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An Act Providing for the appraisal and sale of the Vashon Island

Military Reservation in the State of Washington, and for other

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior shall cause the Vashon Islands, land in the Vashon Island abandoned military reserva


Survey, etc., di. tion in sections one, two, and three, all in township rected of aban twenty-one north, range two east, Willamette meridian, Ceserealiomilitary in the county of King, in the State of Washington, to be surveyed and subdivided into tracts and lots to conform as far as practicable to the tracts and lots lawfully occupied by the tenants thereon as lessees or sublessees on May 1, 1920.

Sec. 2. That after said survey and the approval thereof Occupants unby the Commissioner of the General Land Office the plat

der former lease

may purchase a thereof shall be filed in the office of the register and re- surveyed tract at ceiver in the manner provided by law, and thereafter any person who as lessee or sublessee was in actual occupation of any portion of the lands described in section 1 hereof on the ist day of May, 1920, who made actual settlement thereon in good faith under the terms of a certain lease held of the War Department by one James Bachelor, or a sublease thereunder, or anyone who has since said date succeeded to the occupation and interest of any such prior settler, his heirs or assigns, shall be entitled to purchase for the appraised value one of such surveyed tracts so occupied, no right of purchase to exceed the tract actually occupied and improved by a lawful lessee or sublessee on May 1, 1920, and in no case exceeding twenty Limitation acres in a body, according to Government surveys and subdivisions thereof, upon the payment to the Government of a sum of money equal to the appraised value thereof, such appraisement to be made as provided by law: Provided, That in making such appraisement the Provison appraisers shall not include the improvements thereon striction. made by the occupants of such lands: Provided further, Installment That payment to the Government may be made in one lowed. sum, or not less than one-tenth cash and the balance in nine or less number of equal annual installments, with interest at 5 per centum per annum, payable annually, as the purchaser may elect, and with the option in the purchaser, his heirs and assigns, to pay the remaining installments on any date when installment becomes due.

Sec. 3. That if any tract of the lands described in section 1 hereof be not purchased by the lessee or sublessee, shaped to be sold his heirs or assigns, as provided in section 2 of this Act, within ninety days after the same becomes subject to purchase under tħe provisions of this Act, then and in that event the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to dispose of the remaining lands under the provisions of the Act of Congress of July 5, 1884, entitled "An Act to provide for the disposal of abandoned and useless


payments al.

Tracts tot pur.

sees, etc.

military reservations," and the said lessees, sublessees,

heirs or assigns, who do not purchase such tracts shall have Removal of buildings byʻles: the privilege within a period to be fixed by the Secretary

of removing from their tracts any buildings placed thereon, and the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to reappraise any unsold tracts from time to time before

offering the same for sale under said Act of July 5, 1884. Reservations

Sec. 4. That the Secretary of the Interior in making for lighthouse or the survey provided for by this Act shall ascertain what

part of said lands, if any, are needed for lighthouse or · roadway purposes, and any lands needed for such purposes shall be segregated or reserved for such use, and the lands so segregated or reserved shall not be subject to disposal hereunder.

Approved, July 15, 1921 (42 Stat. 142).

NOTE.-There are numerous old acts relating to the disposition of individual abandoned military reservations, but they are not considered of sufficient importance to be given here.



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nette Islands reserved for Indians_-
Act of May 17, 1906-Allotments to Indians
COAL LANDS.-Act of June 6, 1900—Coal land laws, sections 2347–2352,

R. S., extended to Alaska..
Act of April 28, 1904—Qualifications of applicants-Boundaries-No-

tice-Patents-$10 per acre--Not allowed for shores of navigable

waters--Adverse claims -Act of May 28, 1908-Consolidation of claims located prior to November

12, 1906--Right to purchase for Army and Navy-Unlawful trust

Act of October 20, 1914-Leases of tracts not exceeding 2,560 acres-

Railroads and common carriers-Consolidation of small leases-Inter-
est only in one lease--Royalties—Terms of lease-Domestic purposes-
Easements--Surface--Permits for washeries--Assignment of leases-

Prior claims not affected.-
Act of March 4, 1921-Prospecting permits for coal.
HOMESTEADS.-Act of May 14, 1898-Homestead laws extended to

