Public lands

Bled, That it shall be lawful for the properly credited Florida school sections in un agent or official of the State of Florida having in charge Surved to win the adjustment of its school grant to apply to the Comveyed.

missioner of the General Land Office for the survey of Vol. 5, p. 788. any townships or parts of townships of public land un

surveyed in any of the surveying districts of said State,
with a view to satisfy the grant in aid of schools made
to said State of Florida by the Act of March 3, 1845,
and other Acts amendatory thereto to the extent of the
full quantity of land called for thereby; and upon the
application of said agent or official, the Commissioner
of the General Land Office shall proceed to have the sur-

vey or surveys so applied for made, as in the case of sur-
101 Settlement, veys of other public lands; and the lands that may be

found to fall within the limits of such townships or
parts of townships as ascertained by the survey shall be
reserved, upon the filing of the application for survey
from any adverse appropriation by settlement or other-
wise, except under rights that may be found to exist of

prior inception, for a period to extend from such appliSelection of cation for survey until the expiration of sixty days from school grant.

date of filing of the township plat of survey in the
proper district land office, during which period of sixty
days the State may select any of such lands not em-
braced in any valid adverse claim for the satisfaction of

its school grant, as aforesaid, with the condition, how-
Public notice
notice ever, that the agent or official of the State, within thirty

days from the date of such filing of the application for
survey, shall cause a notice to be published, which publi-
cation shall be continued for thirty days from date of
first publication in some newspaper of general circala-
tion in the vicinity of the lands likely to be embraced in
such townships or parts of townships giving notice to all

parties interested of the fact of such application for surDisposal of un- vey and the exclusive right of selection by the State for selected lands. the aforesaid period of sixty days as herein provided for,

and after the expiration of such sixty days any lands
which may remain unselected by the State and not other-

wise appropriated according to law shall be subject to Notice to local

disposal under general laws as other public lands: Proland officials.

vided, That the Commissioner of the General Land Office
shall give notice immediately of the reservation of any
township or parts of townships to the officials of the
local land office of the land district in which the land is
situated of the withdrawal of such townships or parts of

townships for the purpose hereinbefore provided : Pro-
swamp lands pat vided further, That nothing herein shall be deemed to
ent not affected. authorize the Commissioner of the General Land Office

to survey any lands within the exterior boundaries of the
Everglades, as defined in Everglades patent numbered
one hundred and thirty-seven, issued to the State of

of application for sures, ete.


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Vol. 9, p. 519.

Florida by the United States under the Swamp Land Act of 1850.

Approved, February 16, 1921 (41 Stat. 1103).

Extract from the Indian appropriation Act, approved March 2, 1895

(28 Stat. 876–899).

That any State or Territory entitled to indemnity Selections of school lands or entitled to select lands for educational school lands on purposes under existing law may select such lands within opened. the boundaries of any Indian reservation in such State or Territory from the surplus lands thereof, purchased by the United States after allotments have been made to the Indians of such reservation, and prior to the opening of such reservation to settlement.

An Act To supplement the Act of June twenty-second, nineteen

hundred and ten, entitled "An Act to provide for agricultural entries on coal lands."

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the passage of this Act unre- Disposal of eur. served public lands of the United States, exclusive of face ci coal lands

States Alaska, which have been withdrawn or classified as coal lands or are valuable for coal shall, in addition to the classes of entries or filings described in the Act of Congress approved June twenty-second, nineteen hundred and ten, entitled "An Act to provide for agricultural entries on coal lands," be subject to selection by the several States within whose limits the lands are situate, under grants made by Congress, and to disposition, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, under the laws providing for the sale of isolated or disconnected tracts of public lands, but there shall be a reservation to the United States of the coal in all such lands so selected or sold and of the right to prospect for, mine, and remove the same in accordance with the provisions of said Act of June twenty-second, nineteen hundred and ten, and such lands shall be subject to all the conditions and limitations of said Act.

Approved, April 30, 1912 (37 Stat. 105).

An Act To approve a compromise and settlement between the United

States and the State of Arkansas.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the compromise and settlement effected Feb

Compromise ruary twenty-third, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, with the State of between the United States and the State of Arkansas, by certain bonds, John G. Carlisle, Secretary of the Treasury, and Hoke land ogrants, etc., Smith, Secretary of the Interior, on behalf of the United

Balance to be


States, and James P. Clarke, Governor of Arkansas, on behalf of that State, which was made under and by virtue of the authority conferred by an Act of Congress approved August fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, entitled "An Act to authorize a compromise and settlement with the State of Arkansas," and the Act of the General Assembly of Arkansas, approved April eighth, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, authorizing the gov. ernor to act for that State, be, and the same is hereby, approved and given the full force and effect of law upon the declarations and conditions hereinafter provided.

