NOTE.-Some verses in the longer Psalms and

Hymns are bracketed, to show that, if deemed advisable, they may be omitted without interfering with the sense; and some of the Psalms and Hymns are bracketed in more places than one, in which cases a choice is afforded as to which of the bracketed verses shall be left out, and which retained ; thus preventing the necessity of always omitting the same verses.



C. M

Blessedness of the righteous.
1 How blest is he who ne'er consents

By ill advice to walk;
Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits

Where men profanely talk.
2 But makes the perfect law of God

His business and delight;
Devoutly reads therein by day,

And meditates by night. 3 Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams,

With timely fruit doth bend,
He still shall flourish, and success

All his designs attend.
4 For God approves the just man's ways,

To happiness they tend ;
But sinners, and the path they tread,

Shall both in ruin end.



L. M. God's care unceasing. 1 O GOD! how constant is thy love!

Thy gifts are every evening new;
And morning mercies from above

Gently distil, like early dew.
2 Thou spread'st the curtain of the night,

Great Guardian of our sleeping hours !
Thy sov'reign word restores the light,

And strengthens nature's wearied powers. 3. Thine arm sustain'd us while we slept,

Else had our eyelids closed in death :
Our life in safety still is kept,

And still we draw our wonted breath. 4 That life we yield to thy command ;

To Thee we consecrate our days :
Perpetual blessings from thy hand
Demand perpetual songs of praise.



Trust in God.
1 O Lord, that art my righteous Judge,

To my complaint give ear :
Thou still redeem'st me from distress;

Have mercy, Lord, and hear.

2 While worldly minds impatient grow

More prosp'rous times to see, Still let the glories of thy face

Shine brightly, Lord, on me.

3 So shall my heart o'erflow with joy,

More lasting and more true,
Than theirs, who stores of corn and wine

Successively renew.

4 Then down in peace I'll lay my head,

And take my needful rest;
No other guard, O Lord, I crave,

Of thy defence possest.


C. M.

1 LORD, hear the voice of my complaint,

Accept my secret prayer ;
To Thee alone, my King, my God,

Will I for help repair.

2 Thou in the morn my voice shalt hear;

And with the dawning day
To Thee devoutly I'll look up,

To Thee devoutly pray.

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