rised to re. Court of the District of Columbia, for the counties of Washington cord.

and Alexandria, respectively, are hereby authorised to record any
deed or conveyance, executed and authenticated agreeably to the
provisions of this act. [Approved, May 31, 1832.]
Chap. 114. In act changing the times of holding the courts in the

District of Columbia. Court to be § 1. Be it enacted, fc. That the Circuit Court of the District held 4 Mond, of Columbia, for the county of Washington, shall hereafter be in March and held on the fourth Monday in March, and on the fourth Monday

in November, in every year, instead of the times now desigated by law; and the court for the county of Alexandria shall be held

on the first Monday in May, and on the first Monday in October, and 1 Mond. in every year, instead of the times now designated by law; and in May and October.

that all process shall be made returnable to the said terms as
herein directed. This act shall take effect from and after the
first day of June next. [Approved May 31, 1832.]
CHAP 115. An act defining the qualifications of voters in the terri-

lory of Arkansas.
§ 1. Be it enacted, f.c. That every free white male citizen of
the United States of the age of twenty-one years, who shall have
resided in the territory of Arkansas for the term of six months
next preceding any general or special election, shall have the
privilege of voting in the election district where he shall reside,
and not elsewhere, for all elective officers of said territory. [Ap-
proved May 31, 1832.]

Act of 1822, Chap. 126. An act supplementary to the “ Act for the relies of cer. c. 53, ante, p.

tain surviving officers and soldiers of the revolution.” 2112. All who have

§ 1. Be it enacted, fc. That each of the surviving officers, served two non-commissioned officers, musicians, soldiers and Indian spies, years, to re who shall have served in the continental line, or state troops, ceive full pay volunteers or militia, at one or more terms, a period of two according to their rank,

years, during the war of the revolution, and who are not entitled not to exceed to any benefit under the act for the relief of certain surviving captain's pay. officers and soldiers of the revolution, passed the fifteenth day of

May, eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, be authorised to receive, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, the amount of his full pay in the said line, according to his rank, but not exceeding in any case, the pay of a captain, in the said line; such pay to commence from the fourth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one, and shall continue during his

natural life, and that any such officer, non-commissioned officer, All who have musician, or private, as aforesaid, who shall have served in the served not continental line, state troops, volunteers or militia, a term or less than six terms in the whole less than the above period, but not less than to receive an six months, shall be authorised to receive out of any unapproannuity pro- priated money in the treasury, during his natural life, each portioned to according to his term of service, an amount bearing such provice. portion to the annuity granted to the same rank for the service

of two years, as his term of service did to the term aforesaid :

to commence from the fourth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one.

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That no person, receiving any No one alreaannuity or pension under any law of the United States providing dya pensionfor revolutionary officers and soldiers, shall be entitled to the benefits of benefits of this act, unless he shall first relinquish his further this act, until claim to such pension; and in all payments under this act, the he relinquishamount which may have been received under any other act as pension, &c. aforesaid, since the date at which the payments under this act shall commence, shall first be deducted from such payment.

$ 3. And be it further enacted, That the pay allowed by this Where to be act shall, under the direction of the secretary of the treasury, be paid. paid to the officer, non-commissioned officer, musician or private, entitled thereto, or his or their authorised attorney, at such places and times as the secretary of the treasury may direct, and that no foreign officer shall be entitled to said pay, nor shall any offi- No foreign cer, non-commissioned officer, musician or private, receive the officer entisame until he furnish the said secretary satisfactory evidence Evidence of that he is entitled to the same, in conformity to the provisions of titlethis act ; and the pay hereby allowed shall not be in any way Pay not trans. transferable or liable to attachment, levy, or seizure, by any legal terable, &c. process whatever, but shall inure wholly to the personal benefit of the officer, non-commissioned officer, musician or soldier entitled to the same.

§ 4. And be it further enacted, That so much of the said pay Payments as accrued before the approval of this act, shall be paid to the when to be person entitled to the same as soon as may be, in the manner and under the provisions above-mentioned; and the pay which shall accrue thereafter shall be paid semi-annually, in the manner above directed; and, in case of the death of any person embraced by the provisions of this act, or of the act to which it is supple- In case of mentary, during the period intervening between the semi-annual death, to wid.

ow or chil payments directed to be made by said acts, the proportionate dren, amount of pay which shall accrue between the last preceding semi-annual payment, and the death of such person, shall be paid to his widow, or if he leave no widow, to his children.

