tion of convict under 14.


and whenever the physician shall report to the warden, that such convict is in a proper state to return to the ordinary employment Return. . of the prison, such report shall be duly entered in the same book, and the convict shall return to the ordinary discipline of the penitentiary, so far as may be consistent with his or her health Inspectors to

make rules and strength. Special rules for the order and government of the for governing infirmary, shall be made and enforced by the inspectors, and infirmary. nothing in this act contained, shall be construed to forbid any Discretionary such relaxation of the general discipline of the penitentiary, as power in fa

vour of sick. may be required for the sick.

§ 14. And be it further enacted, That the inspectors shall have Separat on power, and it is hereby made their duty, to provide for the sepa- and instruc. rate labour and instruction of any convict under the age

of fourteen years, and to make and enforce such rules and regulations therefor, as may, in their judgment, most conduce to the reformation and instruction of such youthful convicts; anything in this

Religious act to the contrary notwithstanding. They shall also have worship, and power, and it shall be their duty, to provide for all the convicts religious and the means of religious worship, and religious and moral instruc- moral instruc. tion, subject, however, to general rules, not inconsistent with the discipline heretofore prescribed.

§ 15. And be it further enacted, That no person shall be per- Admission of mitted to visit the said penitentiary, without a written order from visiters. one or more of the said inspectors, except the President of the Privileged United States, the secretaries of the several departments of the visiters. government, members of Congress and the judges of the courts of the United States.

$ 16. And be it further enacted, That, if any keeper, assistant Acts prohibitkeeper, or other officer, or servant, employed in, or about, the ed to the

keeper, assissaid penitentiary, shall convey out of, or bring into, the peniten- tant, &c. tiary, to, or from, any convict confined there, any letter or writing, or shall bring into the said penitentiary, to sell or give away, any spirituous or vinous liquors, or any other thing whatsoever, without the consent, in writing, previously obtained, of the said inspectors, every such person, so offending, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by fine, not exceeding five hundred dollars, Penalty. and imprisonment in the jail of the county, for any time not exceeding one year.

$ 17. Ånd be it further enacted, That the inspectors shall pre- Inspectors to scribe, and it shall be the duty of the warden rigidly to enforce prescribe such rules for the government of the subordinate officers of the rules for

protection of penitentiary, as may prevent all tyrannical or violent behaviour

convicts, &c. to the convicts, or all conversations between them and the convicts, or with each other, within their hearing, except for necessary purposes, and may best preserve order, silence, sobriety and gravity of deportment throughout the establishment.

$ 18. And be it further enacted, That, in case of the death of Death, &c., of the warden, or the temporary vacancy of his office, or his absence, sickness, or other disability, such keeper, or other officer, as may be especially designated by the inspectors, shall have power to exercise the authority and discharge the several


duties of the warden, as prescribed by this act, and the rules of

the penitentiary
Appropriation § 19. And be it further enacted, That the sum of twenty-seven

thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of
any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the
purpose of carrying this act into effect, and for completing the
said penitentiary, and preparing it for the reception of convicts.
[Approved, 3d March, 1829.]

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to commence

[No. 1.] A Resolution amendatory of a Joint Resolution, passed 3d

March, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen. Electionnof Resolved, d•c. That within thirty days before the adjournment printer to

of every Congress, each House shall proceed to vote for a printer each House

to execute its work for and during the succeeding Congress, and within thirty the person having the majority of all the votes given shall be condays before

sidered duly elected; and that so much of the resolution, approved adjournment of Congress.

the third day of March, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, Portion of

entitled “A resolution directing the manner in which the printing resolution of of Congress shall be executed, fixing the prices thereof, and pro1819 rescind- viding for the appointment of a printer or printers," as is altered

by this resolution, be, and the same is hereby rescinded. [.Approv-
ed, 5 February, 1829.]


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[No. 2.) A resolution in relation to the survey and laying out a Mili

tary road, in the state of Maine.

