so deposited unless in the casks or bottles as imported : And


proeided, further, That the benefit of this act shall not be extended to any wines not entitled to debenture. [.Approved, July 4, 1836.] Chap. 361. An act confirming claims to land in the state of Missouri,

and for other purposes. i. Be it enacted, fc, That the decisions in favour of land Decisions of claimants, made by the recorder of land titles in the state of Mis- the recorder souri, and the two commissioners associated with him by virtue of an act entitled "an act for the final adjustment of private land Act of 1832, claims in Missouri,” approved July ninth, eighteen hundred and c. 189, ante p. thirty-two, and an act supplemental thereto, approved March Act of 1833, second, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, as entered in the trans- C. 383, ante script of decisions transmitted by the said recorder and commis- p. 2359. sioners to the commissioner of the general land office, and by him laid before Congress at the two last and present sessions, be, and the same are hereby, confirmed, saving and reserving, however, to all adverse claimants, the right to assert the validity of their claims in a court or courts of justice: Provided, That nothing in Proviso. this act contained shall apply to, or be in confirmation of the claim of Don Carlos D. Vilemont, for a tract of land at Point Chicot: And provided, also, That nothing in this act contained Proviso. shall apply to, or be in confirmation of the following claims, to wit: Manuel Liza, six thousand arpens; J. Coontz, and Hempstead, four hundred and fifty arpens ; Matthew Saucier, one thousand two hundred arpens; 'Charles Tayon, one thousand six hundred arpens; sons of Joseph M. Pepen, five thousand six hundred arpens; Louis Lorimiere, thirty thousand arpens; Bartholomew Cousin, ten thousand arpens; Manuel Gonzales Moro, eight hundred arpens ; Seneca Rollins, four hundred arpens ; William Long, four hundred arpens : James Journey, four hundred arpens ; Joachim Lisa, six thousand arpens; Francois Lacomb, four hundred arpens; Israel Dodge, seven thousand fifty-six arpens; Andrew Chevelier, four hundred arpens ; Joseph Silvain, two hundred and fifty arpens; John P. Cabauis, two thousand arpens ; William Hartly, six hundred and fifty arpens; William Morrison, seven hundred and fifty arpens; Solomon Bellew, three hundred fifty arpens ; Paschal Detchemendez, seven thousand fifty six arpens; Baptiste Aunure, two hundred and forty arpens ; Alexander Maurice, four hundred arpens ; Jean Baptiste Valle, twenty thousand arpens ; Israel Dodge, one thousand arpens; Walter Fenwick, ten thousand arpens ; John Smith T. ten thousand arpens; and Mackey Wherry, sixteen hundred arpens.

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That if it shall be found that Other land any tract or tracts confirmed as aforesaid, or any part thereof, may be locahad been previously located by any other person or persons under ledsobre any law of the United States, or had been surveyed and sold by occupied the the United States, this act shall confer no title to such lands in the title to opposition to the rights acquired by such location or purchase ; which is conbut the individual or individuals whose claims are hereby confirmed shall be permitted to locate so much thereof as interferes with such location or purchase, on any unappropriated land of the United States within the state of Missouri, or territory of Vol. IV.



Arkansas, in whichever the original claim may be, that may be Proviso.

subject to entry at private sale: Provided, 'That such location shall conform to legal divisions and subdivisions, and shall not

interfere with the rights of other persons. Locations to

3. And be it further enacted, That the locations authorised be entered by this act shall be entered with the register of the proper land with the rea office, who shall, on application for that purpose, make out for gister, &c.

such claimant a certificate of location, which, with the certificate of confirmation, shall be transmitted to the commissioner of the general land office; and if it shall appear to the satisfaction of the said commissioner that such certificate shall have been fairly obtained, according to the true intent and meaning of this act and the laws of the United States, then, and in that case, patents shall be granted in like manner as is provided by law for the other lands of the United States. And for each certificate of location to be issued as aforesaid, the register shall be entitled to receive from the person applying therefor, the sum of one dollar. [Approved, July 4, 1836.]