$ 5. And be it further enacted, That the officers, non-com- Service in missioned officers, mariners, or marines, who served for a like navy to enti. term in the naval service, during the revolutionary war, shall be of this act. entitled to the benefits of this act, in the same manner as is provided for the officers and soldiers of the army of the revolution. [ Approved June 7, 1832.]


Chap. 127. An act authorising the secretary of the treasury to per.

mit a wharf to be built near the site of the light house, on Stratford point, in the state of Connecticut.

§ 1. Be it enacted, f-c. That the secretary of the treasury is hereby authorised to permit a wharf to be built near the site of the light-house, on Stratford point, in the state of Connecticut, and to grant the use of such land belonging to the United States as may be required for that purpose: Provided, The use of such wharf shall continue only so long as, in the opinion of the secre

tary of the treasury, it does not interfere with the interests of the
United States. [.Approved June 25, 1832.]
CHAP. 128, An act to create the office of Surveyor of Public Lands

for the Territory of Arkansas.
§ 1. Be it enacted, dc. That a surveyor for the territory of
Arkansas shall be appointed, who shall have the same authority,

and perform the same duties respecting the public lands and priDuties. vate land claims in the territory of Arkansas as are now vested

in, and required of, the surveyor of the lands of the United

States in Missouri and Illinois. Maps papers,

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the &c. relating

for Missouri and Illinois to deliver to the surveyor for to lands in surveyor Arkansas, to the territory of Arkansas, all the maps, papers, records, and be delivered. documents relating to the public lands and private land claims

in Arkansas, which may be in his office: and in every case where it shall be impracticable to make a separation of such maps, papers, records, and documents, without injury, it shall be his duty to cause copies thereof, certified by him, to be furnished to the surveyor of Arkansas, which copies shall be of the same

validity as the originals. Location of § 3. And be it further enacted, That the surveyor of Arkansas,

to be appointed in pursuance of this act, shall establish his office at such place as the President of the United States may deem

most expedient for the public service, and that he shall be Salary, allowed an annual salary of fifteen hundred dollars, and that he draughtsman, be authorised to employ one skilful draughtsman and two clerks,

whose aggregate compensation shall not exceed eighteen hun-
dred dollars per annum. [Approved June 15, 1832.]
Chap. 129. An act granting to the Territory of Arkansas, one thou.

sand acres of land, for the erection of a court house and jail at Little

Rock. Land to be

$1. Be it enacted, fc. That there be granted to the territory selected by

of Arkansas, a quantity of land not exceeding one thousand governor.

acres, contiguous to, and adjoining the town of, Little Rock, for the erection of a court-house and jail in said town; which lands shall be selected by the governor of the territory by legal subdivisions, and disposed of in such manner as the legislature may by law direct; and the proceeds of the lands so disposed of, shall be applied towards building a court-house and jail in said town of Little Rock; and the surplus, if any, may be be applied to such other objects as the legislature of said territory may deem proper. [Approved June 15, 1832.]


Char. 131. An act to authorise the President to raise mounted volun.

teers for the defence of the frontier. § 1. Be it enacted, f-c. That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby authorised to raise, either by the acceptance

of volunteers, or enlistment for one year, unless sooner discharged, How armed, six hundred mounted rangers, to be armed, equipt, mounted, and &c. organised in such manner, and to be under such regulations and


restrictions as the nature of the service may, in his opinion, make necessary.

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That each of the said companies Organization. of rangers shall consist of one captain, and one first, one second and one third lieutenant; five sergeants, five corporals, and one hundred privates; the whole to form a battalion, and be commanded by a major.

3. And be it further enacted, That the said non-commissioned Privates, &c. officers and privates shall arm and equip themselves, unless to arm and otherwise ordered by the President, and provide their own horses, selves.

. and shall be allowed each one dollar per day as a full compensation for their services, and the use of their arms and horses. The Officers' pay commissioned officers shall receive the same pay and emoluments and emoluas officers of the same grade in the army of the United States, ments. and the officers shall be allowed forage for their horses, and be entitled to the same rations as those of the same grade in the army of the United States, respectively.

