Miners' Circular, Utgaver 1-40

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913

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Side 10 - Resuscitation, composed of authorized representatives of The American Medical Association, The National Electric Light Association and The American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
Side 23 - It is about 4£ inches long and is lined with mucous membrane, which is continuous with that of the nose and mouth.
Side 31 - The patient must be watched, and, if natural breathing stops, artificial respiration should be resumed at once. 11. In carrying out resuscitation, it may be necessary to change the operator. This change must be made without losing the rhythm of respiration. By this procedure, no confusion results at the time of change of operator, and a regular rhythm is kept up.
Side 31 - Not infrequently the patient, after a temporary recovery of respiration, stops breathing again. The patient must be watched, and, if natural breathing stops, artificial respiration should be resumed at once.
Side 23 - Mining and treatment of feldspar and kaolin in the southern Appalachian region, by AS Watts. 1913. 170 pp., 16 pis., 12 figs. BULLETIN 56.
Side 23 - BULLETIN 17. A primer on explosives for coal miners, by CE Munroe and Clarence Hall. 61 pp., 10 pis., 12 figs. Reprint of United States Geological Survey Bulletin 423. BULLETIN 20. The explosibility of coal dust, by GS Rice, with chapters by JCW Frazier, Axel Larsen, Frank Haas, and Carl Scholz.
Side 11 - ... 6. Continue artificial respiration without interruption until natural breathing is restored, if necessary, four hours or longer, or until a physician declares the patient is dead. 7. As soon as this artificial respiration has been started and while it is being continued, an assistant should loosen any tight clothing about the patient's neck, chest or waist.
Side 16 - BULLETIN 15. Investigations of explosives used in coal mines, by Clarence Hall, WO Snelling, and SP Howell, with a chapter on the natural gas used at Pittsburgh, by GA Burrell, and an introduction by CE Munroe.
Side 62 - BULLETIN 44. First national mine-safety demonstration, Pittsburgh, Pa., October 30 and 31, 1911, by HM Wilson and AH Fay; with a chapter on the explosion at the experimental mine, by GS Rice.

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