4 To read Thy word, their hearts incline,

To understand it, light impart;
O Saviour ! consecrate them Thine,

Take full possession of their heart.
Work and Wait.

SCORN not the slightest

word or deed,
Nor deem it void of power;
There's fruit in each wind-wafted seed,

Waiting its natal hour.
2 A whispered word may touch the heart

And call it back to life ;
A look of love bid sin depart,

And still unholy strife.
3 No act falls fruitless ; none can tell

How vast its power may be,
Nor what results enfolded dwell

Within it silently.
4 Work and despair not; give thy mite,

Nor care how small it be;
God is with all who serve the right-

The holy, true, and free!
A Word in Season,

S.M. 1 A

FITLY spoken word,

It hath mysterious powers ;
Its far-off echoes shall be heard

Ringing thro' future hours.
2 An honest, truthful word,

It has a tongue of flame ;


On wings of wind it flies abroad,

And wins a heav'nly fame.
3 A wise and holy word,

It falls as doth the dew;
A sweet refreshment to afford,

And virtue's strength renew.
4 A gentle, gracious word,

Tis music in the heart;
Thrilling its very inmost chord,

Till tears unbidden start.
5 Speak thou, then, lovingly,

Out of a Christ-like soul ;
Thy words a blessed balm shall be,

To make the sin-sick whole.
6 Speak, for the love of God, -

Speak, for the love of man;
The words of truth love sends abroad,

Shall never be in vain. 286. "Break ap the fallow ground.” S.M. 1 BREAK up the

fallow ground-
The long unfruitful soil ;
From morn till eve be constant found

In patient, faithful toil.
2 Cheerfully take the plough,

With firm and skilful hand;
Never look back,—but forward go,

And drive it through the land.

3 And spare no careful pains,

Fitly the soil to dress :
So richer far shall be thy gains,

In harvest-time's increase. 4 Then sow the golden grain,

And wait the rolling year :
When spring and summer come again,

It surely shall appear. 5 Indulge no weary plaint,

A hearty courage keep;
If ye endure and never faint,

În due time ye shall reap. 287.

The Unity of Brethren. S.M.

good it is, –
How lovely to the sight, -
When brethren, owning mutual ties,

With heart and hand unite.
2 Like the good oil that gives

Anointing to the priest,
So love shall consecrate their lives,

And make them fully blest.
3 Like to the lovely dew,

Upon the morning hill,-
So freshly, grace shall them endue,

So fair, their joy distil.
4 There shall the Lord command

Blessing, in fruitful shower :
They shall with Him accepted stand,

In life for evermore.


The Teacher's Work, S.M. 10,

FATHER, show Thy face,

While to Thy feet we move;
Strengthen us with Thy Spirit’s grace,

Refresh us with Thy love.
2 Ours is the serious charge,

Christ's witnesses to be :-
Purge Thou our wills, our hearts enlarge,

Our minds and lips set free.
3 Ours is the blessedness

The lambs of Christ to feed;
To guard them in the wilderness,

To tend them in their need.
4 Our work gives dignity,

None other can afford, -
In holy labours called to be

Companions of the Lord.
5 Jesus, Thou Shepherd true,

Be ours the simple aim,
In love and faith Thy will to do,

And glorify Thy name. 289.

Keep My Commandments." C.M. 166 Go, be my witnesses to men.”.

Hear ye the Master's voice :-
We go; but speak Thou through us, Lord,

Till all that hear rejoice.

2 “Go, teach to sinful, erring souls,

The way of righteousness.
We go; but, show Thou unto them

Thy saving mightiness.
3 “Go, light the darkly shadow'd earth,

By lives of holy love.”-
We go; but dwell Thou in our hearts,

O, gracious Heavenly Dove !
4 “Go work-my vineyard asks your toil,

Work ye with constant mind.”
We go; for in Thy service, Lord,

All work its fruit shall find.
5 “Go, watch and pray, and still endure,

Till I shall call you home.”
We humbly wait Thy perfect will ;

Then, Lord, with joy we come !
Working for Christ.

L.M. labour on; spend and be spent,

Thy joy to do thy Father's will; It is the way the Master went,

Should not the servant tread it still ? 2 Go, labour on ; 'tis not for nought,

All earthly loss is heavenly gain :
Men heed thee not, men praise thee not;

The Master praises ; what are men ? 3 Go, labour on, while it is day;

The long dark night is hastening on;
Speed, speed thy work-up from thy sloth
It is not thus that souls are won.

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