From McClanesborough, by Carmi, to New Harmony, in the In Illinois. state of Indiana;

From Shawneetown, by the seats of Justice of Gallatin, Franklin, and Washington counties, to Bellville;

From Paris to Vandalia ;
From Danville, in Vermillion county, to Fort Clark;
From Shawneetown to Bellville.


From New Madrid, in the State of Missouri, to Hickman, in In Missouri. Kentucky, and from thence, east, by Totten's Wells to Dresden, Tennessee, and from Hickman, south, via Troy, to Dyersburg; Tennessee;

From the Court House in the county of Lafayette, in Arkansas Territory, to Long Prairie, in said county ;

From Booneville, in Cooper county, to Ewingsville, in the same county.


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From Winchester, by Greene Court House and McManus's, to In Missis. Mobile;

From Jackson, by Westville, and Jaynesville, to Williams-

From Port Gibson to Gallatin ;
From Jackson Court House to Mobile ;

From Meadville, by Norman's, Holmesville, and Franklin, to
Covington, in Louisiana ;
From Natchez, by the Old Court House, to Kingston.

From Gunter's landing to Blountville ;

In Alabama.
From Marengo Court House to Claiborne, in Monroe county;
From Daletown, by Canton, to Greenville.

From Natchitoches, by Cantonment Jesup, to Crow's Cross- In Louisiana
ings, on the Sabine River;
From Franklin to Clinton ;
From Natchitoches to the Caddo Agency.


From Tallahassee to St. Marks;

From Pensacola, by Pike Court House, in Alabama, to Fort In Florida.
Mitchell, in Georgia;

From Alachua Court House, via Black Creek, to Jackson ville;
From St. Johnstown, or Bluff, to St. Augustine.

From Monroe, by way of Raisinville, Kidzie's Grove, and In Michigan.
Adrian, to Tecumseh, in the Territory of Michigan;

From Detroit, through Mount Clemens, to Fort Gratiot ;

From Maumee, in Ohio, through Blissfield, Tecumseh, Saline, and Ann Arbor, to Pontiac ;

From Detroit to Ann Arbor.

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That the following routes be, Routes dis. and the same are hereby, discontinued :

continued. IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. From Walpole, by Alstead, to Acworth: and so much of the In N. Hamp.

shire. 8

Vol. IV.

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route from Acworth, by Lempster, and Unity, to Newport, as

lies between Acworth and Unity. In New York. From Charlotteville, via Jefferson, to Harpersfield ; From Waterloo to Clyde.


So much of the route from Sunbury, by Libertypole and Cattavania.

wissa, to Nescopeck, established by the act of the third March,
eighteen hundred and twenty-seven, as lies between Cattawissa
and Nescopeck.-[Approved, 24 May, 1828.]


[No. 1.] Resolution authorising the Speaker of the House of Repre

sentatives to frank letters and packages. Speaker of the Resolved, fc. That the Speaker of the House of RepresentaTlouse of Re. tives of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorised to frank presentatives and to receive letters and packages by mail free of postage.frank letters, [Approved, 3d April, 1828.] &c.

[No. 4.] Resolution in relation to Charles Carroll, of Carrollton. Charles Car. Resolved, fc. That Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, the only rol, of Car surviving signer of the declaration of Independence, be, and rolton, to re- he is hereby, authorised to receive and transmit letters and packceive, &c., letters, &c. ages by the mail free of postage. [Approved 23 May, 1828.] by mail free of postage.

[No. 5.] Resolution in relation to the manner of executing the Print

ing ordered by either House of Congress. Duty of the Resolved, fc. That, after the termination of the present secretary of the senate

session of Congress, it shall be the duty of the secretary of the and clerk of senate and clerk of the house of representatives, so to regulate the house of and direct the printing of the respective houses as to abolish the representa tives, to regu.

practice of making “ title pages” to executive documents, reports late the print- of committees, memorials, or any other documents, unless the ing of the re- same shall be so directed by them, and that the whole matter spective shall follow in close order, from the first page. And they shall houses, &c.

further direct, that the printing of the yeas and nays of the JourAlso to

nal shall be in consecutive order, as ordinary matter. They shall late the print- also so regulate the printing of the executive documents, as to ing of the ex- have the respective communications from the President and ecutive docu- heads of departments bound in distinct volumes; and they may &

"also so change the form of the volume, by increasing its size, as
to combine the greatest quantity of matter, with the greatest
economy in the execution of the work,

[Approved, 24 May, 1828.]


[No. 6.] Resolution in relation to the Mail Route between the cities of New Orleans and Mobile.

Postmaster Resolved, fic. That the post-master general be, and he is

general to hereby, authorised to cause to be examined the route from cause to be Mobile to Pascagoula ; and if, in his opinion, it should be the examined the most expedient route to the city of New Orleans, he shall be, and route from hereby is, vested with full power and authority to adopt that Pensacola, route in lieu of the present route from the city of Mobile to the for the transcity of New Orleans. [Approved, 24 May, 1828.]

portation of
the mail to
the city of
New Orleans.

