Manual of Botany for North America: Containing Generic and Specific Descriptions of the Indigenous Plants and Common Cultivated Exotics, Growing North of the Gulf of Mexico

Oliver Steele, 1833 - 538 sider

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Side 278 - Zf.) procumbent, subramose, whitish-silky: stipules ovate, gashed: leaves wedge-obovate, gash- toothed: stem ascending and creeping, hirsute: peduncles solitary, elongated: divisions of the calyx lance-linear: petals orbicular, sub-entire, of the length of the calyx. This plant is so long in flower, and assumes so many forms and sizes, that students in botany often make several species of it. Persoon's diagnosis of reptans can be found in this plant; but we have no such species. '2 — 18 i.. S.
Side 315 - Var. rtrgVra'co, has the branches undivided, and the jointed spikes very long. The fructification is very obscure, but it may be known by its leafless nearly cylindric jointed branches. It grows in salt marshes along the seaboard.
Side 40 - Au. y.) leaves sub-clasping, broad-lanceolate, subserrate, glabrous; radical ones serrate in the middle: stem very branching, glabrous: scales of the calyx lanceolate, lax. shorter than the disk. Flowers many and large, elegant.
Side 84 - EUPATORIUM. Calyx imbricated (rarely simple) oblong: style long, cloven half way down: egret pilose, scabrous, or rough papillose: receptacle naked: seed smooth and glandular, 5-striate.
Side 74 - Calyx 5-leaved or deeply 5-parted ; the two lower divisions remote; corolla personate or ringenl, spurred or with a prominent base; the throat closed with a prominent palate ; capsule ovate, 2-valved, dehiscent at the apex, with reflexed teeth, (snap-dragon, toad flax.) GERAR"DIA.
Side 54 - LIL"IUM. Corolla liliaceous, inferior, 6 petalled ; petals with a longitudinal line from the middle to the base; stamens shorter than the style; stigma undivided ; capsule sub-triangular, with the valves connected by hairs crossing as in a sieve. (lily.) ERrTHRo'wuM.
Side 71 - VERBE'NA. Calyx with one of the teeth truncate; corolla funnel-form, with a curved tube ; border 5-cleft, nearly equal ; seeds 2 or 4, with an extra vanishing tegument ; sometimes 2 stamens are barren, (vervain.) MARRU'BIUM.
Side 390 - ... calyx lanceolate; petals all very entire, veinless; upper one naked, glabrous lateral ones bearded, and with...
Side 4 - ... the most material of which are the following : they grow with a degree of rapidity unknown in other plants, acquiring the volume of many inches in the space of a night, and are frequently meteoric, that is, spring up after storms, or only in particular states of the atmosphere.
Side 103 - W. bp J. $>.) pubescent: leaves cordate, entire: peduncles 2 to 5-flowered: pedicels nodding, thickened: divisions of the calyx lanceolate: capsules glabrous. Cultivated.

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