Somerset, Faris's stone coal mines, and mouth of Laurel, to
Charles Rockholt's in Whitley county. From Neville, in the state
of Ohio, to Falmouth, in Pendleton county, Kentucky. From
Bowling Green, to Scottsville, via Allen springs. From Stanford,
in Lincoln county, via Colonel Jesse Coffee's, and Liberty, in
Casey county, to Jamestown, in Russel county. From Coving-
ton, in Campbell county, via Taylor's mill, on Banklick Creek,
and up the o road to interest the mail route from Wash-
ington, in Mason county, via Falmouth, in Pendleton county, to
Gaines's cross roads, on the Dry ridge, in Boon county, at Rich-
ard Mullin's on Grassy creek, in said county of Pendleton. Fröm
Gallatin, in Tennessee, via Dunn's cross roads, in Smith county,
Tennessee, down the Long ford of Barren river, by John B. Low-
rey's store, to Tompkinsville, in Kentucky. From Cloverport, in
Brackenridge county, via John Haynes's, Taylor's mills, Hart-
ford and William Browns', in Ohio county, to Worthington, in
Muhlenberg county. From Hawesville, in Hancock county, to
Nottsville, in Davis county. From the mouth of Sandy, in Henry
county, Tennessee, via Concord, and Belgrade, to Wadesborough,
in Calloway county, Kentucky. From Mount Sterling, via the
mouth of Aaron's run, and North Middletown, to Paris. From
Cloverport, by the Great falls of Rough creek, to Brownsville.
From Tomkinsville, via John Meadow's, on the East fork of Bar-
ren river, John Meadow's on Salt lick of Barren-river, Bratton's
post office, and Dabney Cooper's, on White oak of Barren river,
to Gallatin, in Tennessee. rom the town of Bedford, in Old-
ham county, to the town of Port William, in Gallatin county.
From the town of New Castle, in Henry county, to Port Royal,
in the same county. From Hartford, to W. W. Peyton's, in the
county of Ohio. From Hawesville, to Wiles's, in the county of
Hancock. -
From Randolph, by Portersville, and Concordia, to Bellmont,
in Fayette county. From Somerville, to Egypt, in Fayette county,
and from Mount Pleasant, Murray county, by Rock House creek,
J. C. Gullick's, Perrysville, Lexington, and Independence, to Jack-
son. From Knoxville, via Reed's mill, on Beaver creek, Low's
ferry, on Clinch river, Scarborough's mills, Watson's ferry, and
from thence to Kingston. From Philadelphia, Monroe county,
by Pryse's ferry, on Tennessee river, to Washington, Rhea county.
rom Leesburg, in Washington county, via Newmansville, in
Green county, to Rogersville, in Hawkins county. From Wil-
liamsport, by True's store, and Snow creek, in Maury county, to
Franklin, in Williamson county. From Samuel Wilson's, on
Jack's creek, Henderson county, to Burns's store. From Mc-
Minville, Warren county, to Liberty, Smith county. From Co-
lumbus, in Hickman county, Kentucky, by Dyersburg, Lauder-
dale court-house, and Covington, to La Grange, Tennessee. From
Jackson, by Mount Pinson, to Purdy, McNairy county. From
Durhamville, Lauderdale county, to Ashport, on the Mississippi
river. From Ten-mile stand, in Rhea county, by George Gor-
don's iron works, from thence through Grassy cove, to George
Dawson's, on Cumberland mountain. From Pikeville, Bledsoe

In Tennessee. In Ohio.

county, by Blythe's ferry, on Tennessee river, to David McNaires, on Conasauga. From McMinville, by James Gardiner's, Esqr. to Dallas, Hamilton county. From Athens, in McMinn county, by way of Haynes's store, to Mount Vernon, in Monroe county.

From Van Buren, to Moore's cross roads, in Hardeman county.

