A Manual of Logic: Deductive and Inductive

M. Ogle and son, 1850 - 237 sider
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Side 139 - Again ; the mathematical postulate, that " things which are equal to the same are equal to one another," is similar to the form of the syllogism in logic, which unites things agreeing in the middle term.
Side 46 - There are not some names which are exclusively genera, and others which are exclusively species or differentiae; but the same name is referred to one or another Predicable, according to the subject of which it is predicated on the particular occasion. Animal, for instance, is a genus with respect to Man or John ; a species with respect to substance or Being. The words genus, species, &c., are therefore relative terms ; they are...
Side 46 - It is to be remarked of these distinctions," says the author we are quoting, " that they express not what the predicate is in its own meaning, but what relation it bears to the subject of which it happens on the particular occasion to be predicated.
Side 201 - But Euathlus retorted this dilemma, thus : ' Either I shall gain the cause, or lose it : if I gain the cause, then nothing will be due to you, according to the sentence of the judge ; but if I lose the cause, nothing will be due to you...

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