Statutes at Large ...: (43 v.) ... From Magna charta to 1800


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Side 241 - Henry the Eighth, by the grace of God King of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and of the Church of England, and also of Ireland, in earth the supreme head...
Side 349 - Gospel, with the devotion of the hearers : and yet this notwithstanding, a great number of people in divers parts of this realm, following their own sensuality, and living either without knowledge or due fear of God, do wilfully and damnably before Almighty God abstain and refuse to come to their parish churches...
Side 408 - ... this Act or any thing therein contained to the contrary 'in any wise notwithstanding.
Side 384 - ... the same fee, money, or reward given or paid, or upon any such promise, covenant, bond, or agreement, had or made for any fee, sum of money, or reward to be paid, as is aforesaid, be adjudged a disabled person in the law, to all intents and purposes, to have, occupy, or enjoy the said office or offices, deputation or deputations, or any part of any of them • ; for the which such person or persons shall so give or pay any sum of money, fee, or reward...
Side 273 - Easter next coming have and enjoy to him, his heirs and successors for ever, all fraternities, brotherhoods and guilds being within the realm of England and Wales and other the king's dominions, and all manors, lands, tenements and other hereditaments belonging to them or any of them...
Side 290 - Provided also, that it shall be lawful for all men, as well in churches, chapels, oratories, or other places, to use openly any psalm or prayer taken out of the Bible, at any due time, not letting or omitting thereby the service or any part thereof mentioned in the said book.
Side 214 - ... in any other manner than he or they should or ought to have done before the making of this act, and as if this act had never been had or made.
Side 249 - IV. d. the moiety of which forfeiture shall be to the king, and the other moiety to him or them that will sue for the same in any of the king's courts of record, by...
Side 158 - England, shall yearly have, take, enjoy, and perceive, united and knit to his imperial Crown for ever, one yearly rent or pension amounting to the value of the tenth part of all the revenues, rents...
Side 354 - Act, shall be adjudged by the same justices before whom such person shall be convicted, to have one of his ears cut off; and if the person or persons so offending have none ears, whereby they should receive such punishment as is before declared, that then he or they to be marked and burned in the cheek with an hot iron, having the letter F therein, whereby he or they may be known and taken for fray-makers and fighters...

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