New Cases: Selected Chiefly from Decisions of the Courts of the State of New York, Volum 31

Ward & Peloubet, 1894

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Side 473 - Future estates are either vested or contingent : They are vested when there is a person in being who would have an immediate right to the possession of the lands, upon the ceasing of the intermediate or precedent estate...
Side 317 - ... the province of the jury to determine the credibility of the witnesses and the weight and value of their testimony.
Side 292 - It shall be the duty .of the owner of any aforesaid establishment, or his agent, superintendent or other person in charge of the same, to furnish and supply, or cause to be furnished and supplied...
Side 255 - Within twenty days after a pleading, or the answer or demurrer thereto, is served, or at any time before the period for answering it expires, the pleading may be once amended by the party, of course, without costs, and without prejudice to the proceedings already had.
Side 89 - The absolute power of alienation is suspended, when there are no persons in being by whom an absolute fee in possession can be conveyed.
Side 68 - The case was submitted to the jury, who found a verdict for the plaintiff...
Side 262 - Where, in a matter of account, the sum total of the accounts of both parties, proved to the satisfaction of the justice, exceeds four hundred dollars.
Side 89 - The absolute power of alienation shall not be suspended by any limitation or condition whatever, for a longer period than during the continuance of two lives in being at the creation of the estate, except in the single case mentioned in.
Side 365 - The inviolability of the person is as much invaded by a compulsory stripping and exposure as by a blow. To compel any one, and especially a woman to lay bare the body, or to submit it to the touch of a stranger, without lawful authority, is an indignity, an assault and a trespass...
Side 404 - Jacob 4 for the product of or substitute for the original thing still follows the nature of the thing itself, as long as it can be ascertained to be such...

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