567. Citronella, or lemon grass.
568. Civet.
569. Fennel.
570. Jasmine, or jasimine.
571. Juglandium.
572. Juniper.
573. Lavender.
574. Lemon.
575. Limes.
576. Mace.
577. Neroli, or orange flower.
578. Orange.
579, Palm and cocoanut.
580. Poppy.
581. Rosemary or anthoss.
582. Sesame or sesamum-seed, or bene.
583. Thyme or origanum, red or white, valerian.
584. Pepper, unground, of all kinds.
585. Pimento, unground.
586. Saffron and safflower, and extract of, and saffron cake.
587. Selep, or saloup.
588. Storax, or styrax.
589. Turmeric.
590. Turpentine, Venice.
591. Valonia.
592. Vegetable and mineral wax.
593. Wood ashes, and lye of, and beet-root ashes.

594. Acids used for medicinal, chemical, or manufacturing purposes, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act.

595. Alizarine, natural or artificial.
596. Agates, unmanufactured.
597. Apatite.
598. Asbestos, unmanufactured.
599. Arsenic.
600. Antimony ore, crude sulphide of.
601. Arsenic, sulphide of, or orpiment.
602. Arseniate of aniline.
603. Baryta, carbonate or witherite.
604. Bauxite.
605. Aniline salts or black salts and black tares.
606. Bromine.
607. Cadmium.
608. Calamine.
609. Cerium.
610. Cobalt, as metallic arsenic.
611. Chalk and cliff-stone, unmanufactured.

612. Feldspar. 613. Cryolite or kryolith. 614. Iridium. 615. Kieserite. 616. Kyanite or cyanite, and kainite. 617. Lime, citrate of. 618. Lime, chloride of, or bleaching powder. 619. Magnesium. 620. Magnesite, or native mineral carbonate of magnesia. 621. Manganese, oxide and ore of. 622. Mineral waters, all not artificial. 623. Osmium. 624. Palladium. 625. Paraffine. 626. Phosphates, crude or native, for fertilizing purposes. 627. Potash, muriate of. 628. Plaster of Paris or sulphate of lime, unground. 629. Quinia, sulphate of, salts of, and cinchonidia. 630. Soda, nitrate of, or cubic nitrate. 631. Strontia, oxide of, and proto-oxide of strontian, and strontianite, or mineral carbonate of strontia.

632. Sulphur, or brimstone, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act.

633. Sulphur lac or precipitated.
634. Tripoli.
635. Uranium, oxide of, verdigris or subacetate of copper.

636. Drugs, barks, beans, berries, balsams, buds, bulbs, and bulbous roots and excres[c]enses, such as nut-galls, fruits, flowers, dried fibres; grains, gums and gum-resin; herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts, roots, and stems; spices, vegetables, seeds aromatic, and seeds of morbid growth; weeds, woods used expressly for dyeing, and dried insectsany of the foregoing, of which are not edible and are in a crude state, and not advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, and not specially enumerated or provided for in this act. 637. Vaccine virus.

638. Crude minerals, not advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act.

SUNDRIES. 639. Aluminium. 640. Amber beads and gum. 641. Animals, brought into the United States temporarily, and for a period not exceeding six months, for the purpose of exhibition or com. petition for prizes offered by any agricultural or racing association; but a bond shall be first given in accordance with the regulations.

642. Animals, specially imported for breeding purposes, shall be ad. mitted free upon proof thereof satisfactory to the Secretary of the Treasury, and under such regulations as he may prescribe; and teams of animals, including their harness and tackle and the vehicles or wagons actually owned by persons emigrating from foreign countries to the United States with their families, and in actual use for the purpose of such emigration, shall also be admitted free of duty, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

643. Asphaltum and bitumen, crude. 644. Arrowroot..

645. Articles imported for the use of the United States, provided that the price of the same did not include the duty.

646. Bamboo reeds, no further manufactured than cut into suitable lengths for walking sticks or canes, or for sticks for umbrellas, parasols, or sunshades.

647. Bamboo, unmanufactured.

648. Barrels of American manufacture, exported filled with domestic petroleum, and returned empty, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, and without requiring the filing of a declaration at time of export of intent to return the same empty.

649. Articles the growth, produce, and manufacture of the United States, when returned in the same condition as exported. Casks, barrels, carboys, bags, and other vessels of American' manufacture, exported filled with American products, or exported empty and returned filled with foreign products, including shooks when returned as barrels or boxes; but proof of the identity of such articles shall be made under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury; and if any of such articles are subject to internal tax at the time of exportation, such tax shall be proved to have been paid before exportation and not refunded. [a. And provided further, That bags, other than of American manufacture, in which grain shall have been actually exported from the United States, may be returned empty to the United States, free of duty, under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. Sec. 7, act of February 8, 1875.]

