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Side 43 - Classes will also be held in preparation for the Examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, London, in Theory of Music for Junior and Senior Certificate.
Side 29 - Silicon; Siliciuretted hydrogen; silicon chloride ; silicon chloroform ; silica and the silicates. Potassium; sodium; silver. Calcium; strontium; barium. Aluminium. Magnesium; zinc; cadmium. Lead. Manganese; iron; cobalt; nickel; chromium. Bismuth; copper; mercury; gold; tin. Platinum. The chief compounds of these metals with the more important acid radicals ; the detection of these metals and their compounds, in powder or in solution.
Side 13 - ... to such directions as may, from time to time, be given by the...
Side 20 - William Smart, MA, Lecturer on Political Economy in the University of Glasgow.

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