half pay to

CHAP. 362. An act granting half pay to widows or orphans where

their husbands and fathers have died of wounds received in the military service of the United States in certain cases, and for other

purposes. Five years'

f 1. Be it enacted, fc. That when any officer, non-commis

sioned officer, musician or private of the militia, including ranphans of those gers, sea fencibles, and volunteers, shall have died while in the who have

service of the United States, since the twentieth of April, eightdied &c. in teen hundred and eighteen, or who shall have died in consequence the service of of a wound received whilst in the service, since the day aforeU. S. since 20th April,

said, and shall have left a widow, or, if no widow, a child or 1818. children under sixteen years of age, such widow, or if no widow,

such child or children, shall be entitled to receive half the monthly pay to which the deceased was entitled at the time of his death or receiving such wound, for and during the term of five years; and in case of the death or marriage of such widow before the

expiration of said five years, the half pay for the remainder of Proviso. the time shall go to the said decedent: Provided, That the half

pay aforesaid shall be half the monthly pay of the officers, non

commissioned officers, musicians and privates of the infantry of Proviso.

the regular army and no more: Provided, also, That no greater sum shall be allowed to the widow or to the child or children of

any officer than the half pay of a lieutenant colonel. Benefit of the § 2. And be it further enacted, That if any officer, non-com'act of 7th missioned officer, musician, soldier, Indian spy, mariner or marine,

whose service during the revolutionary war was such as is speciextended to widows or fied in the act passed the seventh day of June, eighteen hundred children un. and thirty-two, entitled “ An act supplementary to the act for the der certain

relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the revolution," circumstan

have died since the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, and before the date of said act, the amount of pension which would have accrued from the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, to the time of his death, and become


payable to him by virtue of that act, if he had survived the passage thereof, shall be paid to his widow; and if he left no widow, to his children, in the manner prescribed in the act hereby amended. § 3. And be it further enacted, That if any person who served Extended to

widows in in the war of the revolution, in the manner specified in the act

other cases. passed the seventh day of June, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, entitled “ An act supplementary to the act for the relief of certain Act of 1832, c. surviving officers and soldiers of the revolution," have died leaving 126, ante p.

. a widow whose marriage took place before the expiration of the last period of his service, such widow shall be entitled to receive, during the time she may remain unmarried, the annuity or pension which might have been allowed to her husband, by virtue of the act aforesaid, if living at the time it was passed.

§ 4. And be it further enacted, That any, pledge, mortgage, Transfers of sale, assignment, or transfer of any right, claim, or interest, in any claim unany money or 'half pay granted by this act, shall be utterly void declared void. and of no effect; each person acting for and in behalf of any one, entitled to money under this act shall take and subscribe an oath to be administered by the proper accounting officer and retained by him and put on file, before a warrant shall be delivered to him, that he has no interest in said money by any pledge, mortgage, sale, assignment or transfer, and that he dces not know or believe that the same has been so disposed of to any person whatever.

$ 5. And be it further enacted, That the secretary of war shall Secretary of adopt such forms of evidence, in applications under this act as the womento adopt President of the United States shall prescribe. (Approved, July 4th, 1836.]

CHAP. 364. An act to repeal so much of the act of Marchi second,

seventeen hundred and ninety-nine, as respects the issuing of certificates on the importation of wines.

§ 1. Be it enacted, f.c. That so much of the act of Congress, Act of 1799, c. passed second March, seventeen hundred and ninety-nine, as 128, vol. 1. p.

573. requires that the surveyor or chief officers of inspection of any port, where wines may be landed, shall give to the proprietor, importer or consignee thereof, or his or her agent, a certificate, as mentioned in the fortieth and forty-first sections of said act, is hereby repealed. [Approved, July 4th, 1836.]


[No. 2.] Resolution to establish certain post roads in Missouri and

Arkansas. Resolved, fc. That the postmaster general be, and he is hereby Post roads to authorised to establish the following post roads: From Fort Tow- be established. son, in the territory of Arkansas, to Fort Gibson, and from Fort Gibson by Fayette in Arkansas territory, Barry court-house, Van Buren court-house, Jackson court-house, Fort Leavenworth, Liberty in Clay county, Plattsburg in Clinton county, Fort Des

Moines, to the town of Dubuque, on the Mississippi river. And the same shall be continued until otherwise provided for by law. [Approved, March 19th, 1836.]

