An Australian Study


American Forestry



Queensland Forest Service.

Issued under the authority of
The HON. J. M. HUNTER, M.L.A.,

Secretary for Public Lands.

(Copyright 1918 by the Queensland Government.)

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This memoir of an investigative tour of Western United States of America in 1916, dated 14th July, 1916, and now revised for publication, is dedicated to the Queensland Forest Service.

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To the suggestive criticism of Mr. N. W. Jolly, late Director of Forests, the publication owes much of what value it may have as a contribution to Australian forestry.

For the datà contained, I am deeply indebted to the extreme courtesy of H. S. Graves, Esq., The Forester, United States of America ; District Forester Silcox and the many officers of District No. 1 of the United States of America Forest Service ; Dean Skeels and the Faculty of the Forest School, University of Montana ; Dean Winkenwerder and Professor Grondal of the Forest School, University of Washington; Professor Mason, Forest School, University of California ; and others, through whose kind offices I was enabled to gather a vast amount of first-hand information of a most explicit character, and of absorbing interest to me as a forester.

I was fortunate enough to be able to supplement my valuable experiences in United States of America Forest Service administration and Forest School practice by personal contact with and close observation of large scale timber getting, manufacturing, and seasoning operations in various parts of Western North America, of tree propagating work at the fine Savenac Forest Nursery in Idaho, of forest planting projects on Lolo Nacional Forest, of general forestry matters on the Missoula, Bitterroot, and Flathead National Forests, and of educational policies and methods at the Universities of Montana and Washington.

In selecting from a chaotic mass of notes and data the material used for the purposes of this memoir, and in elaborating the matter so


chosen, my endeavour has been to present it in such explicit and readable form as to make readily available the lessons it holds for the pioneering Australian forester.

I have accompanied the exegetic chapters with a series of suggestions, based on a combined Australian-American experience, for the extension of forestry systems in this country.

I do not venture to believe that these suggestions represent the “last word” in Australian forestry, or that all of them can be put into operation in the immediate future. My hope is that they may prove suggestive, and conduce to due preparation and planning. The fact that basic conditions in America are practically parallel with those existing in Australia renders American experience particularly interesting.

The concluding recommendations contained herein were made available to the N.S.W. Government in 1916 in connection with the reorganisation of the Forest Service of that State.

E. H. F. S.


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