From Humphrey's court-house, in Humphreys county, and by Point Mason, to Paris, Henry county. From Brownsville, by Wesley, to Covington. From Perrysville, in Perry county, by Morgan's creek, to Benton county court-house, and to Paris. From Huntingdon, in Carroll county, by Lexington, and Jack's creek, to Purdy, in McNairy county. #. Bolivar, by Nubbin ridge, Simpson's bridge, on Hatchie river, Cypress, Chamberlain, and Wolf's ferry, on the Tennessee river, to the Brick house, or Cherryville, in Hardin county. From Rogerville, in Hawkins county, by Morgan's mill, to James's store, in Greene county. From Jackson, by Oakland, and Chalk bank and Shiloe, Tennessee, by Trenton, Yorkville, and Troy, to Mills point, Kentucky. From Waynesboro' by David Gallaher's, and Pinhook, in Wayne county, to the Brick house, in Hardin county, on the stage road from Savannah, Tennessee, to Florence, Alabama. From La Grange, Tennessee, via Spring Hill, to Walnut grove, Mississippi. From Murfreesboro' by Salem cross roads, to Wilkinson's cross roads, in Rutherford county. From Florence, Alabama, to Waynesboro’, Tennessee, via John Spain's, Alabama, and Sessum's store, Tennessee. From Eastanaula, to Wesley. From Monroe, via Locust Shades, in Overton county, by Salina, Jackson county, by Garrett Moore's to Tomkinsville, Kentucky. From Elkton, Tennessee, to Decatur, Alabama, and from Franklin, Tennessee, to Charlotte, by Turnbull. From Dover, by Tobaccoport, to Cadiz, in Kentucky. From Purdy, Tennessee, by Colonel John Reeves's, in the Chickasaw cession, to Pontitoc, in the state of Mississippi. From Marysville, in Blount county, by Mount Vail springs, to Chilhowee post office, on the Tennessee river, Monroe county. From Bean's station, Morestown, Colonel McFarland's, mouth of Nolachucky, to Newport. From Campbell's station, Low's ferry, on the Holston river, to Louisville, in Blount county. From Pulaski, by Rogersville, to Courtland, Alabama. From Reedyville, by David Patton's, in Rutherford county, to Beech

rove, in Bedford county. From Waynesboro’, to Savannah. From Long Savannah, Hamilton county, to Walker court-house, Georgia. §. Brownsville, Haywood county, by Cherryville, Lanefield, , and Chesnut bluffs, to Dyersburg, in i. county. From Nashville, by Ellison's mills, on South Harpeth, to Centreville. From Fayetteville, to Robertson's store. From Clarkswille, Tennessee, to Cadiz, Kentucky. From seat of justice in Humphreys county to the seat of justice in Benton county. From Clinton, by Oliver's to Morgan court-house.


From Perrysburg, in Wood county, through Risdon and Rome,

in Seneca county, and Mojo. to Bucyrus, in Crawford

county. From Bucyrus, in Crawford-county, to Tiffin, in Seneca

county. From Finley, in Hancock county, to Lima, in Allen county. From Jeromeville, in Wayne county, by Olivesburg and Rome, to Runner's, in Richland county. From Plymouth, by Gamble's mills, Martin's mills, and Lexington, in Richland county, to Frederick, in Knox county. From Mount Gilead, in Marion county, by Galeon, and Leesville, to De Kalb, in Richland county. From Cincinnati, by Cummingsville, Vernon, and Bevis, in Hamilton county, by Ross and Millville, to Stilwell, in Butler county. From Finley, in Hancock county, by Mount Blanchard, to Burlington, in Marion county. From Tiffin, in Seneca county, o York Centre, to North Ridge, in Sandusky county. From Finley, in Hancock county, by Big spring, in Seneca county, McCutchinville and Mexico, in Crawford county. to Mellmore, in Seneca county. From Lower Sandusky, by Rome, in the county of Seneca, and Risdon, to Finley, in the county of Hancock. From Bellefontaine, in Logan county, to Roundhead's-town, in Hardin county, thence to Lima, in Allen county, thence to Kalida, in Putnam county, and to Sugar Grove. From Dayton, in Montgomery county, by Germantown, and Jacksonborough, to Oxford, in Butler county. From Jefferson to Mechanicsburg. From Urbana to Sidney. From Sidney, by Waupakonetta, to Lima. From Toledo, in Lucas county, to Dundee. From Parkman, in Geauga county, to Auburn. From Lancaster, in Fairfield county, by Bremen and Bristol, to McConnellsville, in the county of Morgan. From Cadiz, in Harrison county, by Deersville, Shane's mills, to Port Washington, in Tuscarawas county. From Cambridge, in Guernsey county, to Plainfield, Coshocton county. From Saint Clairsville, in Belmont county, by Uniontown and Moorefield, to Freeport. From Rush, to Port Washington, in Tuscarawas county. From New Washington, by New Birmingham, to Port Washington, in Tuscarawas county. I'rom Millersburg, in Holmes county, by Shanesville, to Tuscarawas, in Tuscarawas county. From Jackson court-house, Ohio, by way of Simms's creek and Clark's mills, to Guyandotte, Virginia. From Carrollton, in Carroll county, by }. and Paris, in Stark county, to Randolph, in Portage county. From Finley to Kalida, in Putnam county. From Salem, by Lexington, New Baltimore, Midway, Green, Manchester, Doylestown, Milton, Jackson, and Canaan, to Waynesburg, in Wayne county. From Fredericktown, in Knox county, to Bucyrus, in Crawford county. From New Hagerstown, by Kilgore, and Shober's mills, in Carroll county, to McCullough's, in Jefferson county. From Paris, in Stark county, by Brown's post office, and New Harrisburg, to Leesville, in o county. From Waynesburg, in Wayne county, by Perrysburg, and Vermillion, to Paris in Richland county. From Carrollton, in Carroll county, by Leavitt and New Cumberland, to New Philadelphia, in Tuscarawas county. From New Lancaster, by Baltimore, Grandville, and Homer to Mount Vernon. From Pickerington, in the county of Fairfield, by Waterloo, Winchester, Middletown, and Kennedy's store, to Circleville in Pickaway county, Ohio. From New Richmond, via Knoxville, to the mouth of Big Yellow creek. From Canal Dover to Zoir. From Delaware, in Delaware county, via Rador, Big island, in Marion county, to Upper Sandusky. From Delaware, by

