March 15, 1833.


Qf the Trustees of the Seamans' Bank of Savings in

the city of New-York.

The Trustees of the Seamans' Bank of Savings in the city of New-York, in conformity with the requisitions of the law,


That there has been received at the bank during the

year ending 31st Dec. 1832, from 503 depositors, $75,878 53 Of these 146 are new accounts, and 256 re-deposits. The amount of interest collected during the same period has been,

3,606 83 Amount accruing from the sale of Ohio State stock, disposed of by order of the board,

11,391 51 Which together with the balance in the treasurer's hands at the close of the year preceding,

20,941 92

Constitutes the whole amount to be accounted for the last twelve months, ..

$111,818 79

Of this amount, there has been paid to depositors,.. $64,437 40 Invested in United States stock,

7,746 11 For stock of the State of New York, ......

16,337 64 Disbursed for expenses incident to the conducting of the establishment,

880 45 Leaving a balance not permanently invested on the 4th Jan. 1833, of....

22,417 19

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Since the opening of the bank in May, 1829, that is

for a period of 31 years or thereabouts, the whole number of deposits has been 1,465, from whom the

total amount received, is .... Amount of interest collected during the same period, Profit accruing on stock sold,

$223,494 47

7,947 51

701 82

Total of receipts for the 3years,

$232,143 80

In the same period the total amount repaid has been, $143,090 39 Expenses of the institution,

1,867 40 Invested in stocks, .....

64,768 82 Amount on hand uninvested,

22,417 19

Total,..... $232,143 80

The actual assets of the bank on the first day of January, were as follows:

Stocks held by the bank, viz:

Ohio State 6 per cent,


$6,075 00
10,212 62

$16,287 62

6,718 25

Corporation city of New York, 5 per cent,..
New-York State, 5 per cent,

16,337 64

11,579 20

27,916 84

United States, 5 per cent,

6,651 58
7,194 53

13,846 11 22,417 19

Amount on hand uninvested,...

Total,..... $87,186 01

Of this amount there was on the same day due to

depositors, Leaving a balance in favor of the bank, of ......

$86,707 29

478 72

$87,186 01

The trustees have further the satisfaction to report, that since the closing of the accounts for the year, the board have been enabled to credit a rate of interest of five per cent per annum, to such accounts as by the rules of the bank are entitled to the same. It is however desirable that more latitude should be given to the board for its investments, as on account of the present high price of public stocks, it may be perhaps impracticable to continue the payment of the same rate of interest under the existing restrictions of the charter. The success which has attended the institution, notwithstanding this embarrassment, and the daily evidence of its utility, affords encouragement to believe, that provided a fair rate of interest can be continued to the customers of the bank, the habits of economy so desirable in the class of persons, who are the objects of this establishment, will be more and more induced, and that this effort in behalf of the individuals themselves, as well as of their families, will not be unavailing.

By order of the Board of Trustees.

N. TAYLOR, President, C. Barstow, Secretary. New-York, March 12, 1833,


March 23, 1833.


of the committee on state prisons.

The committee on state prisons,


That it appears, from the annual reports of the Auburn and Mount-Pleasant state prisons, that those institutions have been faithfully conducted during the past year, and with increased utility and success. At no time have their financial operations exhibited a more promising appearance.

At the Auburn state prison, two hundred and twenty additional cells have been erected, which cost, besides the labor of the convicts, the sum of $12,376.36. This expense has been defrayed out of the funds of the prison, and without any call upon the treasury.

The sum of six thousand dollars, appropriated at the last session of the Legislature for that object, remains, therefore, untouched. The profits of this prison, during the past year, after deducting its expenses, amount to $3,588.16; and the cash on hand at the close of the fiscal year, was $2,899.07, over all its expenditures and erections to that period.

In the construction of the above named additional cells, it became necessary to enlarge that part of the south wing of the prison, in which they are erected, by widening it twelve feet. The inspectors now request permission to increase the residue of this wing to the same width, for the purpose of enlarging their messroom, and to enable them to construct over it a chapel of sufficient dimensions.

The roof and floors of this part of the building are represented to be so much decayed, as to require immediate re[Senate, No. 85.)


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