District of Columbia Bill for 1940, Hearings Before ... 76-1, on H.R. 5610


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Side 98 - For the purpose of promoting health, safety, morals, or the general welfare of the community, the legislative body of cities and incorporated villages is hereby empowered to regulate and restrict the height, number of stories, and size of buildings and other structures, the percentage of lot that may be occupied, the size of yards, courts, and other open spaces, the density of population, and the location and use of buildings, structures, and land for trade, industry, residence, or other purposes.
Side 4 - ... and the Commissioners are authorized to enter into contract or contracts for the construction of such first unit at a total cost, including improvement of grounds and necessary furniture and equipment, not to exceed $1,000,000...
Side 474 - Senator HOLMAN. I am not disputing the wisdom of doing that, but the fact is that you have exclusive use of the streets, and you ought to pay for it. Senator BURKE. Well, in 99 percent of the places the automobiles use the paving between the street car tracks just as well as any other place. Senator HOLMAN. Yes; but here they are diverted at certain places. Senator BURKE. That is only on the ground of safety for the people being loaded. I do not think there is any complaint against the streetcar...
Side 415 - The details of this supplemental estimate of appropriation, the necessity therefor, and the reasons for its transmission at this time, are set forth in the letter of the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, transmitted herewith, with whose comments and observations thereon I concur. Respectfully, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT.
Side 335 - Nothing herein shall be construed as affecting the superintendence and control of the Secretary of War over the Washington Aqueduct, its rights, appurtenances, and fixtures connected with the same and over appropriations and expenditures therefor as now provided by law.
Side 441 - The unexpended balance of the appropriation of $60,000 contained in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1939 for the preparation of plans and specifications for a library building to be constructed on square 491 in the District of Columbia is continued available for the same purpose during the fiscal year 1940.
Side 46 - State funds for surveys, plans, engineering, and economic investigations of projects for future construction...
Side 32 - Northwest, in order to provide for a girls' gymnasium in accordance with the original plans for the construction of that building, $75,000, and the authority to enter into contract or contracts for the construction of this high school contained in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1938 is hereby increased accordingly (52 Stat 170).
Side 511 - Dr. SULLIVAN. Oh, no. There is one other thing I would like to mention, and that is, although to you who are legal minded, quibbling over whether we are chief resident physicians or chief medical officers may seem hardly understandable Mr. BATES (interposing) . I had a very hard time getting that through my head. I do not know whether I have it yet or not. Dr. SULLIVAN.
Side 740 - Mrs. George C. Thorpe, chairman of the women's safety committee of the American Automobile Association, who will make a statement?

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