President au Resolved, 8c. That the President of the United States be, and
thorised, un- he is hereby authorised, if it shall seem to him necessary for main-
strictions, to taining the rights, and not inconsistent with the engagements of
cause milita- the United States, to cause to be surveyed and laid out, a military
ry roads to be road, to be continued from Marshill, or such other point on the
laid out in

military road already laid out in the state of Maine, as he may
think proper, to the mouth of the river Madawaska, in the state of
Maine. (Approved, 2 March, 1829.]




Passed at the First Session, which was begun and held at the

City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, on Monday, the seventh day of December, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine.

ANDREW JACKSON, President. J. C. Calhoun, Vice President,

and President of the Senate. Andrew STEVENSON, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Chap. 3. An act to extend the time for locating certain donations in

Arkansas. $1. Be it enacted, fc. That so much of an act of Congress, Time limited approved twenty-fourth of May, eighteen hundred and twenty- by act, May eight, entitled, “* An act to aid the state of Ohio in extending the and by act Miami canal from Dayton to lake Erie, and to grant a quantity of Jan. 6, 1829, land to said state to aid in the construction of canals authorised by for locating law, and for making donations of land to certain persons in Arkan

certain dona

tions, extend sas territory;"* and also so much of an act approved 6th January, ed one year eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, entitled, “ An act restricting from May, the location of certain land claims in the territory of Arkansas,

24, 1830. and for other purposes," I as limits the time of locating these dona- Act of 1828, tions, be, and the same is hereby continued in force for the further 2141. term of one year, from the twenty-fourth day of May next: Pro- Proviso. vided, That no locations shall be made within the further time +Act of 1829, allowed by this act, which shall not include the actual settlement c, 153, made by the claimant prior to the twenty-fourth day of May next. [Approved, Jan. 13, 1830.)




Caap. 11. An act, to alter the time of holding the Circuit Court of

the United States for the District of Maryland. $1. Be it enacted, fc. That the terms of the Circuit Court of Terms U. S. the United States for the District of Maryland, which are now

Circuit Court

in Maryland directed by law to be held, on the eighth day of May, and the District to be eighth day of December, in each year, shall hereafter be held on the held April 8th eighth day of April, and the first day of November, in each year, and Nov. 1st. except such days shall occur on Sunday, when the term of the said Court shall commence and be held on the next succeeding day.

2. And be it further enacted, That, all process which may Process, &c. have issued, or which shall hereafter issue, returnable to the made returna

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ble to the

next succeeding terms of the said Circuit Court as heretofore
terms as fixed
by this act.

established, shall be held returnable, and be returned to those
terms to which they are severally changed by this act.-[Approv.
ed, Feb. 11, 1830.]

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CHAP. 14. An act, to authorise surveyors, under the direction of the

Secretary of the Treasury to enrol and license ships or vessels to be

employed in the coasting trade and fisheries. Secretary of the treasury

§ 1. Be it enacted, fc. That, after the passage of this act, the to empower secretary of the treasury be, and he is hereby, invested with portese of delil powers to authorise the surveyor of any port of delivery, under

such regulations as he shall deem necessary, to enrol and license very to enrol and license ships or vessels to be employed in the coasting trade and fishecoasting and ries, in like manner as collectors of ports of entry are fishing ves

authorised to do, under existing laws. sels, &c.

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That any surveyor who shall Surveyors thus empow. perform the duties directed to be performed by the first section ered, entitled of this act, shall be entitled to receive the same commissions and to same fees, fees, as are now allowed by law to collectors for performing the &c. as collec. tors.

same duties, and no more. [Approved, Feb. 11, 1830.] Act authoris. Chap. 25. An act, to continue in force an act, authorising the imporing importa

tation and allowance of drawback on brandy in casks of a capacity tion of brandy not less than fifteen gallons. in casks of 15 gallons,

$ 1. Be it enacted, fc. That the act entitled "An act to and drawback authorise the importation of brandy in casks of a capacity not on exportation, continu.

less than fifteen gallons, and the exportation of the same for the ed in force. benefit of a draw back of the duties,” approved second March, * Act of 1827, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven,* be and the same c. 212, vol. 3, is hereby, continued in force. [Approved, Feb. 27, 1830.]