In Louisiana.

Maysville and Milford, in Union county, to Urbana, in Chamaign county. From Sunbury, in Delaware county, by Woodury and Mount Gilead in Marion county, to Leesville, in Richland county. From Reynoldsburgh, in Franklin county, by Hedley's mills, Plain four corners, Harlem, and Geneo, to Galena post office, in Delaware county. From Dublin, in Franklin county, up the west side of the Scioto, by Bell Point, to Middletown, in Delaware county, thence to Big island, in Marion county. From Wilkesville, in Gallia county, by Salem, Salisbury and Lebanon in Meigs county, crossing the Ohio river near the mouth of Old

town creek, to Ripley, in Jackson county, Virginia. . From

Bedford, in the county of Cuyahoga, by Northfield, Brandywine,
Boston, Northampton, and Portage, to Akron, in the county of
Portage. From Edwardsville, in Warren county, to Cuba, in
Clinton county. From Fairview to Smyrna. From Freeport, to
Shotwell's mills, Shane's mills, Newport, and Waterford, to East-
}. From Minerva, in Stark county, by Franklin, Williamsport,

exington, Mahoning post office, and Lima, to Atwater, in Portage county. From Chesterville, in Knox county, to Johnstown, in Licking county. From Decatur, in Ohio, to Maysville, in Kentucky. From Plato, in Lorraine county, to Wilhelm. From Bucyrus to Little Sandusky. From New Lisbon, in Columbiana county, to Hanoverton. From Wilmington, in Clinton county, via Cuba, Martinsville, and Lynchburg, to Hillsboro’. From Cedarville, in Brown county, to Cuba, in Clinton county. From Granger, in Medina county, by Sharon, to Wadsworth. From Baker's mills to Millbrook, in Wayne county, to Nashville, in Holmes county. From Saint Clairsville to Port Washington. From Grafton, in Lorraine county, to Lodi, in Medina county. From Athens to McConnellsville. From Edwardsville, in Warren county, to Cedarville, in Brown county. From Wooster, to Perrysville, in Richland county. From Defiance, in Williams county, by Evansport, to Lafayette. From Grassy point, by Charleston, to Springfield. From Akron, by Ravenna, in Portage county, to Warren, in the county of Trumbull, by Newton falls. From Winchester to West Union, in Adams county. From Canton, Stark county, by Sandy and North Georgetown, to Salem, in Columbiana county. From Petersburg, by i. Greenford, and New Albany, to Salem, in Columbiana county. From New Garden, by Bennett's cross-roads, to Damascus, and from Damascus to Salem. From Wellsville, by Cope's mills and Croxton, to Scroggsfield. From New Hagerstown and West Chester, in Carroll county, to Cambridge, in Guernsey county. From New Lisbon, Columbiana county, by Clarkson and West Salem, to Beavertown, in Pennsylvania. From Russellville, in Brown county, to New Market, in Highland county. From New Lexington to Millfield. From New Richmond by Coombe's store, Batavia, and Owenville, to Wilmington. From Kenton to Bucyrus. From Hebron, on the national road, to Lockbourne, in Franklin county. From Greenville, Ohio, by Huntington, to Goshen, Indiana.

