to be concern.

trade with the Indians, except for, and on account of, the United Indian de. States; and any person offending herein, shall forfeit the sum of partment not five thousand dollars, and upon satisfactory information of such ed in the offence being laid before the President of the United States, it trade. shall become his duty to remove such person from the office or situation he may hold. $ 15. And be it further enacted, That the President shall be, Animals and

implements, and he is hereby, authorised to cause any of the friendly Indians to the amount west of the Mississippi river, and north of the boundary of the of $5,000 may Western Territory, and the region upon Lake Superior and the be furnished head of the Mississippi, to be furnished with useful domestic ani- west of the mals and implements of husbandry, and with goods, as he shall Mississippi. think proper: Provided, That the whole amount of such presents shall not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars.

§ 16. And be it further enacted, That the President be, and he Rations to Inis hereby, authorised to cause such rations as he shall judge pro- military posts. per, and as can be spared from the army provisions without injury to the service, to be issued, under such regulations as he shall think fit to establish, to Indians who may visit the military posts or agencies of the United States on the frontiers, or in their respective nations, and a special account of these issues shall be kept and rendered.

§ 17. And be it further enacted, That the President of the President to United States shall be, and he is hereby, authcrised to prescribe rules and such rules and regulations as he may think fit, for carrying into regulations. effect the various provisions of this act, and of any other act relating to Indian affairs, and for the settlement of the accounts of the Indian department.

§ 18. Ånd be it further enacted, That all acts or parts of acts, Acts contracontrary to the provisions of this act, shall be, and the same are vening this hereby, repealed. [.Approved, June 30th, 1834.] Char. 163. An act in addition to the “ act more effectually to provide Act of 1825,

for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States, and c. 276, vol. 3. for other purposes," approved March third, eighteen hundred and p. 1999. twenty-five. § 1. Be it enacted, f.c. That whenever any criminal convicted Persons conof any offence against the United States, shall be imprisoned, in victed of pursuance of such conviction, and of the sentence thereupon, in fences against the prison or penitentiary of any state or territory, such criminal the U.S. subshall in all respects, be subject to the same discipline and treat- jected to the ment, as convicts sentenced by the courts of the state or territory, ment as conin which such prison or penitentiary is situated ; and while so victs under confined therein, shall also be exclusively under the control of the the laws of officers having charge of the same, under the laws of the said the state or

territory. state or territory. (Approved, June 30th, 1834.]

Cuar. 164. An act increasing the salaries of the judges of the United

States for the Territories of Michigan, Arkansas, and Florida.

1. Be it enacted, fc. That there shall be allowed and paid, $300 additionannually, to each of the judges of the United States for the terri- al salary to tories of Michigan, Arkansas, and Florida, the sum of three hun- Michigan, Ar


kansas, and

dred dollars, in addition to the salaries now allowed by law to Florida.

, To take effect $ 2. And be it further enacted, That this act shall take effect

, from the 1st from the first day of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-four,

and that the several sums authorised to be paid, shall be paid out To be paid on.

of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. ly to such as

§ 3. And be it further enacted, That the increased salary alloware not allowed by this act shall only be paid to such judges in the territories of ed compensa. Florida and Arkansas as are not now allowed the extra compention under the sation under the act of May 1828 providing for the adjudication act of May,

of land claims, and shall take effect as to the remainder when the Act of 1828, extra pay aforesaid shall no longer be paid. [Approved, June c. 70, ante p. 30th, 1834.] 2124. CHAP. 166. An act repealing certain acts of the Legislative Council

of the Territory of Florida. Actsimposing $1. Be it enacted, fc. That all such acts or parts of acts passhigher dutics on slaves be. ed by the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida, as may longing to impose a higher or greater tax on the slaves or other property of non-residents, non-resident citizens than is imposed on the slaves or other prorepealed.

perty of resident citizens of said territory, be, and the same are

hereby, repealed, and declared null and void. Punishment § 2. And be it further enacted, That if any person shall attempt for enforcing

to enforce any of the acts or parts of acts passed by the Legislative Council of the territory of Florida as aforesaid, by demanding or receiving any tax, imposition, or assessment authorised or prescribed thereby, such person shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by fine not exceeding two hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding six months, or either or both of said

punishments. County of

$ 3. And be it further enacted, That the county of Leon in the Leon author ised to elect territory of Florida shall be authorised to elect two additional two additional members to the Legislative Council on the first Monday in Sepmembers to tember next, and it shall be lawful for the Legislative Council to

designate by law the election districts in such manner as to ensure an equality of representation to each. [Approved, June 30th, 1834.]

such acts.


