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March 2, 1833.


Of the majority of the Committee on the petition of

the President and Directors of the Central Asylum, for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb at Canjoharie.

The majority of the committee to whom was referred the petition of the President and Directors of the Central Asylum for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb at Canajoharie,


That the petitioners ask of the Legislature to provide by law, for the support of one or more additional indigent deaf and dumb persons, from each Senatorial District, at their institution; and for such farther pecuniary aid, as will enable them to erect suitable workshops for the instruction of their pupils in the mechanic arts.

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It will be seen by a reference to the documents of the Senate, No. 235, of the year 1830, that an application similar to the present, was then addressed to the Legislature, by the same institution. It was then referred to the Secretary of State, who made an elaborate report to the Senate.

The committee having looked into that report and concurring entirely in the views and conclusions of the Secretary, deem the reasoning of the report so ample and satisfactory, that they have not felt themselves justified in attempting a new argument upon the subject. The committee therefore, ask leave to refer the Senate to that report, and in accordance with the views contained in it, to submit the following resolutions: (Senate No. 62.]


Resolved, That it is not expedient to attempt to support two separate institutions for the instruction of the deaf and dumb, in this State.

Resolved, That the Legislature ought not to make any appropriation for the erection of permanent buildings, shops or other fixtures, for the Central Asylum of the deaf and dumb at Canajoharie.

Resolved, that the petitioners have leave to withdraw their petition.



March 1, 1833.


of the Trustees of the Bank for Savings, for the

year 1832.

Pursuant to the provisions of an act, entitled “An act to incorporate an association by the name of the Bank for Savings, in the city of New-York,” the trustees now beg leave to present their fourteenth

REPORT, as follows:

First.—That the trustees have received from thirteen thousand six hundred and thirty-eight depositors, from the first of January to the thirty-first of December, 1832, the sum of seven hundred and eighty thousand, six hundred and thirty-two dollars and seventy-eight cents, in the following manner:

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of which number 3,169 are new accounts opened with the bank,

and 10,469 are re-deposits.


Second.That the sum of eight hundred and sixty-one thousand, one hundred and twenty dollars and ninety-two cents has been drawn out by eleven thousand six hundred and forty-four depositors. Of this number 2,240 have closed their accounts. In the month of January, paid 1,004 drafts,.. $96,538 13 February,


73,400 93 March, 1,056

84,926 35 April,


103,717 03 May,


53,781 79 774

43,556 16 July,


115,658 98 August,


55,940 93 September,


74,429 25 October,


72,889 89 November,


54,218 89 December,


32,062 59

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Third.—The deposits have been classed under the following heads of professions and occupations:

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