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Passed at the Second Session, which was begun and held at the

City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, on Monday,
the first day of December, one thousand eight hundred and

John Quincy Adams, President. J. C. Calhoun, Vice President,

and President of the Senate. SAMUEL Smith, President of the
Senate, pro-tempore. ANDREW STEVENSON, Speaker of the
House of Representatives.

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Chap. 163. An act restricting the location of certain Land Claims in

the territory of Arkansas; and for other purposes. Persons en. $1. Be it enacted, foc. That no person entitled to a donation of titled to a do land by the eighth section of an act, entitled “ An act to aid the nation of land in Ar.

state of Ohio in extending the Miami canal from Dayton to lake not Erie, and to grant a quantity of land to said state to aid in the allowed to construction of the canals authorised by law, and for making enter the im donations of land to certain persons in Arkansas territory,"* shall provements of actual set.

be permitted to enter the improvement of an actual settler in the tlers, &c. territory of Arkansas, before the same shall have been offered for *Act of 1828, sale, unless it be with the consent of such actual setfler; and 9; 410, ante p. all entries which may be so made shall be considered null and .

void. Residents

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That no person residing south south of Ar. of the Arkansas river, and west of the present territorial line, kansas river shall be entitled to the donation of land given by the eighth secand west of tion aforesaid, unless said persons shall move east of said line; line, not en. and, in that case, they shall be entitled to the donations specified titled to dona- in said eighth section of said act, under the restrictions aforetion given by said. [Approved, 6 January, 1829.] said act, unless, &c. CHAP. 164. An act to preserve from injury and waste the School

Lands in the Territory of Arkansas. Arkansas $1. Be it enacted, f.c. That the governor and general assemauthorised to, bly of the territory of Arkansas be, and they are hereby, authorlands reserva

ised to make, and carry into effect, such laws and needful regued for the lations as they shall deem most expedient to protect from injury support of

and waste, the sixteenth section in all townships of land in said schools; and to provide by territory, where surveys have been, or may hereafter be made, law for leas. which sections are reserved for the support of schools in each

protect the

the same.

mmon schools.

township, and to provide by law for leasing or renting the same, ing or renting
for any term not exceeding five years, in such manner as to ren.
der said school lands most valuable and productive, and shall Rents to be

applied to the
apply the rents derived therefrom to the support of common support of
schools, in the respective townships, according to the design of
the donation, and to no other purpose whatever.

[Approved, 6 January, 1828.] Chap. 165. An act extending the term within which Merchandise

may be exported with the benefit of drawback. § 1. Be it enacted, fc. That from and after the passage of Merchandise this act, all goods, wares, and merchandise which are now the benefit of entitled to debenture, or which may be hereafter imported, may drawback be exported with the benefit of drawback, and without any without any deduction from the amount of the duty on the same, at any time from duty, at within three years from the date when the same may have been, any time or shall be imported : Provided, That all existing laws regulating within three the exportation of goods, wares, and merchandise, shall have years.

Proviso: been in all other respects complied with.

And provided further, That this act shall not be so construed 2d Proviso. as to alter in any manner the terms of credit now allowed by law for the duties on goods, wares, or merchandise, imported.

[Approved, 6 January, 1829.] Chap. 166. An act to allow a salary to the Marshal of the District of

Connecticut. § 1. Be it enacted, 8c That the sum of two hundred dollars Salary of

$200" allowed be, and the same hereby is, allowed annually, as a salary to the marshal of marshall of the district of Connecticut.

Connecticut. [.Approved, 6 January, 1829.]

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CHAP. 168. An act to amend an act, entitled “ An act for the better

organization of the Medical Department of the Navy," approved 24th May, 1828.

$1. Be it enacted, foc. That every surgeon who was in the Exemption of mavy at the time of the passage of the act for the better organiza- certain sur. tion of the medical department of the navy, approved twenty-geons in the fourth May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight,* shall certain requibe entitled to the additional pay and rations (according to length sites of act of of service) provided for by the fourth section of that act, not- May, 1828. withstanding such surgeons may not have been examined, or "Act of 1828,

c. 121, ante received their appointments in the manner prescribed by the first section thereof. [Approved, 21 January, 1829.]

p. 2146.


CHAP. 169. An act for altering the times for holding the sessions of

the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Georgia, at the place provided by law.

1. Be it enacted, fc. That the sixth Circuit Court of the Circuit Court United States for the District of Georgia, which is by law ap- of U. S. for pointed to be holden on the fourth Monday in November annually, Georgia Disat Savannah in the said state, shall hereafter be holden on the trict, to be Thursday after the first Monday in November, annually, at ledgeville in

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holden at Mil.

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