500 Baryta, carbonate of, or witherite.
501. Bauxite, or beauxite.
502. Beeswax.

503. Bells, broken, and bell metal broken and fit only to be remanufactured.

504 Birds, stuffed, not suitable for millinery ornaments, and bird skins, prepared for preservation, but not further advanced in manufacture.

505. Birds and land and water fowls. 506. Bismuth.

507. Bladders, including fish-bladders or fish-sounds, crude, and all integuments of animals not specially provided for in this act.

508. Blood, dried.
509. Bologna sausages.

510. Bolting-cloths, especially for milling purposes, but not suitable for the manufacture of wearing apparel

511. Bones, crude, or not burned, calcined, ground, steamed, or otherwise manufactured, and bone-dust or animal carbon, and bone ash, fit only for fertilizing purposes.

512. Books, engravings, photographs, bound or unbound etchings, maps, and charts, which shall have been printed and bound or manufactured more than twenty years at the date of importation.

513. Books and pamphlets printed exclusively in languages other than English; also books and music, in raised print, used exclusively by the blind.

514. Books, engravings, photographs, etchings, bound or unbound, maps and charts imported by authority or for the use of the United States or for the use of the Library of Congress.

515. Books, maps, lithographic prints, and charts, specially imported, not more than two copies in any one invoice, in good faith, for the use of any society incorporated or established for educational, philosophical, literary, or religious purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States, subject to such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe.

516. Books, or libraries, or parts of libraries, and other household effects of persons or families from foreign countries, if actually used abroad by them not less than one year, and not intended for any other person or persons, nor for sale.

517. Brazil paste.

518. Braids, plaits, laces, and similar manufactures composed of straw, chip, grass, palm-leaf, willow, osier, or rattan, suitable for making or ornamenting hats, bonnets, and hoods.

519. Brazilian pebble, unwrought or unmanufactured.
520. Breccia, in block or slabs.
521. Bromine.
522. Bullion, gold or silver.
523. Burgundy pitch.

524. Cabinets of old coins and medals, and other collections of antiquities, but the term “antiquities” as used in this act shall include only such articles as are suitable for souvenirs or cabinet collections, and which shall have been produced at any period prior to the year seventeen hundred.

525. Cadmium.
526. Calamine.
527. Camphor, crude.

528. Castor or castoreum.

529. Catgut, whip-gut, or worm-gut, unmanufactured, or not fur. ther manufactured than in strings or cords.

530. Cerium.
531. Chalk, unmanufactured.
532. Charcoal.
533 Chicory-root, raw, dried, or undried, but unground.
534 Civet, crude.

535 Clay—Common blue clay in casks suitable for the manufacture of crucibles.

536. Coal, anthracite. 537. Coal stores of American vessels; but none shall be unloaded. 538. Coal-tar, crude. 539. Cobalt and cobalt-ore. 540 Cocculus indicus. 541. Cochineal. 542. Cocoa, or cacao, crude, and fiber, leaves, and shells of. 543. Coffee. 544. Coins, gold, silver, and copper. 545 Coir, and coir yarn.

546. Copper, old, taken from the bottom of American vessels compelled by marine disaster to repair in foreign ports. 547. Coral, marine, uncut, and unmanufactured. 548. Cork-wood, or cork-bark, unmanufactured. 549. Cotton, and cotton-waste or flocks. 550. Cryolite, or kryolith. 551. Cudbear. 552. Curling-stones, or quoits, and curling-stone handles. 553. Curry, and curry-powder. 554. Cutch. · 555. Cuttle-fish bone. 556. Dandelion roots, raw, dried, or undried, but unground.

557. Diamonds and other precious stones, rough or uncut, including glaziers' and engravers' diamonds not set, and diamond dust or bort, and jewels to be used in the manufacture of watches.

558 Divi-divi.
559. Dragon's blood.

560. Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, balsams, buds, bulbs, and bulbous roots, excrescences such as nut-galls, fruits, flowers, dried fibers, and dried insects, grains, gums, and gum-resin, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts, roots, and stems, spices, vegetables, seeds aromatic, and seeds of morbid growth, weeds, and woods used expressly for dyeing; any of the foregoing which are not edible and are in a crude state, and not advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, and not specially provided for in this act.

561. Eggs of birds, fish, and insects.
562. Emery ore.
563. Ergot.
564. Fans, common palm-leaf and palm-leaf unmanufactured.
565. Farina.

566. Fashion-plates, engraved on steel or copper or on wood, col. ored or plain.

567. Feathers and downs for beds. 568. Feldspar.

13065— 9

569. Felt, adhesive, for sheathing vessels. 570. Fibrin, in all forms. 571. Fish, the product of American fisheries, and fresh or frozen fish (except salmon) caught in fresh waters by American vessels, or with nets or other devices owned by citizens of the United States.

572. Fish for bait. 573. Fish skins. 574. Flint, flints, and ground flint stones. 575. Floor matting manufactured from round or split straw, including what is commonly known as Chinese matting.

576. Fossils.

577. Fruit-plants, tropical and semi-tropical, for the purpose of propagation or cultivation. FRUITS AND NUTS

578. Currants, Zante or other. 579. Dates.

580. Fruits, green, ripe, or dried, not specially provided for in this act.

581. Tamarinds.
582. Cocoa nuts.
583. Brazil nuts.
584. Cream nuts.
585. Palm nuts.
586. Palm-nut kernels.
587. Furs, undressed.
588. Fur-skins of all kinds not dressed in any manner.
589. Gambier.