Act of March 3, 1903—Homestead-Lieu selections—Location of scrip-

Soldier's additional homesteads-Shores of navigable waters-Settlers-
320 acres allowed-Mineral and coal lands-Transfer for church, cem-

etery, etc., purposes.
Act of July 8, 1916-Homesteads limited to 160 acres.
Act of June 28, 1918-Survey of homesteads.
Act of June 5, 1920-80-rod shore space not required.
Act of March 8, 1922-Surface entries of coal, oil, etc., lands_
LAND DISTRICTS.--Act of May 14, 1998—-President authorized to es-

tablish land districts.
Act of February 14, 1902–One land district in Aluska-
Art of March 2, 1907--Two land districts in Alaska---
MINERAL LANDS.-Act of May 17, 1884--Mining laws made applicable

to Alaska --
Act of May 14, 1898—Mining rights to citizens of Canada --
Act of June 6, 1900_ Instruments to be recorded-Gold explorations on

Bering Sea-Miner's regulations—Roadway--
Act of March 2, 1907--$100 in annual improvements-Forfeiture_
Act of June 7, 1910_Time for filing adverse claims.--
Act of August 1, 1912—Placer claim not in excess of 40 acres-$100 an-

nually in labor or improvements-Locations by attorney restricted.. Act of January 25, 1919—Performance of annual assessments not re

quired while in the military service--Act of February 28, 1919-Performance of annual assessments not re

quired during years 1917, 1918, and 1919.. MISSION SITES.--Act of June 6, 1900—Religious societies conducting

schools -RAILROADS AND RIGHTS OF WAY.-Act of May 14, 1898—Railroar!

right of way-Minerals- Materials-Wharves-Map of location

Wagon roads-Toll-Forfeitures.-
Art of March 12, 1914President authorized to construct and operate

railroads, telegraphs, and telephone lines, etc.--
Act of March 4, 1915—Use of materials from forest reserves
Act of October 7, 1919--Additional appropriation for construction of

railroad. Act of November 18, 1921-Additional appropriation for construction of railroad.


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SCHOOL GRANTS.--Act of March 4, 1915—Sections 16 and 36—Section

33 in Tanana Valley for agricultural colleges—Lieu selections

Leases-Mineral lands excepted.-
SURVEYS.--Act of March 3, 1899-System of surveys extended to

TIMBER.--Act of May 14, 1898—Sale and use of timber---
Act of February 1, 1905—Pulp wood and wood pulp may be exported

from Alaska..
TOWN SITES.-Act of March 3, 1891-Entry by trustee under section

2387, R. S. Act of June 6, 1900-Jail and courthouse sites.TRADE AND MANUFACTURING SITES.-Act of May 14, 1898-Pur

chase of not exceeding 80 acres containing improvements—Navigable waters—Use of wharves and roadway-Suitable tracts along waterways for use of natives—Procedure for patent-Adverse claim.-


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An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to allot homesteads

to the natives of Alaska.



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

tives of the United States of America in Congress asHomestead al. lotments to

sembled, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and empowered, "in his discretion and under such rules as he may prescribe, to allot not to exceed one hundred and sixty acres of nonmineral land in the district of Alaska to any Indian or Eskimo of full or mixed

blood who resides in and is a native of said district, Allotments in- and who is the head of a family, or is twenty-one years folienable and non- of age; and the land so allotted shall be deemed the

homestead of the allottee and his heirs in perpetuity,

and shall be inalienable and nontaxable until otherwise Preference

provided by Congress. Any person qualified for an alrights.

lotment as a foresaid shall have the preference right to secure by allotment the nonmineral land occupied by him not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres.

Approved, May 17, 1906 (34 Stat. 197).

An Act To repeal the timber-culture laws, and for other purposes.

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Annette Islands reserved for Met

SEC. 15. That until otherwise provided by law the lakahtlan Indians. body of lands known as Annette Islands, situated in

Alexander Archipelago, in southeastern Alaska, on the north side of Dixon's entrance, be, and the same is hereby, set apart as a reservation for the use of the Metlakahtla Indians, and those people known as Metla kahtlans who have recently emigrated from British Columbia to Alaska, and such other Alaskan natives as may join them, to be held and used by them in common, under such rules and regulations, and subject to such restrictions, as may be prescribed from time to time by the Secretary of the Interior.

Approved, March 3, 1891 (26 Stat. 1095–1101).

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