corporate name sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, in any court of law or equity in this commonwealth.

To have a

§ 3. Be it further enacted, That said corporation may be capable to make, have and use a com- common seal. mon seal, which they shall have power to break, alter or amend at pleasure.

4. Be it further enacted, That the rules and May make regulations, not inconsistent with the laws of this by-laws, &c. commonwealth, which may heretofore have been adopted for the management of the affairs of said company, shall be valid and obligatory upon the shareholders of said company, until altered, amended or abrogated.

§ 5. Be it further enacted, That the said corporation shall have full power to make any by-laws which they may deem expedient for the government of said company, not repugnant to the laws of this commonwealth or this act.



6. Be it further enacted, That the president, shareholders directors, or other officers of said company, may may appoint be appointed or removed from office at pleasure, their officers, by a majority of shareholders in said company present at any meeting held upon due notice given according to the by-laws of said corporation.

$7. Be it further enacted, That all the powers hereby vested in this corporation be exercised by the president and any two directors for the time being, or in the absence of the president, by any three directors, one of whom shall have been appointed president pro tempore.

§ 8. Be it further enacted, That said corpora- May levy contion shall have power to levy such contribution tributions on on cach shareholder in said company as they may shares. deem necessary for the interests of said company: Provided, that it shall not exceed one fifth part of Proviso. the value of the stock held by such shareholder per annum.


§ 9. Be it further enacted, That all and singu- Corporate lar the sums of money, books, goods and chattels which may have been subscribed and paid, or which may have been subscribed and remain unpaid, or which may hereafter be subscribed, given, granted or devised to said company, or any person for the use thereof, shall be vested in, and


confirmed to said corporation; and that the said corporation may take and receive any sum or sums of money, or any goods or chattels or other effects of what kind or nature soever, which shall or may hereafter be given, granted or bequeathed unto them by any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, capable of making such gift or bequest. Such money, goods, chattels or other effects to be laid out and disposed of in the purchase of books, maps, charts and drawings, &c. for the use of the said company, agreeably to the intention of the donors.

10. Be it further enacted, The said corporaTo appoint tion shall have full power to appoint a secretary, officers, &c. treasurer and librarian; to assign them their duties, fix their compensation, and remove him or them from office, and appoint another or others in their stead; to fix the price of new shares, and annual contributions on shares; to direct how transfers of shares may be made and certified, and judge of the persons proper to be admitted as members; to procure, by purchase, rent or otherwise, a suitable place for keeping the library; to fill up vacancies that may happen between their meetings; to levy and collect fines and forfeitures, and to transact all matters appertaining to the said corporation or company, agreeably to the rules and by-laws thereof, during their continuance in office: Provided, however, that not less than a majority of said directors shall be a quorum to do business.

11. Be it further enacted, That there shall be Semi-annual a semi-annual meeting of the members of said limeetings to brary company, at the library, or such suitable choose direcplace as the directors may from time to time aptors. point, of which the directors shall cause at least ten days notice to be given by advertisements fixed on the doors of the public houses or taverns in said town; at which time and place the members, or such of them as may be present, either personally or by proxy, evidenced by writing under the hand of the shareholder, and shall not be in arrears for any annual contribution, fines or forfeitures, shall select and choose by ballot eight directors out of their number, to serve for the half

year ensuing their election and until others shall
be elected and consent to serve in their place :
Provided always, that a majority of the share- Proviso
holders as aforesaid, either personally or by
proxy, shall be necessary to elect the directors,
and that each shareholder shall be entitled to one
vote for each share he shall possess in the insti-

12. Be it further enacted, That the directors shall cause the treasurer, secretary and librarian to keep in suitable books for that purpose just and proper entries of all the proceedings and accounts of the company and corporation, and have them laid before the company at every half yearly meeting, previous to taking the vote for directors; and shall always deliver the said books, together with all the property of the company, in good order, to their successors in office, whenever required.

Duties of the

secretary, treasurer, &c,

13. Be it further enacted, That the first elec- First election tion for directors by virtue of this act, shall be of directors. held on the first Monday in April 1818, and the second election on the first Monday in October, and on the same days in every year thereafter; and in case a majority should fail to attend at the time appointed to hold elections of directors, &c. ten or more may constitute a quorum to do busi


§ 14. Be it further enacted, That each share Shareholders holder shall be at liberty at all times to transfer may transfer or relinquish or relinquish his share or shares, and that he shall forever thereafter be released from all further contributions on account thereof.

15. Be it further enacted, That the directors appointed by this act shall hold their offices until superseded by an election held at some of the semi-annual meetings of the company directed by this act.



An ACT for the benefit of the Keeper of the Peni


APPROVED January 5, 1818.

1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of Auditor di- the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the Audi rected to li- tor of Public Accounts be authorised, and he is quidate and settle his ac- hereby directed to liquidate and adjust the accounts. count of William Starling, the keeper of the pen

itentiary, for advances made by him out of his

own funds for materials for the institution, and And to issue to ascertain the balance now due him; and for the a warrant in balance found due, the auditor is directed to issue his favor.


a warrant to said Starling, to be paid out of the public treasury: Provided, the balance shall not exceed twelve thousand dollars: And provided also, that the settlement shall not allow or include any advances or accounts of the said keeper other than for the year one thousand eight hundred seventeen.

§ 2. Be it further enacted, That the sum hereby Money to be appropriated shall be considered as a special loan refunded by to the penitentiary institution; and that the keepthe peniten- er of said institution shall have power to approtiary institution. priate and sell so much of the manufactured articles now on hand as will be sufficient, when sold, to re-place the sum now loaned in the treasury of this state.


An ACT to continue in force an act for appropriating the vacant lands in this commonwealth. APPROVED January 9, 1818.

§ 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of Act contin- the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the act for appropriating the vacant lands in this commonwealth, approved February 6th, 1815," shall be continued in force.


§ 2. Be it further enacted, That any person Actual set- who may be actually settled on waste and unaptlers' exclu propriated land at the passage of this act, shall

have the exclusive privilege of appropriating the sive right to same until the first day of January eighteen hun- vacant land, appropriate dred and nineteen, to include such settlement and improvement: Provided however, such settler Proviso, shall not survey less than fifty acres, including such settlement and improvement, if there be so much vacant land around and adjoining such actual settlement..


An ACT to regulate the sitting of certain county courts in this commonwealth.

APPROVED January 9, 1818.

- Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the county County courts maybe courts of the several counties in this common- held in the wealth in which chancery terms of the circuit same months courts are established by law, may, and shall that the chanhold their courts on the respective days in such cery counties, as directed by law, in the same months that said chancery terms are directed to be held.




An ACT for the benefit of James Foster.

APPROVED January 9, 1818.

WHEREAS it has been represented to the pre- Recital sent general assembly that Robert M'Millen, by virtue of the commissioners' certificate, No. 4099, for two hundred acres of land, did make a survey for two hundred acres, in the county of Livingston, on the waters of Crooked creek; but some time afterwards, finding it was laid on appropriated land, he made application to the county court of Livingston, and obtained leave to remove the same; and again made a survey, by virtue of the said certificate, containing two hundred acres of land, lying in said county, on the waters of Bio creck; but before he knew that the E

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