$ 4. And be further enacted, That the officers, non-commis- Provision in sioned officers, and privates, raised pursuant to this act, shall be case of disaentitled to the like compensation, in case of disability by wounds bility. or otherwise, incurred in the service, as has heretofore been allowed to officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates in the military establishment of the United States; and shall be subject Corps subject to the rules and articles of war, and such regulations as have been to rules and or shall be established according to law for the government of articles of the army of the United States, as far as the same may be applicable to the said rangers within the intent and meaning of this act, for the protection and defence of the northwestern frontier of the United States.

$ 5. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United Officers, how States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, is appointed. hereby authorised to appoint all the officers proper to be appointed under this act; which appointments may be made during the recess of the Senate, but shall be submitted to the Senate at their next session for their advice and consent; and that the sum of fifty thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated for the purpose of carrying this act into effect. (Åpproved, June 15, 1832.] CHAP. 140. An act to authorise the inhabitants of the State of

Louisiana to enter the back lands. 1. Be it enacted, fc. That every person, who, either by vir- Owner of ture of a French or Spanish grant, recognised by the laws of the tracts on a United States, or under a claim confirmed by the commissioners river, &c. not

exceeding 40 appointed for the purpose of ascertaining the rights of persons

arpens in claiming lands in the state of Louisiana, or by virtue of any title depth, derived from the United States, owns a tract of land bordering on any river, creek, bayou or water course, in the said territory, and not exceeding in depth forty arpens, French measure; shall be

entitled to entitled to a preference in becoming the purchaser of any vacant pre-emption tract of land adjacent to, or back of his own tract, not exceeding of back tract,

&c. forty arpens, French measure, in depth, nor in quantity of land, that which is contained in his own tract; at the same price and on

Surveys of the same terms and conditions, as are, or may be provided by such back

law for the other public lands in the said state: and the surveyor tracts, and division in general for the state of Loạisiana, shall be, and is hereby authorcertain cases. ised to cause to be surveyed, the tracts claimed by virtue of this

section; and in all cases where, by reason of bends in the river, lake, creek, bayou, or water course, bordering on the tract, and of adjacent claims of a similar nature, each claimant cannot obtain a tract equal in quantity to the adjacent tract already owned by him, to divide the vacant land applicable to that object between the several claimants, in such manner as to him will


most Proviso: pre- equitable: Provided however, That the right of pre-emption emption not granted by this section, shall not extend so far in depth as to include to embrace, lands fit for cultivation, bordering on another river, creek, bayou, &c.

or water course. And every person entitled to the benefit of this Time for using pre

section, shall, within three years after the date of this act, deliver emption right to the register of the proper land office, a notice, in writing,

stating the situation and extent of the tract of land he wishes to purchase; and shall also make the payment and payments for the same at the time and times which are or may be prescribed by law for the disposal of the other public lands in the said state, the time of his delivering the notice aforesaid being considered as the date of the purchase: Provided, also, That all notices of claims shall be entered, and the money paid thereon, at least three weeks before such period as may be designated by the President of the United States, for the public sale of the lands in the township in which such claims may be situated, and all claims not so entered

shall be liable to be sold as other public lands. Whenever it shall Re-surveys, be necessary to re-survey the public lands, in order to enable perpense.

sons entitled to avail themselves of the provisions of this act, the expenses of such re-survey shall be paid by the person or persons, who shall enter the lands so re-surveyed under this act, at the

time he or they shall pay the price of such land to the receiver of On the failure public money. And if any such person shall fail to deliver such of notice, &c. notice within the said period of three years, or to make such pre-emption right to be payment or payments at the time above mentioned, his right of void. pre-emption shall cease, and become void; and the land may,

thereafter, be purchased by any other person, in the same manner and on the same terms, as are, or may be provided by law for the sale of other public lands in the said state. [.Approved, June 15, 1832.]

CHAP. 141. An act to establish certain Post Roads, and to alter and

discontinue others; and for other purposes. § 1. Be it enacted, fc. That the following be established as

post roads.



From East Machias, by Whiting, to Little River harbour, in the county of Washington.

From Dennysville, in Washington county, by Charlotte, Cooper, and Alexander, to Baring.

From East Machias to Cutler.

From Bangor, in Penobscot county, by Brewer, Plantation number eight, to Ellsworth, in the county of Hancock; thence

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