CHAP. 34. An act, for the further regulation of vessels bound up Vessels bound

James River in the state of Virginia. river, ex § 1. Be it enacted, fc. That from and after the passage of empted from this act, it shall not be necessary for any vessel bound up James stopping in Hampton river, in the state of Virginia to stop in Hampton Roads, to deposite Roads. a manifest with the collector at Norfolk. Master Reve

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the

master of the revenue cutter on that station, under the orders of board all such vessels, &c. the secretary of the treasury, to board all such vessels, to endorse

their manifests, and to place an officer on board of each vessel

bound up James river, having a cargo from a foreign port. In certain § 3. And be it further enacted, That whenever there shall be cases, Capt.

no revenue cutter on that station for the purpose of boarding
of vessel may vessels, or when the state of the weather may be such as to
deposite copy
of manifest render it impracticable to send an officer on board any vessel
with survey. bound up James river, having a cargo from a foreign port, the
or at Hamp- captain is hereby authorised and directed to deposite, with the

Surveyor at Hampton, a copy of the manifest of the cargo on
board said vessel." (Approved, March, 23, 1830.]

p. 2063.

up James

nue Cutter to

Chap. 35. An act to continue in force “ An act authorising certain Act May, 22,

Soldiers in the late war to surrender the bounty lands drawn by 1826 authothem, and to locate others in lieu thereof,” and for other purposes. Continued for

§ 1. Be it enacted, f.c. That the act of the twenty-second of 5 years and May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six, entitled “ An extended to, act authorising certain soldiers in the late war to surrender the &c. bounty lands drawn by them, and to locate others in lieu thereof,"* *Act of 1826, be, and the same is hereby, continued in force for the term of c. 146, vol. 3, five years. And the provisions of the above recited act shall be, and are hereby, extended to those having like claims in the states of Illinois and Missouri. [Approved, March 23, 1830.]

p. 2037.


CHAP. 39. An act to provide for taking the fifth census or enumeration

of the inhabitants of the United States. § 1. Be it enacted, fc. That the marshals of the several Marshals U.

S. to cause districts of the United States, and of the District of Columbia, and inhabitants to of the territories of Michigan, Arkansas, and Florida, respectively, be enumeratshall be, and are hereby, required, under the direction of the ed, &c. secretary of the department of State, and according to such instructions as he shall give, pursuant to this act, to cause the number of the inhabitants within the respective districts and territories, (omitting in such enumeration, Indians not taxed,) All free white to be taken, according to the directions of this act. The said persons enu.

merated to be enumeration shall distinguish the sexes of all free white persons,

classed ac-
and ages of the free white males and females, respectively, under cording to sex

those of five and under ten years of


those and age. of ten years and under fifteen; those of fifteen and under twenty ; those of twenty and under thirty; those of thirty and under forty; those of forty and under fifty ; those of fifty and under sixty; those of sixty and under seventy ; those of seventy and under eighty; those of eighty and under ninety; those of ninety and under one hundred; those of one hundred and upwards; and shall further distinguish the number of those free white per- Enumeration sons included in such enumeration, who are deaf and dumb, ber of dentale under the age of fourteen years; and those of the age of fourteen dumb, beyears and under twenty-five, and of the age of twenty-five years tween certain and upwards; and shall further distinguish the number of those ages. free white persons included in such enumeration, who are blind. Also, number

of blind. The said enumeration shall distinguish the sexes of all free

All coloured coloured persons, and of all other coloured persons bound to

persons enu. service for life, or for a term of years, and the ages of such free merated, to be and other coloured persons, respectively, of each sex, under ten classed acyears of age; those of ten and under twenty-four; those of cording to

sex and age. twenty-four and under thirty-six ; those of thirty-six and under fifty-five : those of fifty-five and under one hundred ; and those Enumeration of one hundred and upwards; and shall further distinguish the to state num. number of those free coloured and other coloured persons,

ber of deaf

and dumb, included in the foregoing, who are deaf and dumb, without and of blind, regard to age, and those who are blind. For effecting which, Marshals to the marshals aforesaid shall have power, and are hereby required, appoint assis. to appoint one or more assistants in each city and county in their tants

, &c. respective districts and territories, residents of such city or Assistants to

be residents, county for which they shall be appointed, and shall assign to




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