The Practice of the High Court of Chancery: To which is Added a Collection of the Forms of Pleadings and of Proceedings in that Court, Volum 1

Saunders & Benning, 1830

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Side 672 - No bill of review shall be admitted, or any other new bill, to change matter decreed, except the decree be first obeyed and performed : as, if it be for land, that the possession be yielded ; if it be for money, that the money be paid ; if it be for evidences, that the evidences be brought in ; and so in other cases which stand upon the strength of the decree alone. 4. But if any act be decreed to be done which extinguisheth the parties...
Side 285 - ... before replication, unless the Court shall be satisfied by affidavit that the draft of the intended amendments has been settled, approved, and signed by counsel, and that such amendments are not intended to be made 'for the purpose of delay or vexation, but because the same are considered to be material to the case of the plaintiff...
Side 228 - ... and they are hereby required to hear such petition in a summary way, and upon affidavits or such other evidence as shall be produced upon such hearing, to determine the same...
Side 9 - In general, there is no question of law or equity, or disputed fact, which a Master may not have occasion to decide, or respecting which he may not be called upon to report his opinion to the Court.
Side 281 - ... after the process on the bill shall be returnable, or after the answer or pleading is filed. And such order, when obtained, shall be considered as abandoned, unless the party obtaining the order shall, without any unnecessary delay, procure the master to examine and report for the same on or before the next succeeding rule day, or the master shall certify that further time is necessary for him to complete the examination.
Side 286 - ... judge of the court, upon motion or petition, after due notice to the other party, and upon proof by affidavit, that the same is not made for the purpose of vexation or delay, or that the matter of the proposed amendment is material, and could not with reasonable...
Side 538 - ... claim before him, either upon written interrogatories or viva voce, or in both modes, as the nature of the case may appear to him to require. The evidence upon such examinations shall be taken down by the master, or by some other person by his order and in his presence, if either party requires it, in order that the same may be used by the court if necessary.
Side 490 - That where a cause being in the paper for hearing is ordered to be adjourned upon payment of the costs of the day, there the party to pay the same, whether before the Lord High Chancellor, the Master of the Rolls, or the Vice Chancellor, shall pay the sum of ten pounds, unless the Court shall make other order to the contrary.
Side 615 - Solicitor and client, whether such separate pleadings or other proceedings were necessary or proper, and if he is of opinion that any part of the costs occasioned thereby has been unnecessarily or improperly incurred, the same shall be disallowed.
Side 630 - ... where an attorney is employed in a matter wholly unconnected with his professional character, the Court will not interfere in a summary way to compel him to execute faithfully the trust reposed in him. But where the employment is so connected with his professional character as to afford a presumption that his character formed the ground of his employment by the client, there the Court will exercise this jurisdiction.

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