IN drawing up a Chronological Table for the reader's convenience, it is necessary to say that only some of the dates are certainly fixed, but these occur at intervals which form a skeleton table into which the other dates can be intercalated without fear of any considerable error.

The History of St. Augustine's Monastery, by William Thorn, a monk of that house in 1397, gives the following dates :Augustine sent to England, 596; Baptism of Ethelbert, Pentecost, 597; Augustine consecrated, 16th November 597; Received the Pall, 601; Augustine died, 26th May 605; Ethelbert and Bertha kept Christmas at St. Augustine's, 605; Abbot Peter died, 607; Laurentius consecrated the Abbey Church, 613; and died, 614; Ethelbert died, 616; Justus died, 635; Honorius died, 643; Deusdedit died, 664; Theodore appointed to the bishopric, 670.

Thomas of Elmham, a monk of the same house, in 1412, prefixed an elaborate Chronologia Augustinensis to his History of the Monastery, from which the following dates are taken :Arrival of Augustine, Baptism of Ethelbert, Foundation of the Monastery, all in 597; Peter made Abbot, 598; Pall sent, 603; Mellitus and Justus consecrated, 604; Death of Augustine, 26th May 605; Dedication of the Church by Laurence, 613; Death of Laurence, 619; Death of Mellitus, 625; Edwin of Northumbria baptized, 627; Death of Justus, 635; Death of Honorius, 653; Vacancy of eighteen months; Deusdedit elected, 655; Deusdedit

died, 664; Vacancy; Theodore consecrated, 668; arrives in England, May 27, 669.


586 or 587. Gregory undertakes a mission to England, and is recalled.

590. Gregory made Bishop of Rome.

596. Augustine leaves Rome for Britain in the spring; leaves the second time, July 23rd.

597. Augustine consecrated Bishop in autumn. 597. Baptism of the ten thousand at Christmas.

598. Laurence and Peter sent to Rome and return.

598. Baptism of Ethelbert on Whitsunday.

601. Arrival from Rome of Abbot Mellitus and his company. 601. The Pall sent to Augustine.

603. The Synod at Augustine's Oak.

604. Mellitus consecrated Bishop of East Saxons, and Justus of


604. Laurence consecrated before April.

604. Death of Gregory, 12th March.

605.? Augustine died, May 26th; Laurence succeeded.

613. Monastery of SS. Peter and Paul consecrated.

616. Ethelbert died; succeeded by Eadbald.

617. Flight of Mellitus and Justus to France.

618. Return of Mellitus and Justus.

619.? Laurence died, succeeded by Mellitus.

624. Mellitus dies, April 24th, succeeded by Justus.

625. Paulinus consecrated, July 21st, for Northumbria.

627. Justus dies, succeeded after an interval by Honorius.

630. Monastery of Dover founded; Conversion of East Anglia by Bishop Felix.

633. Defeat and death of Edwin, King of Northumbria; return to Kent of Ethelburga and Paulinus.

633. Double monasteries of Folkestone and Lyminge founded. 635. Conversion of the West Saxons by Bishop Birinus.


640. Eadbald dies, succeeded by Earconberht.

644. Paulinus dies at Rochester, succeeded by Ithamar. 653. Conversion of the East Saxons by Cedd.

653. Honorius dies; an interval of eighteen months.

655. Deusdedit consecrated.

664. King Earconbert and Bishop Deusdedit died the same day, July 14th; the former succeeded by Egbert; a vacancy in the see.

666.? Wigheard sent to Rome and dies there.

668. Theodore of Tarsus consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury. 669. The King gave Reculver to Bass the priest to build a minster there.

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