650. Bed-feathers and downs.

651. Bells, broken, and bell metal broken and fit only to be remanufactured.

652. Birds, stuffed.
653. Birds, and land and water fowls.
654. Bismuth.

655. Bladders, crude, and all integuments of animals not specially enumerated or provided for in this act.

656. Bologna sausages. 657. Bolting-cloths.

658. Books, engravings, bound or unbound, etchings, maps, and charts, which shall have been printed and manufactured more than twenty years at the date of importation.

659. Books, maps, and charts imported by authority or for use of the United States or for the use of the Library of Congress; but the duty shall not have been included in the contract of price paid.

660. Books, maps, and charts specially imported, not more than two copies in any one invoice, in good faith, for the use of any society incorporated or established for philosophical, literary, or religious purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States.

661. Books, professional, of persons arriving in the United States.

662. Books, household effects, or libraries, or parts of libraries, in use, of persons or families from foreign countries, if used abroad by them not less than one year, and not intended for any other person or persons, nor for sale.

663. Breccia, in blocks or slabs. 664. Brime. 665. Brazil pebbles for spectacles, and pebbles for spectacles, rough. 666. Bullion, gold and silver. 667. Burgundy pitch.

668. Burr-stone, in blocks, rough or unmanufactured, and not bound up in mill-stones.

669. Cabinets of coins, medals, and all other collections of antiquities.

670. Castor or castoreum.
671. Catgut strings, or gut.cord, for musical instruments.
672. Catgut or whip-gut, unmanufactured.
673. Coal, anthracite.
674. Coal-stores of American vessels, but none shall be unloaded.
675. Cobalt, ore of.
676. Cocoa, or cacao, crude, and fiber, leaves, and shells of.
677. Coffee.
678. Coins, gold, silver, and copper.
679. Coir and coir yarn.

680. Copper, old, taken from the bottom of American vessels com. pelled by marine disaster to repair in foreign ports.

681. Copper, when imported for the United States Mint.
682. Coral, marine, unmanufactured.
683. Cork-wood, or cork-bark, unmanufactured.
684. Cotton.
685. Curling-stones, or quoits.
686. Cuttle-fish bone.
687. Diamonds, rough or uncut, including glaziers' diamonds.
688. Diamond dust or bort.


689. Dyeing or tanning articles, in a crude state, used in dyeing or tanning, nor specially enumerated or provided for in this act. 690. Eggs.

691. Esparto or Spanish grass, and other grasses, and pulp of, for the manufacture of paper.

692. Emery ore. 693. Fans, common palm-leaf. 694, Farina. 695. Fashion-plates, engraved on steel or on wood, colored or plain. 696. Felt, adhesive, for sheathing vessels. 697. Fibrin, in all forms. 698. Fire-wood. 699. Fish, fresh, for immediate consumption. 700. Fish, for bait. 701. Flint, flints, and ground flint-stones. 702. Fossils.

703. Fruit-plants, tropical and semi-tropical, for the purpose of propagation or cultivation.

704. Fruits, green, ripe, or dried, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act.

705. Furs, undressed.
706. Fur-skins of all kinds, not dressed in any manner.

707. Glass, broken pieces, and old glass which cannot be cut for use, and fit only to be remanufactured.

708. Glass-plate or disks. unwrought for use in the manufacture of optical instruments.

709. Goat-skins, raw. 710. Gold-beaters' molds, and gold beaters' skins. 711. Gold-size. 712. Grease, for use as soap-stock only, not specially enumerated or provided for.

713. Gunny bags, and gunny cloth, old or refuse, fit only for remauufacturing.

714. Gut, and worm gut, manufactured or unmanufactured.
715. Guts, salted.
716. Gutta-percha, crude.

717. Hair, horse or cattle, and hair of all kinds, cleaned or uncleaned, drawn or undrawn, but unmanufactured, not specially enu. merated or provided for in this act, of hogs, curled for beds and mattresses, and not fit for bristles.

718. Hide-rope.

719. Hides, raw or uncured, whether dry, salted, or pickled, and skins, except sheep-skins with the wool on, Angora goat-skins, raw, without the wool, unmanufactured, asses' skins, raw or unmanufact. ured. 720. Hones and whetstones.

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