[No. 3.] Resolution to suspend the sale of a part of the public lands

acquired by the treaty of Dancing Rabbit creek! Reservations Resolved, &-c. That so much of the public lands, acquired by of lands to be the treaty concluded with the Choctaw nation of Indians, at public sale, Dancing Rabbit creek, on the twenty-eighth day of September, until 1st Dec. eighteen hundred and thirty, as has been conditionally, or other

wise located by the locating agent of the United States to persons claiming reservations under the fourteenth article of said treaty,

be withheld from public sale until the first day of December next: Proviso. Provided, That nothing herein contained, shall be taken or con

strued as indicating any intention on the part of Congress toʻconfirm said claims. (Approved, May 9th, 1836.]


The contract

[No. 4.] A Resolution to change the time of making contracts for

the transportation of the mail. Resolved, fc. That the postmaster general be authorised, proyear for car: vided the same can be done at the present rates of compensation,

end on the to extend the term of the existing contracts for the transportation 30th of June. of the mail, to the thirtieth day of June inclusive, next succeeding

the thirty-first day of December, in each year in which said contracts expire, so that the contract year may, after the first day of January next, commence on the first day of July, instead of the first day of January. [Approved, May 14th, 1836.]

[No. 5.) A resolution to authorise the secretary of war, to receive

additional evidence in support of the claims of Massachusetts and other States of the United States, for disbursements, services, &c.

during the late war. Evidence, if Resolved, f.c. That the secretary of war, in preparing his resatisfactory, port pursuant to a resolve of the house of representatives, agreed to be received, to on the twenty-fourth of February, eighteen hundred and thirtyconforming to two, be, and he hereby is, authorised, without regard to existing existing rules, rules and requirements, to receive such evidence as is on file, and

any further proofs which may be offered tending to establish the validity of the claims of Massachusetts upon the United States, or any part thereof, for services, disbursements, and expenditures during the late war with Great Britain; and in all cases where such evidence shall in his judgment prove the truth of the items of claim, or any part thereof, to act on the same in like manner as if the proof consisted of such vouchers and evidence, as is required by existing rules and regulations touching the allowance of such claims : And that in the settlement of claims of other states upon

the United States for services, disbursements, and expenditures during the late war with Great Britain, the same kind of evidence, vouchers and proof shall be received as is herein provided for in relation to the claim of Massachusetts, the validity of which shall be, in like manner determined and acted upon by the secretary of war. [Approved, May 14th, 1836.]

[No. 6.] A Resolution authorising the repair of the bridge across the

river Potomac, at Washington. Resolved, fc. That the secretary of the treasury be, and he is The unexpenhereby authorised to have all repairs made to the bridge across

ded balance

appropriated the Potomac river, which have become necessary from the late

to repairs. flood, and that the expenses of said repairs be paid out of the money heretofore appropriated for the erection of said bridge, and which is now in the treasury, unexpended. [Approved, June 7th, 1836]

measures as

[No. 7.] A Resolution providing for the distribution of weights and

measures. Resolved, f-c. That the secretary of the treasury be, and he A complete hereby is directed to cause a complete set of all the weights and set of such measures adopted as standards and now either made or in the

weights and progress of manufacture for the use of the several custom-houses are intended and for other purposes, to be delivered to the governor of each for custom, state in the Union, or such person as he may appoint, for the use delivered to of the states respectively, to the end that an uniform standard of each state. weights and measures may be established throughout the United States. [Approved, June 14th, 1836.]


[No. 8.) A Resolution to furnish the Rotunda with paintings.

Resolved, f-c. That a joint committee be appointed to contract Contract to be with one or more competent American artists for the execution of made with

four Amerifour historical pictures upon subjects serving to illustrate the dis

can artists. covery of America ; the settlement of the United States; the history of the Revolution; or of the adoption of the Constitution ; to be placed in the vacant pannels of the Rotunda ; the subject to be left to the choice of the artists under the control of the committee. [Approved, June 23d, 1836.]

[No. 10.] Resolution to apply the unexpended balance of the appro

priation for the Potomac bridge to the improvement of Maryland
avenue leading thereto, and for other purposes.

Resolved, fc. That the balance of the appropriation for the construction of the bridge across the Potomac, at the city of

« ForrigeFortsett »