From Grand Gulf, in the state of Mississippi, via Lake Saint

Joseph, New Carthage, Roundaway, Walnut, and Bushy Bayou,
to Milligan's bend, in the parish of Carroll. From Drew's land-
ing, in the parish of Claiborne, to the Long Prairie, in the terri-
tory of Arkansas. From Opelousas, via Washington, Holmes-
ville, Prairie Rouge, Bayou Rouge, and Deglaise, and Point Cou-
pee, to St. Francisville. From Lake Providence, in the parish
of Carroll, via Monroe, Russellville, and Drew's landing, to the
mouth of Loggy Bayou, on Red river. From Calcasieu, in Ope-
lousas county, to Ballew's ferry, on Sabine river. From Harris-
burg, in the parish of Catahoola, by Deer creek, and the Bayou
Macon, to Lake Providence, in the parish of Carroll. From Port
Hudson, by Jackson, Clinton, and Greensburg, to intersect the
Holmesville and New Orleans route at or near Colonel Edwards's.
From William Faulkner's plantation to Donaldsonville. From
Baton Rouge to Clinton. From Campti, by the Loggy Bayou,
up Red river, to Coate's bluff, thence to the settlements on the
Grand Cane, in the parish of Natchitoches.
From Strawtown, in Hamilton county, to Kirk's cross roads,
in Clinton county. From Martinsville, in Morgan county, via
Lyon's mills, Mooresville, Danville, Alexander's tavern, and Le-
banon, to Frankfort, in Clinton county. From Shelbyville, in
Shelby county, via Manwarring's, on Sugar creek, Greenwood,
Farwest, and Mooresville, to Monrovia, in Morgan county. From
Noblesville, via Westfield, in Hamilton county, Northfield, Leba-
non, Jamestown and Russelville, to Montezuma, in Park county.
From Indianapolis, to Mooresville. From Rising Sun, in Dear-
born county, via Hartford, Guionville, Dillsborough, and Hart's
mill, to Versailles, in Ripley county. From Napoleon, in Ripley
county, via Harden's store, Wilmington, and Aurora, to Burling-
ton, in Boon county, Kentucky. From Lawrenceburg, in Dear-
born county, via Hubbles and M'Kenzie's cross roads, to Brook-
ville, in Franklin county. From Harrison, in Dearborn county,
via Edinburg, to Scipio, in Franklin county. From Napoleon,
in Ripley county, via Vol. Cross plains, Vevay, and Ghent,
to Georgetown, in Scott county, Kentucky. From Brookville, in
Franklin county, via Sunman's, to Versailles, in Ripley county.
From Knightstown, via Greensborough, to Pendleton. From
Fort Wayne, via M'Cormick's, Noblesville, and Allisonville, to
Indianapolis. From Toledo, via Whitemansville, Lima, Bristol,
Carrollton, Elkhart, Mishawaka, South Bend, Terre Coupee,
Kankakee, Laporte, and Morgan's prairie, Indiana, to Juliet, in
Illinois. From Whitepigeon, in Michigan, via Bristol, to Elk-
hart, in Indiana. From the town of Elkhart, Indiana, via
Adamsville, Cassapolis, Whitemansville, and Little Praipree, to
Bronson, in Michigan. From Newtown, in Fountain county, via
Rob Roy, Attica, Williamsport, Rainesville, and Parish's Grove,
to Iroquois, in Illinois. From Indianapolis, via Danville, Bain-
bridge, Rockville, Montezuma, and Newport, to Danville, in Illi-
nois. From Danville, in Hendricks county, via New Maysville,
Bainbridge, Poplar spring, Blakesburg, and Russelville, to Rock-
ville, in Park county. From Rockville, in Park county, via the
narrows of Sugar creek and Jacksonville, to Hillsborough, in

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In Indiana.

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