The Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States, Volum 4

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1889

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Side 497 - Virginia, have nominated, constituted, and appointed, and by these presents do nominate, constitute, and appoint, the said Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Henry Laurens, and Thomas Jefferson...
Side 16 - SIR, — I have received the letter which you did me the honor to write me on the 27th of this month.
Side 344 - I have received the letter, which you did me the honor to write to me the 4th instant, as also those which accompanied it.
Side 583 - SIR, I have received the letter, which your Excellency did me the honor of addressing to me by the hand of Mr.
Side 261 - I have had the honour of receiving your letter of the 2 1st October last.
Side 74 - ... humiliated with the idea of our running about from court to court begging for money and friendship, which...
Side 280 - I have passed my seventyfifth year, and I find that the long and severe fit of the gout, which I had the last winter, has shaken me exceedingly, and I am yet far from having recovered the bodily strength I before enjoyed. I do not know that my mental faculties are impaired ; perhaps I shall be the last to discover that...
Side 201 - You will readily perceive, that it must be a leading and capital point, if these United States shall be formally admitted as a party to the convention of the neutral maritime powers for maintaining the freedom of commerce. This regulation, in which the Empress is deeply interested, and from which she has derived so much glory, will open the way for your favorable reception, which we have the greater reason to expect, as she has publicly invited the belligerent powers to accede thereto.
Side 81 - That the Board of Admiralty prepare and report instructions for the commanders of armed vessels commissioned by the United States, conformable to the principles contained in the declaration of the Empress of all the Russias. on the rights of neutral vessels...
Side 23 - I think it right to increase this pleasure by our thankful acknowledgments, and that such an expression of gratitude is not only our duty, but our interest. A different conduct seems to me what is not only improper and unbecoming, but what may be hurtful to us. Mr. Adams, on the other hand, who, at the same time, means our welfare and interest as much as I, or any man, can do, seems to think a little apparent stoutness, and a greater air of independence and boldness in our demands, will procure us...

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