Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner, M.P.

Little, Brown, 1853 - 1036 sider

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Side xi - REPORT FROM THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE HIGH PRICE OF GOLD BULLION. Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 8 Jime, 1810. THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to enquire into the cause of the High Price of Gold Bullion, and to take into consideration the state of the Circulating Medium, and of the Exchanges between Great Britain and Foreign Parts...
Side 43 - That in order to revert gradually to this security, and to enforce meanwhile a due limitation of the paper of the Bank of England, as well as of all the other bank paper of the country, it is expedient to amend the act which suspends the cash payments of the Bank, by altering the time, till which the suspension shall continue, from six months after the ratification of a definitive treaty of peace, to that of two years from the present time.
Side 353 - That an humble address be presented to his majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that there be laid before this house, copies of...
Side xix - Whether such a state of things be more or less expedient, than that other, more agreeable at least to the theory of the constitution, in which the parliament should exercise its controlling and inquisitorial functions, by adhering, as nearly as human nature will permit, to the exercise of a sort of judicial opinion upon the merits of each particular measure of government, is a speculative question of some curiosity and difficulty. That it is not wholly a speculative question, however, may be seen...
Side 91 - Ireland, with a view to such a final and conciliatory adjustment as may be conducive to the peace and strength of the United Kingdom, to the stability of the Protestant establishment, and to the general satisfaction and concord of all classes of His Majesty's subjects.
Side 207 - After I had been five days engaged with the prosecution of my object, I found that the best cases, that is, the most horrid wounds left totally without assistance, were to be found in the hospital of the French wounded. This hospital was only forming; they were even then bringing these poor creatures in from the woods. It is impossible to convey to you the picture of human misery continually before my eyes. What was heart-rending in the day, was intolerable at night; and I rose and...
Side 91 - Parliament and the press, where the great interests of j ustice and liberty are the subject of controversy ; and what a pride it is for England, to have such a controversy leading slowly but surely to the truth, and to one of the most signal ameliorations of government in favour of * Upon a motion of Mr.
Side 301 - ... firmness of his excellent and enlightened understanding. I may, perhaps, be permitted, without penetrating too far into the more sequestered paths of private life, to allude to those mild virtues — those domestic charities, which embellished while they dignified his private character. I may be permitted to observe, that, as a son and as a brother, he was eminently dutiful and affectionate : but I am aware that these qualities, however amiable, can hardly, with strict propriety, be addressed...
Side 389 - House did grant what the Chancellor of the Exchequer proposed, they would in fact pass a bill to continue the restriction for ever. He must be an idle dreamer who could suppose, after what had passed, that the Chancellor of the Exchequer or the Bank directors ever meant to resume cash payments at all. If, then, this bill were sanctioned, as a matter of course, they made the system permanent. They set their seal to it, and must answer to the "country for the consequences. He should now move, " That...

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