Facts tending to prove that General Lee was never absent from this country: for any length of time, during the years 1767, 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, and that he was the author of Junius

Printed for P. Martin, 1813 - 138 sider

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Side 76 - Concessions such as these are of little moment to the sum of things; unless it be to prove that the worst of men are sensible of the injuries they have done us, and perhaps to demonstrate to us the imminent danger of our situation. In the shipwreck of the state, trifles float, and [are preserved ; while every thing solid and valuable sinks to the bottom, and is lost for ever.
Side 76 - I am not contending for a vain punctilio. A clear, unblemished character, comprehends not only the integrity that will not offer, but the spirit that will not submit to, an injury; and whether it belongs to an individual or to a community, it is the foundation of peace, of independence, and of safety. Private credit is wealth ; public honour is security. The feather that adorns the royal bird supports his flight. Strip him of his plumage, and you fix him to the earth.
Side 124 - It is the very error of the moon ; She comes more near the earth than she was wont; And makes men mad.
Side 25 - Sir, the atrocious crime of being a young man, which the honourable gentleman has with such spirit and decency charged upon me, I shall neither attempt to palliate nor deny, but content myself with wishing that I may be one of those whose follies may cease with their youth, and not of that number, who are ignorant in spite of experience.
Side 97 - SIR, IT is the misfortune of your life, and originally the cause of every reproach and distress, which has attended your government, that you should never have been acquainted with the language of truth, until you heard it in the complaints of your people.
Side 86 - We have had twenty different accounts of your arrival at Boston, which have been regularly contradicted the next morning; but as I now find it certain that you are arrived, I shall not delay a single instant addressing myself to you.
Side 77 - As a practical profession, the study of the law requires but a moderate portion of abilities. The learning of a pleader is usually upon a level with his integrity. The indiscriminate defence of right and wrong contracts the understanding, while it corrupts the heart.
Side 120 - though they fancy and call themselves republicans, have not a single republican qualification or idea. They have always a God of the day, whose infallibility is not to be disputed : to him all the people must bow down and sing Hosannas.
Side 88 - is an Irishman," wrote Colonel Lee in the following month to the Prince Royal of Poland, " sprung up in the House of Commons, "who has astonished every body by the power of his eloquence, ' ' and his comprehensive knowledge in all our exterior and " internal politics, and commercial interests. He wants nothing " but that sort of dignity annexed to rank and property in England, "to make him the most considerable man in the lower house.
Side 70 - He then proceeded to mention several circumstances to verify his being the author; and, among them, that of his going over to the Continent, and absenting himself from England most of the time in which these letters were first published in London, &c., &c.

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