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Side 13 - Members who have been longest in office shall retire. An Office-bearer may retire at any time. ARTICLE XIII. — At each Annual Meeting the College shall elect four Members of Council in room of the four Members who shall then retire. ARTICLE XIV. — Office-bearers shall be eligible for reelection. ARTICLE XVI. — The whole affairs of the College shall (subject to such directions as may from time to time be given by General Meetings) be managed by the Executive Council. The Vice-President, acting...
Side 29 - Silicon; Siliciuretted hydrogen; silicon chloride ; silicon chloroform ; silica and the silicates. Potassium; sodium; silver. Calcium; strontium; barium. Aluminium. Magnesium; zinc; cadmium. Lead. Manganese; iron; cobalt; nickel; chromium. Bismuth; copper; mercury; gold; tin. Platinum. The chief compounds of these metals with the more important acid radicals ; the detection of these metals and their compounds, in powder or in solution.

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