Session Laws of the State of Wyoming Passed by the State Legislature

Prairie Publishing Company, 1921
First vol. includes "Act of Congress admitting State of Wyoming, state constitution and rules of Supreme Court."

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Side 131 - When construing and enforcing the provisions of this Act, the act, omission, or failure of any officer, agent, or other person acting for or employed by any corporation, company, society, or association, within the scope of his employment or office, shall in every case be also deemed to be the act, omission,, or failure of such corporation, company, society, or association as well as that of the person.
Side 144 - Congress assembled to provide for the promotion of Vocational Rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to Civil Employment, Approved June 2, 1920.
Side 157 - That no person shall be excused, on the ground that it may tend to incriminate him or subject him to a .penalty or forfeiture, from attending and testifying, or producing books, papers, documents, and other evidence, in obedience to the...
Side 40 - An Act to promote the mining of coal, phosphate, oil, oil shale, gas, and sodium on the public domain
Side 289 - An Act to provide that the United States shall aid the States in the construction of rural post roads, and for other purposes...
Side 160 - The words and phrases used in this act and in proceedings pursuant hereto shall, unless the same be inconsistent with the context, be construed as follows : (1) "A person against whom a petition has been filed...
Side 144 - An act to provide for the promotion of vocational rehabilitation of persons disabled In Industry or otherwise and their return to civil employment...
Side 232 - ... and that the company will deduct from such loan value any existing indebtedness on the policy and any unpaid balance of the premium for the current policy year...
Side 131 - ... said party or parties shall be amenable to the prosecutions, fines, and other penalties which would attach, in due course, to the dealer under the provisions of this Act.
Side 269 - Title, and that he is the owner in good faith, and in his own right, of the number of shares of stock required by this...

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