Char. 168. An act authorising the Governors of the several States

to transmit, by mail, certain books and documents. Laws, reports $ 1. Be it enacted, fc. That it shall be lawful for the governors &c. of the

of the several states, to transmit by mail, free of postage, all laws States tively, may be and reports, whether bound or unbound, and all records and doctransmitted uments of their respective states, which may be directed by the by Governors, legislature of the several states to be transmitted to the execufree of post- tives of other states; and the governor of the state transmitting The kind of the same shall, in addition to his frank, endorse the kind of book books, &c. to or document enclosed, and direct the same to the governor of the to be endorsed state to which the same may be sent. [Approved, June 30th, thereon.


Chap. 170. An act concerning tonnage duty on Spanish vessels.

$ 1. Be it enacted, f.c. That from and after the first day of Spanish ves. March next Spanish vessels coming from the Island of Cuba, or from Cuba, or Porto Rico, either directly or after touching at any port or place Porto Rico, shall pay in the ports of the United States such further tonnage after the first duty in addition to the tonnage duty which may be payable under of March any other law as shall be equivalent to the amount of discrimina- next, to paya ting duty that would have been imposed on the cargoes imported cqual to the in the said vessels, respectively; if the same had been exported discrimina. from the port of Havanna in American bottoms.

ting duty on

American § 2. And be it further enacted, That before any such vessel bottoms. shall be permitted to clear out or depart from a port of the United States with a cargo which shall be directly or indirectly destined to either of the said islands the said vessel shall pay such further tonnage duty as shall be equivalent to the amount of discriminating duty that would be payable for the time being upon the cargo if imported into the port of Havana, in an American bottom.

§ 3. And be it further enacted, That no Spanish vessel shall be Spanish ves. allowed to clear out or depart from a port of the United States, sels clearing with any goods, wares or merchandise, except upon a destination for Cuba, or to some port or place, in the Island of Cuba or Porto Rico, with- Porto Rico, to out giving bond with approved security in double the value of the give bond that vessel and cargo, that the said cargo or any part thereof shall not

no part of the

cargo shall be be landed in either of the said islands—which bond shall be can- landed in celled on producing of certificate from an American consul that those islands. the said cargo has been landed elsewhere, bona fide and without intention to reship it for a port in one of the said islands.

4. And be it further enacted, That the secretary of the trea. Secretary of sury be, and he is hereby authorised from time to time to estimate the treasury the said additional tonnage duty, and to give directions to the offi- the additional cers of the customs of the United States for the collection of such tonnage duty, duties, so as to conform the same to any variation which may take and to give place in the discriminating duties levied on the cargoes of Ameri- the officers of can vessels in the said port of Havanna.

$ 5. And le it further enacted, That whenever the President of On the aboli. the United States, shall be satisfied, that the discriminating duties tion of the disin favor of Spanish bottoms levied upon cargoes of American duties, or a vessels in the ports of Cuba and Porto Rico have been abolished, sactisfactory or whenever in his opinion a satisfactory arrangement upon the arrangement subject of the said duties shall have been made between the Uni- thereon, the

President ted States and Spain, the President is hereby authorised to declare

may proclaim the same by proclamation, and thereupon this act shall cease to the same, and

this act to have any further force or effect. [-Approved, June 30th, 1834.] Chap. 171. An act to authorise the President of the United States

to direct transfers of appropriations in the naval service, under certaia circumstances.

