were educated in religious families. And we may be confident, that nothing short of a very strict and zeal. ous attention to these most important duties, with an ardent desire of perpetuating vital religion in our fa. milies and to posterity, will be permanently and de. cidedly successful, against the bold, and strenuous, and indefatigable attempts of the enemies of our holy religion.

If we prevail by prayer with the Lord to spare us, and to “pour out his Spirit from on high upon us;” this will certainly be one effect of that merciful dispensation: men, professing evangelical godliness, will spare no pains, but will forego every flattering and advantageous prospect, in order to “ bring up their children “ in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” They will become far more desirous, that their children should be pious Christians, than accomplished, learned, wealthy, or honoured in the world; and will be especially concerned, that they may possess the disposi. tions and qualifications, requisite for serving their generation, for supporting the interests of religion, and for transmitting this invaluable blessing to posterity. * Finally, every man has his talents. Statesmen, senators, magistrates, ministers of religion; the rich, the learn. ed, the ingenious, should avail themselves of their peculiar advantages and influence, to “serve their gene“ration according to the will of God," while they continue instant in prayer for the church and nation. They ought to distinguish themselves, by a valiant, decided, and zealous conduct, in countenancing and supporting the cause and the friends of truth and righteousness: and in this course, they may hope, like Moses, to be honoured of God, to “ stand in the “ breach, and to turn away his indignation” from our guilty land.

* Ps.lxxviii, 5-7.

Even they, who are placed in a more obscure station, and are known only in a narrow circle, have some little influence; and they should be careful not to bury their one talent in the earth: for a pious conversation, an attention to relative duties, and a readiness to every work and labour of love, may accomplish more than they suppose, in promoting the grand object of all our supplications.

These things, as connected with an habitual and manifest endeavour to shew ourselves peaceable and peace-makers, in the church and in the community; steady friends to social order, and to the constitution and government under which a kind Providence has placed us, (yet avoiding all the violence and bitterness of party-disputes;) dutiful and loyal subjects to our king, harmless, blameless, and kind among our neighbours; contented in our station; staying our minds on God, in cheerful and humble confidence, amidst dangers

and alarms; and following after meekness, temperance, truth, and righteousness in our whole conduct, seem to constitute our present duties.And as far as the Lord shall be pleased to bless our endeavours to increase the number of those who thus pray, and who thus aim to act consistently with their prayers, in reliance on the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; our hopes may reasonably be encouraged, that “He “ will work for his own name's sake,” and not suffer any enemy to prevail against us.



Most merciful God, who “ doest what thou wilt “ in the armies of heaven, and among the inhabitants “ of the earth;” and orderest all things in perfect wisdom, righteousness, truth, and love; we desire to look to thee for help and protection in this season of peculiar danger and alarm. We acknowledge, O Lord, that thou mightest most justly leave us in the hands of our enemies, and by them execute deserved vengeance on us.—Thou hast, in a most distinguishing manner, favoured us as a nation with invaluable ad. vantages, both temporal and spiritual, during a long term of years; so that no people on earth has been more highly favoured in thy providence. But alas! we have been most shamefully ungrateful; we have grossly abused our peculiar privileges; we have multiplied our provocations; our own sins and the sins of our land bear witness against us; we blush and are ashamed to look up unto thee, and we fear that we are ripe for thy heaviest judgments. Yet we humbly pray thee, “ in “ wrath remember mercy:" and while thou correctest us for our multiplied iniquities, do not give up a people, that is called by thy name, to be a reproach to the heathen, lest they should say " Where is now their " God?"

“ We do not present our supplications before thee, “ for our righteousness, but for thy great mercies.” We therefore beseech thee, O Lord, to glorify thy mercy in thy dealings with us. Thou art the Protector of all who trust in thee, and without thy almighty aid all human help is vain. O Preserve our country from war and bloodshed: permit no invader to land on our shores: let no domestick dissentions plunge us into those dreadful calamities which other countries have experienced: and suffer no persecutor to deprive us of our religious liberty, and our inestimable privileges.

Thou, O Lord, hast all hearts in thy hand. Turn the thoughts and desires of all parties, to peaceful measures. Say to the destroying Angel, “ It is enough,

stay now thine hand.” Speak the word, and the storm will subside into a calm. O thou God of peace, stop that desolating torrent which is deluging the nations. Rescue those countries which have so long been visited with the awful scourge of war. Sanctify the calamities to the surviving sufferers: and prevent the further effusion of human blood.

Over-rule, we beseech thee, the astonishing revolutions and convulsions of the past years, that they may prove an opening to the more extensive spread of thy gospel: and let it appear that thou didst permit the tem

porary success of infidelity and atheism, in order to prepare the way for the peaceful triumphs of pure Christianity, over every kind of irreligion, superstition, and false religion.—Compassionate, O God of mercy, that country, with which we are now engaged in horrid war; whose rulers have been employed as scourges of other nations, but have most of all desolated their own land. Send its inhabitants, O Lord, we pray thee, the blessings of stable peace, good government, rational liberty, and true religion. And may those, who once were distinguished characters, and who, amidst the most distressing and humiliating scenes, still survive, have their calamities sanctified to their everlasting benefit.

We beseech thee, O merciful Lord, to bless thy servant, our gracious King, with thy choicest blessings. Be pleased to defend him, and every branch of the Royal Family, against all dangers and assailants. Sup. ply them with every good and perfect gift: and enable them to glorify thee and to serve their generation, in those exalted stations which thou hast assigned them; and at length bring them to thine everlasting felicity.

Direct and prosper the deliberations of the coun. sellors, ministers of state, and senators, to whom the affairs of the nation are entrusted. Endue them with wisdom and knowledge; dispose them to such measures, as thou wilt bless for the preservation of order at home, and the speedy restoration of peace abroad: and till thou shalt see good to grant our most earnest prayers for this blessing; defend us in that manner, if it be thy will, which may most conduce to the good of the whole human race.

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