John Carter Brown, A.M.
Hon. Elijah Hayward.
Rev. William S. Southgate.
Hon. Samuel G. Arnold, A.M.
Hon. Charles S. Daveis, LL.D.
John Gilmary Shea, Esq.
James Lenox, Esq.
Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Oxford, D.D.

Winthrop Sargent, A.M.
Earl Stanhope, D.C.L.
Hon. William C. Rives, LL.D.
Hon. Peter Force.
Hon. John R. Bartlett, A.M.
Samuel Eliot, A.M.
G. P. Faribault, Esq.
William Paver, Esq.

Names of the Honorary and Corresponding Members who have died since

March 31, 1860, or of whose death the Committee have received in formation since that date.

Don José Maria Salazar.
Hon. Richard Rush, A.M.
John Wakefield Francis, M.D.
Charles Fraser, Esq.
Sir Francis Palgrave.
Rev. George Oliver, D.D.
Hon. James Kirke Paulding.

Hon. Daniel D. Barnard, LL.D.
Payne Kenyon Kilbourne, A.M.
Frederick de Waldeck.
Friedrich von Adelung.
Don Lucas Alaman.
John F. Watson, Esq.
Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A.

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Honorary. François Pierre Guillaume Guizot,

LL.D. Lord Lyndhurst, D.C.L. Count Jules de Menou. Hon. John J. Crittenden, LL.D. Hon. Edward Coles. Baron Charles Dupin. M. Edme François Jomard. Hon. Robert Hallowell Gardiner,

A.M. M. François A. A. Mignet. Count Adolphe de Circourt. Hon. Horace Binney, LL.D. Hon. James L. Petigru, LL.D. The Very Rev. Henry Hart Milman,

D.D. William C. Bryant, LL.D. Lieutenant-General Winfield Scott,


William Durrant Cooper, F.S.A.
E. B. O'Callaghan, M.D.
Buckingham Smith, Esq.
Benjamin F. French, Esq.
Francis Lieber, LL.D.
William H. Trescot, Esq.
Richard Hildreth, A.B.
Dr. J. G. Kohl.
Hon. Albert G. Greene.
Hon. John P. Kennedy.
Hon. George P. Marsh, LL.D.
Benjamin R. Winthrop, Esq.
J. Carson Brevoort, Esq.
Rev. Lord Arthur Hervey.
Horatio Gates Somerby, Esq.
George H. Moore, Esq.
Hon. William R. Staples, A.M.
Hon. Hugh Blair Grigsby, LL.D.
W. Noël Sainsbury, Esq.
S. Austin Allibone, LL.D.
William Winthrop, Esq.
Henry T. Parker, A.M.
Rev. Leonard Woods, D.D.
Benson J. Lossing, Esq.

Corresponding. Rev. William B. Sprague, D.D. Rev. Samuel Osgood, D.D.


This volume contains the “ HINCKLEY PAPERS” and the

last part of “ Niles's HISTORY OF THE INDIAN AND FRENCH WARS," the latter continued from the sixth volume of the third series of the Collections.

The “ Hinckley Papers” take their name from Thomas Hinckley, the sixth and last Governor of the Colony of New Plymouth. He was a son of Samuel Hinckley, who was one of the associates of the Rev. John Lothrop; was at Scituate in 1635, at Barnstable in 1639, and who died at that place in 1662. Thomas Hinckley was born in England in 1618, and was with his father at Scituate and Barnstable. In 1645, he was admitted a freeman; in 1646, he was a deputy from Barnstable, and frequently afterwards from that year until 1658, when he was elected an assistant. He filled that office, by successive elections, until he was chosen Deputy-Governor by the General Court, in June, 1680. He was selected for this office in consequence of the ill health of Governor Josiah Winslow, and the extreme age of John Alden, the first assistant, who would otherwise have succeeded to the chair, if vacant. In 1681, after the decease of Governor Winslow, he was chosen Governor; and was annually re-elected until the Colony of New Plymouth was incorporated with that of Massachusetts under the charter of 1692, except during the period of the administration of Andros, of whose council he was a member. Governor Hinckley had been a commissioner of the United Colonies; and he was a councillor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay after the union. He died at Barnstable in 1706, in the eighty-eighth year of his age. Mercy Hinckley, a daughter of the Governor, was married in 1686 to Samuel Prince of Sandwich, a son of Elder John Prince of Hull, and father of Rev. Thomas Prince, the eminent chronologist, and pastor of the Old South Church in Boston. When the latter was eleven years old, he was given by his father to Governor Hinckley as his own, “to be a father unto, and a tutor of,” as will be seen by a letter in this volume. The relations, therefore, which existed between the Governor and his grandson were very intimate. As the former was in public life for half a century, his knowledge of Colonial affairs must have been very minute, and his accumulation of valuable papers, public and private, very extensive. The young student formed a taste for historical researches early in life, and took great pains to preserve the papers of the Governor, of which he gives an account in a note on the hundred and thirty-first page of this volume. These were collected and arranged by him, and bequeathed to the Old South Church and Society. In 1814, the Historical Society made application for a deposit, in their library, of the books and manuscripts relating to the history of New England which were included in this bequest. The application was successful. A full account of the arrangement between the parties, which was of the most liberal character, and honorable to both, may be found in the seventh volume of the second series of the Collections. The “ Hinckley Papers” were put in order by a Committee of the Historical Society, and bound in three folio volumes. They have often been referred to and quoted by historical writers. They contain very valuable information concerning the history of the old Colony for the last quarter of the seventeenth century.

In March, 1860, the Historical Society appointed a Committee to publish a portion of the “ Prince Manuscripts,” with such other papers as might be necessary to complete a volume of the Society's Collections. The portion selected from the manuscripts by the Publishing Committee is contained in this volume. The papers contained in the volumes above referred to are now given to the public entire, excepting duplicates and those before published, among which, a single letter of William Penn to Governor Hinckley may be found printed in the seventh volume of the second series of the Collections, — and one paper not regarded as appropriate to these pages.

The letters addressed to Governor

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