$1. Be it enacted, fc. That upon the application of the secre- President tary of the navy, the President of the United States, shall have may direct

. authority, whenever, in his opinion, the contingencies of the public transfers beservice may require it, at any period between the close of the close of the year, and the passage of the new naval appropriation bills, year and the

the customs.



passage of a to direct that a part of the money appropriated for a parnew naval ap- ticular branch of the naval service the former year to be applied propriation bill.

to another branch of the said service; in which case a special Account account of the moneys thus tranferred, and of their application, thereof to be shall be laid before Congress previous to its adjournment. [.Aplaid before Congress.

proved, June 30th, 1834.

All process

CHAP. 173. An act for changing the term of the District Court, for

the Western District of Louisiana. Term to com

8 1. Be it enacted, fc. That the term of the District Court of mence on the the United States for the Western District of Louisiana, shall 3d Monday of hereafter commence and be holden on the third Monday of March

in each and every year, instead of the time heretofore appointed by law, and the court shall then be holden under the powers, duties, rules, and regulations heretofore prescribed by law.

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That all process, pleadings, mo&c. adjourn, tions, suits and business, heretofore begun, pending, and undetered over, and to be proceed.

mined, shall stand continued, valid and adjourned over to the next ed in. term of said court to be holden on the said third Monday in March

next, then to be proceeded in, as if regularly returnable to, noti-
fied, or set, for that term. (Approved, 30th June, 1834.]
CAAP. 174. An act to prohibit the corporation of Washington, George- .

town, and Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, from issuing
promissory notes or bills of any denomination less than ten dollars
after the period therein mentioned, and for the gradual withdrawal

from circulation of all such notes or bills. After the 1st § 1. Be it enacted, g-c. That it shall not be lawful for the corMarch, 1839, porations of Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria, in the Disthe corpora: trict of Columbia, or either of them, after the first day of March, que notes of eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, to issue any promissory note or less denomi. bill of a less denomination than ten dollars. ----Provided, That it nation than shall not be lawful for either of the corporations aforesaid to $10.

make or issue any new promissory note or bill, after the Proviso.

passage of this act, of a less denomination than ten dollars. Each of the

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That each and all the corporacorporations tions aforesaid shall annually withdraw from circulation and deto withdraw

stroy promissory notes or bills respectively issued by either of one-fifth of their notes of

them of a less denomination than ten dollars, so as to effect a reless denomi- duction one-fifth per annum of the amount which each corporation nation, annu


have in circulation of the said notes or bills; and render an ally, from cir. culation.

account at each session to Congress, showing the amount withdrawn and extinguished as aforesaid, and the balance still in cir

culation. On failure to 3. And be it further enacted, That, on failure of either or all comply with of the corporations aforesaid to comply with the requirements the last section, the cor.

of the second section of this act, it shall not thereafter be lawful poration so for the corporation or corporations so failing, to issue any profailing not to missory note or bill of a less denomination than ten dollars. (.Apof a less de proved, 30th June, 1834.] nomination than $10.


Manifesting the sensibility of the two Houses of Congress and of the

Nation, on the occasion of the decease of General La Fayette. Resolved, fc. That the two houses of Congress have received with the profoundest sensibility, intelligence of the death of General La Fayette, the friend of the United States, the friend of Washington, and the friend of liberty.

2. And be it further resolved, That the sacrifices and efforts of this illustrious person, in the cause of our country during her struggle for independence, and the affectionate interest which he has at all times manifested for the success of her political institutions, claim from the government and people of the United States, an expression of condolence for his loss, veneration for his virtues, and gratitude for his services.

3. And be it further resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to address, together with a copy of the above resolutions, a letter to George Washington La Fayette, and the other members of his family, assuring them of the condolence of this whole nation in their irreparable bereavement.

4. And be it further resolved, That the members of the two houses of Congress will wear a badge of mourning for thirty days, and that it be recommended to the people of the United States to wear a similar badge for the same period.

5. And be it further resolved, That the halls of the houses be dressed in mourning for the residue of the session.

6. And be it further resolved, That John Quincy Adams be requested to deliver an oration on the life and character of General La Fayette, before the two houses of Congress at the next session. [Approved, June 26th, 1834.]

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