The Practical Metal-worker's Assistant ...: With the Application of the Art of Electro-metallurgy to Manufacturing Processes

Oliver Byrne, John Scoffern, William Clay, Sir William Fairbairn
H.C. Baird, 1864 - 646 sider

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Side 665 - Property : A Treatise on the Construction and Management of Railways ; designed to afford useful knowledge, in the popular style, to the holders of this class of property ; as well as Railway Managers Officers, and Agents. By JOHN B. JERVIS, late Chief Engineer of the Hudson River Railroad, Croton Aqueduct, etc.
Side 662 - Goods ; containing nearly 800 Receipts. To which is added a Treatise on the Art of Padding; and the Printing of Silk Warps, Skeins, and Handkerchiefs, and the various Mordants and Colors for the different styles of such work, By DAVID SMITH, Pattern Dyer.
Side 5 - Metals and Alloys ; Forging of Iron and Steel ; Hardening and Tempering ; Melting and Mixing; Casting and Founding ; Works in Sheet Metal; the Processes Dependent on the Ductility of the Metals; Soldering; and the most Improved Processes and Tools employed by Metalworkers. With the Application of the Art of Electro-Metallurgy to Manufacturing Processes ; collected from Original Sources, and from the works of Holtzapffel, Bergeron, Leupold, Plumier, Napier, Scoffern, Clay, Fairbairn and others.
Side 661 - DYER AND COLOR-MAKER'S COMPANION: Containing upwards of two hundred Receipts for making Colors, on the most approved principles, for all the various styles and fabrics now in existence ; with the Scouring Process, and plain Directions for Preparing, Washing-off, and Finishing the Goods.
Side 499 - ... thickness of the intervening wall of plaster of Paris, and by the coarseness or fineness of the material. I made three similar experiments, altering the texture and thickness of the plaster each time, by which I ascertained that if the...
Side 74 - ... times its original length. One of the most important facts connected with the new system of manufacturing malleable iron is that all the iron so produced will be of that quality known as charcoal iron; not that any charcoal is used in its manufacture, but because the whole of the processes following the smelting of it are conducted entirely without contact with, or the use of, any mineral fuel; the iron resulting therefrom will in consequence be perfectly...
Side 673 - MISCELLANEOUS WORKS: comprising "Harmony of Interests," "Money," "Letters to the President," "French and American Tariffs...
Side 661 - THE ART OF DYEING, CLEANING, SCOURING, AND " FINISHING : ' On the most approved English and French methods ; being Practical Instructions in Dyeing Silks, Woollens, and Cottons, Feathers, Chips, Straw, etc.; Scouring and Cleaning Bed and Window Curtains, Carpets, Rugs, etc.; French and English Cleaning, any Color or Fabric of Silk, Satin, or Damask.
Side 493 - Jacobi, at St. Petersburg)!, has also made a discovery which promises to be of little less importance to the arts. He has found a method — if we understand our informant rightly — of converting any line, however fine, engraved on copper, into a relief, by galvanic process.
Side 667 - The publisher is not aware that in any other work heretofore issued in this country, more space has been devoted to this subject than a single chapter ; and in offering this volume to so large and intelligent a class as American Tanners and Leather Dressers, he feels confident of their substantial support and encouragement.

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