Rights and the Self-Determination of Peoples

Bloomsbury Academic, 1. aug. 1996 - 340 sider
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The end of the Cold War has allowed for the prospect of a New World Order, in which the United Nations and other 'international actors' may return to their post-war mandate of maintaining international peace and security through collective action. This book addresses the central question of sovereignty under the new regime: which internal actions of states will justify intervention by the international community? The unifying theme of these chapters -- written from a wide variety of national and cultural perspectives -- is the conflict between cultural relativism and human rights in the postmodern world. Eleven authors address these questions to determine the meaning and limits of national self-determination after the fall of communism.

This book is essential reading for all who seek to understand the emerging international system of the twenty-first century.

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Mortimer Sellers is Director of the Center for International and Comparative Law and Associate Professor of Law, at the University of Baltimore.

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