My Daughter's Manual: Comprising a Summary View of Female Studies, Accomplishments, and Principles of Conduct

Appleton, 1837 - 288 sider

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Side 76 - Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.
Side 121 - That gulls the easy creditor ! — To-morrow ! It is a period nowhere to be found In all the hoary registers of Time, Unless perchance in the fool's calendar. Wisdom disclaims the word, nor holds society With those who own it. No, my Horatio, Tis Fancy's child, and Folly is its father ; Wrought of such stuff as dreams are; and baseless As the fantastic visions of the evening.
Side 214 - But, though good health be one of the greatest blessings of life, never make a boast of it, but enjoy it in grateful silence. We so naturally associate the idea of female softness and delicacy with a correspondent delicacy of constitution, that when a woman speaks of her great strength, her extraordinary appetite, her ability to bear excessive fatigue, we recoil at the description in a way she is little aware of.
Side 214 - The intention of your being taught needlework, knitting, and such like, is not on account of the intrinsic value of all you can do with your hands, which is trifling, but to enable you to judge more perfectly of that kind of work, and to direct the execution of it in others. Another principal end is, to enable you to fill up in a tolerably agreeable way, some of the many solitary hours you must necessarily pass at home.
Side 16 - Chemistry is not a science of parade, it affords occupation and infinite variety; it demands no bodily strength, it can be pursued in retirement, it applies immediately to useful and domestic purposes; and whilst the ingenuity of the most inventive mind may be exercised, there is no danger of inflaming the imagination; the judgment is improved, the mind is intent upon realities, the knowledge that is acquired is exact, and the pleasure of the pursuit is a sufficient reward for the labour.
Side 148 - tis found, Amongst your friends, amongst your foes, On Christian or on Heathen ground ; The flower 's divine where'er it grows ; Neglect the prickles, and assume the rose.
Side 279 - To how many a father — a mother — a brother, and not less, a sister, is she both a necessity and a blessing ! How many orphans have to look up with gratitude to her care and kindness ! How many nephews and nieces owe their young felicities and improvements to her ! Were every woman married, the parental home would often in declining life be a solitary abode, when affectionate attentions are most precious, and, but from such a source, not attainable. It is the single class of women which supplies...
Side 245 - The mind ought never to be cultivated at the expense of the body ; and physical education ought to precede that of the intellect, and then proceed simultaneously with it, without cultivating one faculty to the neglect of others ; for health is the base, and instruction the ornament of education.
Side 186 - From the leaves they make couches, baskets, bags, mats, and brushes ; from the branches, cages for their poultry, and fences for their gardens ; from the fibres of the boughs, thread, ropes, and rigging ; from the sap is prepared a spirituous liquor; and the body of the tree furnishes...
Side 128 - This, as we have formerly seen, is one of the principal means of improving the memory; particularly of the kind of memory which is an essential quality of a cultivated mind; namely, that which is founded, not upon incidental connections, but on true and important relations.

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