SEC. 2. That the amount of six hundred and sixty-two paid the United thousand nine hundred and seventy-one dollars and State of Arkan thirty-five cents, with which the State is credited in said

compromise and settlement for one hundred and thirtytwo thousand five hundred and ninety-four and twentyseven one-hundredths acres of indemnity land, at the price of five dollars an acre be, and the same hereby is, reduced to the amount of three hundred and thirty-one thousand four hundred and eighty-five dollars and sixtythree cents, the value of said indemnity land at two dollars and fifty cents an acre, the double minimum price of Government land; and the State of Arkansas is hereby credited with the sum of three hundred and thirty-one thousand four hundred and eighty-five dollars and sixtyeight cents for two hundred and sixty-five thousand one hundred and eighty-eight and fifty-four one-hundredths acres of additional selected unadjusted swamp land, at one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, the minimum price of Government land, leaving the balance to be paid by the State of Arkansas to the United States under said compromise and settlement one hundred and sixty thousand five hundred and seventy-two dollars.

Sec. 3. That the title of all persons who have pur

chased from the State of Arkansas any unconfirmed fand confirmed. ” swamp land and hold deeds for the same be, and the

same is hereby, confirmed and made valid as against any claim or right of the United States, and without the payment by said persons, their heirs or assigns, of any sum whatever to the United States or to the State of

Arkansas. Relinquish- SEC. 4. That the State of Arkansas does hereby relinments by the

of "Yands quish and quitclaim to the United States all lands herepublic land" laws! tofore confirmed, certified, or patented to the State which

have been entered under the public land laws; and does hereby cede, relinquish, and quitclaim to the United States all right, title, and interest under the Acts of September twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and fifty, March second, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and March third, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, in and to all lands in the State which have been heretofore granted, confirmed, certified, or patented by the United

Title of

purchasers from the State of uncon. firmed


States under any other Acts, and the title to such lands is hereby confirmed in the grantees, their heirs, successors, or assigns, anything in this Act or any other Act to the contrary notwithstanding: Provided, That this Act must be Act shall be of no force or effect until the State of Ar- State. kansas shall have accepted and approved the conditions, limitations, and provisions herein contained by an act of the general assembly or by an instrument in writing duly executed by the governor under the authority conferred upon him by the legislature of said State, and filed with the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of the Interior within one year from the approval of this Act: Provided further, That whereas the Gen

When to take

effect. eral Assembly of the State of Arkansas did, on the tenth day of March, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, accept and approve the conditions, limitations, and provisions herein contained before the passage of this Act, making the same effective and conclusive, therefore this Act shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage. Approved, April 29, 1898 (30 Stat. 367).




574 575 577 578

578 584 584 584

Revised Statutes.--Sections 2207–2213—How appointed—Duties-Sal

Sections 2214-2223–Residence-Bond-Duration of office..
Sections 2224-2229 Records and offices..
Sections 2230-2233-Bonds
Sections 2395–2413—Rules of survey-Boundaries of land-Contracts

Prices-Survey on request of settlers-Deposits for expenses-Aug-
mented rates Geological Survey Rivers Nevada Geodetic
method — Rectangular method, when departed from Surveying by

day-Interfering with surveys---
Act of August 7, 1882-Certificates for settler's deposit..
Act of March 3, 1893—Consolidation of surveyor-general's offices.
Act of June 10, 1896-Injuring survey posts.
Act of March 3, 1899—Standard lines to be established by Commissioner

of the General Land Office-
Act of March 3, 1901-Office stationery-
Act of June 28, 1902-Survey rates ---
Act of March 3, 1909—Necessary resurveys---
Act of March 4, 1909–Injuring survey marks--Interrupting surveys-

Act of June 25, 1910—Resurveys authorized -
Act of September 21, 1918—Retracement of surveys.-
Act of October 20, 1919–Resurveys and adjustment of certain disputes

in Florida.
Act of May 24, 1922-Surveys under supervision of the Commissioner

of the General Land Office_-

585 585 587 588

590 589 589




Surveyors - gen Sec. 2207. There shall be appointed by the President, eral, how and when 'appointed. by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, a sur

veyor-general for the States and Territories herein named, embracing, respectively, one surveying district, namely: Louisiana, Florida, Minnesota, Kansas, California, Nevada, Oregon, Nebraska and Iowa, Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona.



Salary of, in

Sec. 2208. The surveyors-general of Louisiana, FlorLouisiana, Flor. ida, Minnesota, ida, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa, and of Nebraskastalowa. Dakota Territory, shall each receive a salary at the rate

of two thousand dollars a year. Salary of, in

Sec. 2209. The surveyors-general of Oregon and of Washington. Washington shall each receive a salary at the rate of two

thousand five hundred dollars a year. Salary of, in SEC. 2210. The surveyors-general of Colorado, New Colorado, Mexico, Califor. Mexico, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah, vada,

Montana, Wyoming, and Arizona shall each receive a salary at Utah, Wyoming, the rate of three thousand dollars a year. and Arizona


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