590. Glass, broken, and old glass, which can not be cut for use, and fit only to be remanufactured.

591. Glass plates or disks, rough-cut or unwrought, for use in the manufacture of optical instruments, spectacles, and eye-glasses, and suitable only for such use : Provided, however, That such disks exceeding eight inches in diameter may be polished sufficiently to enable the character of the glass to be determined. GRASSES AND FIBERS

592. Istle or Tampico fiber. 593. Jute. 594. Jute butts. 595. Manilla. 596. Sisal-grass. 597. Sunn. And all other textile grasses or fibrous vegetable substances, un.

manufactured or undressed, not specially provided for in

this act. 598. Gold beaters' molds and gold beaters' skins.

599. Grease, and oils, such as are commonly used in soap-making or in wire-drawing, or for stuffing or dressing leather and which are fit only for such uses, not specially provided for in this act.

600. Guano, manures, and all substances expressly used for mapure.

601. Gunny bags and gunny cloths, old or refuse, fit only for remanufacture.

602. Guts, salted. 603. Gutta percha, crude. 604. Hair of horse, cattle, and other animals, cleaned or uncleaned,

drawn or undrawn, but unmanufactured, not specially provided for in this act; and human hair, raw, uncleaned, and not drawn.

605. Hides, raw or uncured, whether dry, salted, or pickled, Angora goat-skins, raw, without the wool, unmanufactured, asses' skins, raw or unmanufactured, and skins, except sheep-skins with the wool on.

606. Hide-cuttings, raw, with or without hair, and all other gluestock.

607. Hide rope.
608. Hones and whetstones.
609. Hoofs, unmanufactured.
610. Hop roots for cultivation.

611. Horns and parts of, unmanufactured, including horn strips and tips. 612. Ice.

613. India rubber, crude, and milk of, and old scrap or refuse India rubber which has been worn out by use and is fit only for remanufacture.

614. Indigo.
615. Iodine, crude.
616. Ipecac.
617. Iridium.

618. Ivory and vegetable ivory, not sawed, cut or otherwise manufactured.

619. Jalap.
620. Jet, unmanufactured.
621. Joss-stick, or Joss-light.
622. Junk, old.
623. Kelp.
624. Kieserite.
625. Kyanite, or cyanite, and kainite.
626. Lac-dye, crude, seed, button, stick, and shell.
627. Lac spirits.
628. Lactarine.
629. Lava, unmanufactured.
630. Leeches.
631. Lemon juice, lime juice, and sour-orange juice.
632. Licorice-root, unground.

633. Life-boats and life-saving apparatus specially imported by societies incorporated or established to encourage the saving of human


634. Lime, citrate of.
635. Lime, chloride of, or bleaching-powder.
636. Lithographic stones not engraved.
637. Litmus, prepared or not prepared.
638. Loadstones.

639. Madder and munjeet, or Indian madder, ground or prepared, and all extracts of.

640. Magnesite, or native mineral carbonate of magnesia.
641. Magnesium.
642. Magnets.
643. Manganese, oxide and ore of.
644. Manna.
645. Manuscripts.
-646. Marrow, crude.
647. Marsh mallows.

648. Medals of gold, silver, or copper, such as trophies or prizes. 649, Meerschaum, crude or unmanufactured. 650. Mineral waters, all not artificial.

651. Minerals, crude, or not advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, not specially provided for in this act. .

652. Models of inventions and of other improvements in the arts, including patterns for machinery, but no article shall be deemed a model of pattern which can be fitted for use otherwise.

653. Moss, sea-weeds, and vegetable substances, crude or unmanufactured, not otherwise specially provided for in this act.

654. Musk, crude, in natural pods.
655. Myrobolan.
656. Needles, hand-sewing. and darning.

657. Newspapers and periodicals; but the term “periodicals” as herein used shall be understood to embrace only unbound or papercovered publications, containing current literature of the day and issued regularly at stated periods, as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. · 658. Nux vomica.. 659, Oakum. 660. Oil cake.

661. OILS: Almond, amber, crude and rectified ambergris, anise or anise-seed, aniline, aspic or spike lavender, bergamot, cajeput, caraway, cassia, cinnamon, cedrat, chamomile, citronella or lemon grass, civet, fennel, Jasmine or Jasimine, Juglandium, Juniper, layender, lemon, limes, mace, neroli or orange flower, nut oil or oil of nuts not otherwise specially provided for in this act, orange oil, olive oil for manufacturing or mechanical purposes unfit for eating and not otherwise provided for in this act, ottar of roses, palm and cocoanut, rosemary or anthoss, sesame or sesamum-seed or bean, thyme, origanum red or white, valerian; and also spermaceti, whale, and other fish oils of American fisheries, and all other articles the produce of such fisheries.

662. Olives, green or prepared.

663. Opium, crude or unmanufactured, and not adulterated, containing nine per centum and over of morphia.

664. Orange and lemon peel, not preserved, candied, or otherwise prepared.

665. Orchil, or orchil liquid.

666. Orchids, lily of the valley, azaleas, palms, and other plants used for forcing under glass for cut flowers or decorative purposes.

667. Ores, of gold, silver, and nickel, and nickel matte: Provided, That ores of nickel, and nickel matte, containing more than two per centum of copper, shall pay a duty of one-half of one cent per pound on the copper contained therein.

668. Osmium. 669. Palladium. 670. Paper stock, crude, of every description, including all grasses, fibers, rags (other than wool), waste, shavings, clippings, old paper, rope ends, waste rope, waste bagging, old or refuse gunny bags.or gunny cloth, and poplar or other woods, fit only to be converted into paper.

671. Paraffine. 672. Parchment and vellum. 673. Pearl, mother of, not sawed, cut, polished, or otherwise manufactured.

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